Backstreet’s Upcoming Album – All The Details – 2018 Edition

It’s a new year and hopefully a new album cycle coming! I know it’s hard to keep the faith since I’ve done posts featuring a 2016 Album Updates Post and one known as the 2017 Edition. Both of which I’m linking so that way any and all previous details are there for you guys to go through. The wait has been long but I just KNOW it will be worth it! That said I was waiting for the news that the Boys were returning back to the studio so I could create this post.

(The Most Recent Updates Are At The BOTTOM Of This Post)

They were last known to be working with Steve Aoki…

They also had said during their Christmas Show in Connecticut that the plan was a single in March, and World Tour that’ll continue into 2019! (And somehow in between ALL of that, more #BSBVegas dates!)

But this is the 2018 post right? So why am I posting this refresher? Because they were BACK IN THE STUDIO YESTERDAY! Get excited!


January 21st

Another day in the studio!



January 23rd

Another recording day!

Then Nick did us ALL a solid and tipped off the fandom to a new producer they’re working with!


Who is he? He’s been a producer since the 90s and has worked with a lot of people. Most recently he’s had songs on Kesha’s latest album Rainbow (which I love). He’s worked with Kylie Minogue, Selena Gomez, Pet Shop Boys, Brian McFaddon, Guy Sebastian, etc. Here’s one of the songs he did with Kesha and I’ll also link the most recent song he did with Guy Sebastian to give you an idea of the music he makes.


January 31st

So, if you’re a Bruno Mars fan, as I am, you’ll love this. The Stereotypes, a group of producers who worked on Bruno’s last album 24K Magic, have been working with the Boys according to Forbes!

Read The Full Article Here



February 2nd

Remember my mention of Steve Aoki up above? He confirmed they did collaborate on a song! Not we’re not sure if it’ll be on an album of his, or if it’ll be on BSB’s. Either way – it’s coming!

While we last heard about the Steve Aoki and the Backstreet Boys collaboration last November, The Sun recently confirmed that a collaboration is indeed in the works.

β€œWe [The Backstreet Boys] are working on music together. If it’s going to be on their album or my album, I’m not even sure. We live in the same neighbourhood so he came into my studio,” said Steve Aoki to The Sun newspaper.



February 6th

During the Twitter Q&A they played a clip of the single!


February 7th

I was at the #BSBVegas show that night. That morning AJ said they played the song for iHeart and radio execs. Apparently they LOVED the new single. He kept saying we’d hear it VERY soon. How soon? Hard to say. But have faith guys!


March 1st

So the Boys dropped from iHeart because the single isn’t ready. This might mean they’re changing what song to use? No way to tell. But it’s coming soon guys. They have one chance to do this and do this right so they don’t get brushed off (outside the fanbase) as nothing but a nostalgia act from the 90s. So have faith!


March 20th

New songs are still being written!


March 29th


April 8th

So yes they DID choose a different first single! Nick (bless him for sharing) was talking about it at Walker Stalker with fans. Seems like they got an even better song so they RAN with it. And that they’ll be filming the new video next week. Also? I’m guessing it’s upbeat since Nick talks about them dancing in the video. Excited? HELL YES I AM.


April 10th

THE MUSIC VIDEO IS BEING FILMED THIS WEEK. (This is the biggest news I’ve gotten since I’ve started these album posts so excuse the excessive caps lock button use.)

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Brian Littrell (@rokspics) on



This has to mean we’ll hear new music soon! I’m super hyped!


April 12th

The video shoot continues!! Look who’s choreographing!


April 14th

Looks like they’re done! Not sure when they’ll release the video and single, but here’s hoping they’ll do it on the anniversary.


April 22nd

So in this interview, the Boys talk about new music. We’re getting the new single in May!


April 25th

Kevin decided to spring this on us!


May 4th

Andy Grammer is a confirmed collaborator for the album. Songs were previewed on the cruise but they banned phones and cameras so that nothing got linked.


May 8th

As said in the last update, fans got a sneak peak at the songs the Boys recorded. No one could record anything cause phones and cameras were banned (which makes sense as the Boys don’t want leaks πŸ™‚ ). But we do have a couple song titles!


Just Like You Like It (or How You Like It ) – this one fans weren’t 100% sure of the title.

Crazy – said to have a Bruno Mars vibe

Three Words – not the actual title but it’s what fans dubbed it that cause Kevin kept repeating the start of the song. We don’t know much else besides the fact it’s apparently an amazing song.



