Nick Carter – You Are Wonderful

So…it’s been a long week. Mainly because I’ve been busy here in Vegas. I donated blood the other day, donated to the relief fund and dropped off supplies for the victims and their families who are stuck here in Vegas while their loved ones recover. It’s been beautiful seeing my city rally. And watching the fandom offer their prayers, help and support as well has been lovely, so thank you.

I remember as a child of ten (that’s how old I was when I became a BSB fan), idolizing Nick Carter. I thought he was perfect. When I was a teenager that idolization became fantasies of being Mrs. Rose Carter. When I became an adult those dreams just became admiration for his talent and the person he came across as. Fandom can sometimes be a bubble that you hope doesn’t burst because you have these ideas of how your favorite singer/actor/person is and you’re never sure if it’s accurate.

Well…I was right about you, Nick Carter. You ARE wonderful.

The Boys already donated 10,000 dollars to the Victims Relief Fund we have going.

So really, Nick didn’t need to do more.

The group already was amazing for this alone. But…he did do more. I got emotional cause I have friends who work at UMC and I know full well how short handed they are and how they’ve been working around the clock due to the tragedy that happened here on Sunday. When I saw that Nick Carter had gone down to donate blood? I was touched.

When I saw he went down to visit the victims? I was BLOWN AWAY. (Funny thing a friend texted me saying he went there to visit but I’d replied “I know” cause I’d seen it on social media first LOL.)

He didn’t have to do this but he did. And you know what? It’s so amazing to see that the singer you idolized growing up was honestly worth idolizing. So thank you Nick for doing this, it means the world seeing you rally with the rest of us who live here – especially since you only moved here this year. You are truly a wonderful person and from the bottom of my heart thank you for everything.


If you’d like to help out the victims here in Vegas, here’s a few ways you can.

  • You can donate to this GoFundMe page to help victims with medical bills. As I said earlier, the Boys already donated $10k to this fund in an effort to alleviate the burden of cost of care for those who are in the hospital receiving aid. You can text ‘VEGAS’ to 50555 to donate $10 as well!
  • If you’re a local like me, check out this Facebook page where people in the area are constantly updating with what is needed most and what they might need volunteers for.
  • If you are in or around Nevada/Las Vegas, please consider donating blood, especially if you are O Negative. Get details of how and where here.

Thank you Nick, thank you Boys, and thank you fellow fans for everything to help us here in Vegas during this time. Y’all are a part of why we stay #VegasStrong.

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