FGL and BSB – Bringing Fans Together

So…if you haven’t been living under a proverbial fandom rock, you’ve heard about our Boys doing CMT Crossroads with Florida-Georgia Line. You’ve probably watched it as well. (If not, PLEASE go to CMT.com click on Xfinity as your service provider, and use either twitter or facebook to log in. It’ll let you! And it’s not region blocked!) After you watch, come back. Then you can understand the pure gold that concert was. I’m jealous of anyone who got to be there in person, no lie.

My personal favorite…of the BSB songs was As Long As You Love Me. Who knew I would dig the song with a country twang?

And see, I’m not a country fan. I’m extremely picky. Usually the artist has a pop sound of some sort. Like say…Shania Twain, or Rascal Flatts (who were once called the Backstreet Boys of country so…). God, Your Mama, and Me was a song I loved because of the harmonies. But I wasn’t so sold on FGL as a group. Till I watched Crossroads. Till I saw them perform H.O.L.Y.

Holy hell.


And the crazy thing is? It’s going both ways. One of my coworkers? LOVES country. She’s a hard core fan of Florida Georgia Line. Today we sought each other out and were like OMG DID YOU WATCH CMT CROSSROADS? She started asking me for songs I think she’d like from BSB’s discography. I started asking her for more songs I might like along the lines of Dirt or Cruise.

This crossover? It made fans of both of us. Both of us went, hmm…maybe I should be more open minded. It was just freaking neat to share that with someone. BSB have been talking about more collaborations people may not expect. I won’t lie, I was a little iffy in terms of something out of left field. But you know…I’m digging the idea. If it’s anything like this FGL+BSB collaboration, I know I’m going to love it.

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