During the concert – the Boys sang a bit a Capella after Kevin talked about the single hitting radio next Thursday (May 17th)


May 14th

IT IS OFFICIAL! The Single is Don’t Go Breaking My Heart! (Maybe they changed their minds back to their original pick? Who knows? Who cares? We get music this week!!!!)


May 17th


Anyone else super hyped for the album?


June 3rd

We’re looking at a September/October release date guys!


New collaborator for the album?


June 8th

They’re recording in Nashville!


June 9th


June 17th

Second single at the end of summer/beginning of fall!!! So we’re thinking August/September?


July 12th

Looks like they might have worked with songwriter Bruce Wiegner back in 2016. He submitted a song their way and RCA basically put a hold on it so that no other artists besides the Boys could record it. Now it took me a bit of digging to find the sort of songs he writes. He’s part of a pop duo called The Weekend Riot and honestly? Most of their songs are filled with pop harmonies and pretty damn catchy. Which, is a good sign.

If you’re curious, here’s their YouTube channel, and a song of theirs called 25 Minutes.


Update July 16th!

They’re recording! They shared some clips to IG stories but this is the one that’s important cause you can hear music!


June 17th

Another day in the studio! According to Brian they are ALMOST DONE. (Maybe that means the projected album date of September or October might happen? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I love you Boys but I don’t want to do a 2019 Edition of this post LOL.)





Update June 30th

They’re still recording here in Vegas! Nick took a photo with Kuk Harrell who has worked with a lot of MAJOR mainstream artists and churned out some hit songs. So Nick’s right, this album is going to be fiiiiiire! Also this past week at their first shows back for their residency, Brian reminded fans that they plan to release the album in October.



August 7th

Howie and Nick say in this interview here that the next single should be “in the next few weeks”. We’re looking at end of August, early September for the new single? HELL YES!


August 31st

Only a few songs left? YES! We’ll see it in 2018! (Please, I just want to repeat that I don’t want to do a 2019 edition of this post LOL)


Update September 11th

OMG. Undone is one of my favorite songs. (Which was written by Tedder) So…HOLY SHIT.



They had a conference call about the single choice yesterday…




October 8th



Update 10/29


The Boys have OFFICIALLY announced that the new single is “Chances”. NEW MUSIC IS COMING! (yes I heard murmurings that the album release has been pushed to January. But we won’t talk about that in the 2018 Album updates post! I refuse! LOL)


Update 10/30



Update 11/5



Update 11/9

HOLY HELL did we get a lot of information! I have a full list of what we just learned here. But the short version is a tour is coming, the upcoming album is called DNA and will be out on Jan 25th. You can pre-order the album here! As for Chances? Holy hell is it amazing.

Watch the video below!


Update 11/18

I got caught up in all the craziness so this update is a few days behind. In case you missed it, the Boys did a live stream. They were asked questions about the upcoming tour and album. In this stream, they sing a bit of the song Passionate which is officially on the album. And remember in my update in January about the Stereotypes producing? They produced Passionate! Kind of cool to see the bits of information coming together! They also dropped a few new song titles.

New Love

No Place Like You

Hey (they’ve confirmed this song won’t make the album as it’s not ready. But Kevin said they’ll see if they can’t get it to a soundtrack or something, Promises it’ll be released in some way, shape, or form.)

Is It Just Me

Here’s the video as it’s just great seeing them talk about the new album! They are hyped!


Update 11/27

This is late cause real life happens. BUT check out this interview that got uploaded on 11/23! It was recorded during their UK promo in October. They talk about an a capella track being on the album and the arrangement being done by one of the producers who’s worked with Pentatonix? You know, THE modern a capella group. Man, that is going to be a beautiful track!





I’ll update this when we get more news so keep checking in!

12 thoughts on “Backstreet’s Upcoming Album – All The Details – 2018 Edition

    1. Finally πŸ™πŸ» . I think I was waiting for a new album since 2015 !!! I’m so ready to hear the new songs. πŸ€—


  1. Nah! I don’t beleive they ever changed their minds about the song. It was probably always meant to be it. I think they were just throwing some of us off the scent.


  2. Don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but you do realize that the month is almost over and the promised single isn’t even out yet. As we enter the next month, it’s back to the Vehas shows again where they will be too busy to do anything pertaining to the new album that was presumed to be coming out October. Just saying. Other than that, GO BSB! Glad to see they have worked with Ryan Tedder again.


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