I know there’s been a lot going on. But that’s not why I’m here. Not even a little bit. Instead, I’m here to…basically focus on the light and the positive. Because that’s how it should be.

Plus it’s Thanksgiving.

So I’m being thoughtful and pensive and I kind of just want to get out my feelings. Bear with me if I ramble. There’s cause for concern in this post, cause I feel kind of…rambly. (Yes I just made up a word.) Thanksgiving is about taking a moment and really appreciating everything around you. Or, at least it’s supposed to be.

I am Thankful For BSB – I’m thankful to be a fan of a group that has stood the test of time. A group that has seen highs and lows and that has been a great ride all the same. I’m thankful for a group that has been the reason why I’ve made some incredible friends in this fandom who should know who they are as they read this. I’m thankful for the music that has represented my childhood and has been there for me through my own personal highs and lows.

I’m Thankful For Brian – I’m thankful for someone who’s always been so strong in his convictions whether I agree with them or not. Someone who as a teen that idolized him, helped in the sense because it was a quality I admired and strove to be the same way. I’m thankful that he’s still fighting to battle any struggle that comes his way and shows a strength I’d like to think I’d have. The way you try to make every fan’s moment special at each and every show you do. Your boundless energy is one-of-a-kind Brian.

I’m Thankful For Kevin – I’m thankful for someone who always makes me feel like I’m the only person around when he talks to me. Someone who envelops you completely when he gives a hug. I’m thankful he left the group to find his way and gave them the peace to keep on, and I’m even more thankful he came back. I’m thankful that he shows how much he loves what he does and uses his platform to try and save the planet. I’m so happy you’re here Kevin. Really. I can’t say that enough.

I’m Thankful For AJ – I’m thankful he never shied away from talking about his personal demons and serves to be an inspiration to many by doing so. I’m thankful that he’s always so kind and sweet to the fans, even when he doesn’t have to. I’m thankful for a voice unlike any other in boybands and one that still gives me chills when he sings. I’m thankful that he was able to turn everything around and become a happy and healthy person who deserves everything he has.

I’m Thankful For Howie – I’m thankful that he’s always been there, the most steadfast of any member. I’m thankful that he too, loves what he does despite being often under appreciated. I’m thankful for his cheesy sense of humor and one-liners that always get me laughing. Howie, you are fabulous and the group would never be the same without you.

I’m Thankful For Nick – I’m thankful for the Backstreet Boy that always held my fangirl heart. I thank him for the fact he’s also been incredibly open about his struggles and battles. I’m thankful he survived his toxic upbringing and shared his story with the world as proof that you can overcome it. I’m thankful for his kind heart and the way he truly appreciates the fans, what they do, and thanks them simply for sticking around all this time. I’m thankful for his passion in every performance. I’m thankful that despite everything, he’s grown to become such a good person. You’re sweet and amazing, and I hope you realize that. I’m thankful for everything.


I’m Thankful For Backstreet.

Every Member. Every Fan. Every Song. Every Show.

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