The “Perfect” Fan


So the last year and a half has been a wild ride in the BSB world. And it’s not ending any time soon.

We have a 25th anniversary only a month away, new music on the horizon this year, more #BSBVegas dates, sold out dates in Dubai, the cruise. Lots of good things. But there’s been some foul things said in this fandom and it’s just upsetting. Mainly because we can be better than this. Fans trying to tell others how they’re not “Real Fans”. People trying to say they’re not “supporting” the Boys because everyone isn’t acting like they are. And you know, that isn’t okay. That isn’t right. I’m not the type to call people out, and I won’t…but I will call out this sort of behavior. Because I’ve seen the best of this fandom, and I know how amazing this fandom family can be.

Who is anyone to try and say they’re bad fans? Who are they to try and tear this fandom apart?

There is no “real fan”. There is no “perfect” way to be a fan. You know what makes you a fan? Do you enjoy the music? Then you’re a fan. Do you go to shows? You’re a fan. Do you support the Boys’ projects  and cheer them on? You’re a fan. ANY of those make you a fan. Not a combination, not all three. Any. Of. Them. There’s no good or bad fandom obligations here. You don’t have to spam your twitter with anything – whether it’s requests, retweets, whatever! You don’t have to defend your favorite to the ends of the earth from others who may not like them. ALL you ever have to do is enjoy the music. Isn’t that why we became fans?

I created this blog because I love the Backstreet Boys – they are my favorite music group and writing makes me happy. I help tweet information and upload media for the fandom to enjoy because I like to give back to a fandom who rallied for me in times I needed it. Way back when I was just an anonymous fan. People I didn’t even know. THAT is the fandom that makes me proud. Not this section who wants to spend time spreading negativity and going after any and all who might disagree. If they read this, well, maybe rethink your actions. Life is short. Too short for this. Focus on the good it can offer.

Fandom is meant to be something that gives us all joy. Light. Love.

So if you’re worrying that you’re not the “right” kind of fan cause you’re not buying loads of VIPs, can’t go on cruises, travel here to Vegas, don’t. Just enjoy the music and performances, you’re just as much a fan as anyone else. If you’re wondering if you’re crazy because you have the income to go on cruises, go to Vegas multiple times, etc – don’t. You’re just an awesomely lucky fan who has opportunities! Don’t be ashamed of that! And, if you’re wondering if you should be attacking others because it’s part of some “loyalty” idea for BSB? DON’T. You’re a fan if you don’t want to be part of that. In fact, it’s better that you don’t. You’re not abandoning the Boys. You’re not a bad fan or a coward. And no one has ANY right to try and tell you that you are. Why spread more hate in the world? Spreading love is far more effective.

The point in all this is that we need to STOP trying to label fandom.

We need to STOP shaming others.

Remember, we’re all here cause we love the Boys, okay? That should be what ties us together. Not tear us apart.

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