Sharna Burgess to Nick Carter: “I think you are such a good person… from the inside to the out”

Do you remember Sharna? Team SharNick? Yes her. The reason why we have fabulous dances like the one below to rewatch forever and ever when the moods strike us.


In light of all the craziness, she tweeted out the link that I mentioned in one of my previous posts from Sara at What Happens On The Backstreet. Because she stood by her friend and spoke up, she got a lot of feedback. Both good and…not so good. (Sadly my urging for people on both sides to not be horrible and vile went completely ignored. In fact I got harassed soon after, but that’s not here nor there.)


Then she posted her video. Not to speak on the allegations, but to the Nick she knew. The Nick I’ve been talking about in here. The Nick most of us know and are fans of. That Nick.  I uploaded the full video of it to YouTube. You should watch because it’s that bit of light I think many of us needed. Sharna and Nick worked for weeks side by side and almost won Dancing With The Stars together. She even choreographed part of the #BSBVegas show. So she would know the kind of person he is. It was bold of her to speak up when she didn’t have to, and to stick to her guns despite the mixed reactions for doing so.

“What I loved about Nick is that he always took ownership of the things he’s been through. The darkness in his history, the mistakes that he made. he wanted to be very open about them and how he felt about them, even though they were very heavy and hard for him to say out loud.”

So thank you Sharna for this. Thank you for standing by him.

And hey…hopefully another Backstreet Boy ends up partnering you someday.

(Because I’m inspired by Sharna, send in your positive experiences with Nick. No matter how big or small. We’ll do a post just to send some positivity, love, and light to Nick in a time he needs it. After that, we’ll follow up with a series for each BSB. Email me at, or tweet/DM me at!)

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