#BoyBand – In Real Life [Finale Recap]

So this recap will be shorter cause the show has ended. That went by so fast, am I right? I’ll miss you on TV each week Nick.

Well, America chose it’s Boy Band. I have some thoughts on it. The name they went with? “In Real Life” – Which, okay. I’ve heard stranger boyband names. It’s not going to be about the name, it’s going to be if they have what it takes to make it and thrive past this show. Do they? Not sure. We’ll see though. Nick is going to definitely help support them from the looks of it (which is great).

If they do well? Well maybe we will get a Season Two. (Rita did say she was thrilled to have been part of the FIRST season. Nick is there something we don’t know yet?)

But let’s rewind a little. Can we talk about the opening with the architect medley? Rita and Timbaland. Emma and the contestants. It was awesomeness all around…especially when it led to yet another killer performance from our Backstreet Boys. It’s awesome, especially when you know they’re the model of what In Real Life will want, in terms of career and longevity. It’s what any boy band would want.

So…who made In Real Life?

Drew, Chance, Brady, Sergio, and Michael.

AMERICA. You were so close to getting this right. Why did you not vote Jaden? WHY WHY WHY. Like I don’t get it. He was easily the most talented (well, tied with Sergio). His voice was crazy unique and he would’ve added that depth to the harmonies and leads. Like how AJ has a knack for doing that for BSB. Sigh. I’ll be checking for your solo career Jaden if you can make that happen. Keep at it, cause you deserved to make the final five. Just…Sergio and Jaden were my two must haves. I don’t get why Jaden wasn’t a given. UGH.

Okay, moving on. These boys are all talented, so if they do it right they might make it. In Real Life did their first real performance as a group and it wasn’t bad. Especially for their first performance as an actual boyband. Their energy was cute.

So they seem to be a solid group though I think they’ll get stronger as they perform more together. And hey their song is in the top 15 on iTunes. But it’s up to them and their fans to carry them further. Cause it’s easy to keep the hype up on the show, the real test is after, you know? It’s a catchy single so hey, that’s a plus.

The guest performances sparkled through tonight’s finale were great. And they did show a bit where the kids had to look at their first audition. This season did go by fast and it was fun to watch while it lasted. Do I want a season two? Well…if Nick stayed an architect I’d watch it. But then again I’d watch anything Nick was on weekly, I’m sort of a sucker of a fangirl that way.

So…what did you think? Would you watch a season two? Will you follow In Real Life? Post your thoughts below!

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