Solo Shenanigans – Howie, AJ, and Nick

So I know things have been going non-stop for our Boys. You’d think they’re too busy between the residency and the new album for anything else, right? Nope! They can STILL find time for all their solo endeavors. Three out five have things in progress or coming up so I’m here with the details! I’ll also be updating this for any news we’ll get about this projects in the future like I do in the post for the Upcoming BSB Album, so keep checking back!

AJ, his solo album, and more

I had a post detailing everything we knew about his upcoming solo album. It’s been a LONG time coming and is totally worth the wait. You can feel free to check out the old post. But keep in mind that everything’s changed. AJ’s flipped the script in that way only he can do…(and a reason why we love him) so what we knew? Probably not the case now. He’s recording new music, in Nashville!

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I know all of you have been so beyond patient with me since basically 2005 when I released my first ever solo album which sadly never touched American soil or anywhere else for that matter yet you still found a way to support me and through the magic that is the internet learned the words and picked your favorites! That in it self speaks volumes to me as an artist and as a person knowing how truly amazing and loyal my fans our. I say my because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how above and beyond loyal bsb fans are and continue to be for 25 years but I’m speaking to my fans that believed in me than until now and I know will continue to for many years to come! I’ve been promising a solo album since then and believe me when I tell you I have written and recorded enough music since then for three full albums but something was always not right. Be it timing or the music itself or the climate of the industry but I kept working hard and long hours away from my family if needed to make the best body of work anyone has ever heard bsb fan or not! Finally now everything has fallen into place and so organically and not forced or trying to just fit into the moment of where music is right now. Instead I followed my heart and my gut and got back together with the best manager I’ve ever known and have the best team in my corner routing me on and when I say the wait is almost over and I swear to all of you it’ll be worth the wait we finally got it right. This picture is of a guest bedroom at my rental house in Las Vegas that my dear friend and amazing producer flew out two days ago and than made a make shift studio in his bedroom to record one of the many I believe smash hit songs I’ve compiled for my what I’m calling my true debut album to be released all over the world very soon this shows my dedication to me and my project that we made this happen in a bedroom and to top it all off I recorded the song immediately after our show last night here in Vegas. He just left for the airport two hours ago and that’s when I went to bed. Going back to sleep now but wanted to share this and tell you all the album is coming soon and to say and show my deepest most honest appreciation!

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And then, just last week? He signed to be a member of the Country Music Association! A country album? MIND IS BLOWN. But in a good way. I never really associated AJ with country but I won’t lie, after the Boys did Crossroads with FGL? AJ’s soulful voice fits it more than I ever could’ve expected. So I’m totally here for it. We have no date for when the album is coming, but I’ll be sure to update when I do know!


March 22nd

Small update on AJ’s solo album!


March 29th

I maaaay need to make a separate post for AJ again. He previewed a few clips tonight!

I wouldn’t quite call this country. But it’s got soul. A lot of it. I’m digging it.


April 16th

He talked about on the red carpet of the ACMs :). Looks like he really is going country!

June 3rd

New single out June 5th!

June 5th

The single is here! (We did a special post just for the single)

June 19th

AJ is filming a video for his next song, Night Visions.

August 2nd

AJ did a preview concert for his upcoming album here in Vegas! I made a post about it including all the videos I took for the performance!


October 25th

AJ released second single “Night Visions”! It’s amazing and I love it. See my full review here and check out the video for it below!



Howie’s Musical and Appearances


Howie’s Music

So I know virtually nothing about a possible album. My guess (key word guess) is maybe the musical could have a soundtrack? Or we’re being blessed with an album and a musical. Either way, these clips got shared!

Howie’s Musical

Yup you heard that right. Our Sweet D is putting on a sweet musical.(I couldn’t help saying it like that. I’m sorry.) At one point he also seemed to be doing an album of children’s songs but I think that was scrapped. It’s called “How We Do” which I love because it’s very Howie. (His independent label for his solo album was HowieDoIt records. NEVER EVER CHANGE HOWIE.) According to Broadway World, the musical is about a “biracial teen finding his place and acceptance in the awkward halls of middle school as he and his new-found friends embark on a journey through musical genres,” based on Howie’s own experiences. Makes me wonder if any characters are based on the Boys. Probably. Half the fun will be seeing who is who I bet.


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Fun things coming ahead in Howieland.

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I’ll update this when we have more details but also follow @HowieDsWorld for everything related to Howie! Melly is the best when it comes to updates on anything involving him. I’m actually really excited about this musical and I hope we find out more ASAP!

Update March 20th

Looks like the children’s album is what the play evolved from. Melly posted a great interview with one of the people Howie’s been working with for How We Do.

Howie was interested in making an album for kids and, given Tor’s credibility in that area which also includes a Grammy nomination, Howie approached Tor about the idea. Tor brought Lisa in and the three met to discuss the project. Since Howie didn’t have any particular songs in mind, we all decided we would write an original album, based primarily on what Howie went through as a kid. The first few sessions were largely just talking about Howie’s childhood and identifying themes that could be used to write songs. Given Howie’s mixed race, it just made sense to write an album about a kid who in search of his true identity and that’s when How We Do was born.

The full interview can be found here!


Update June 30th

Here’s a video I took from Fanboy Expo of Howie talking about his original children’s album and how it turned into the project for the musical.


Update 12/21

Looks like the musical will be doing a run in 2020! Find out more at



Nick’s Projects

Possible bar?

Nick said at his Sail Away Event that he’s going to be opening a bar in Key West! Don’t know about you but that’ll be added to my bucket-list of places to go to. I mean…obviously it has to, right?



Nick’s Solo Album

I debated putting this last bit in is cause it’s not much information. I decided this is worth mentioning cause of the way Nick churns out albums. Okay, and because I really would love more new music. I’m willing it into reality – a 2018 Nick solo album. As of November, Nick was toying with the idea of doing a solo album. I wish I’d thought to ask him in February if he still was. I’m kicking myself for it. He could be. So I’m putting this in there with the extremely high hopes that he’s working on new music. If he is and we learn something, I’ll update. And I hope that’s soon.


March 16th

Wishing we’d hear about solo music worked! LOL. Nick’s saying he’s almost done already.


I’ll keep updating as I’m sure there’s more to come!

Solo? Group? We’ll Take It All!

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