Tell Me About What The BSB Fandom Has Given You


In my last post I chatted about the fandom’s darker spots at the moment.

But I’m all about the light. (I know, funny since this site is named The Dark Side – but that was in response to fan labeling, which as I’ve said before, I can’t stand.) So I plan to create a post about all the things being part of the BSB Fandon has given us. And I want your stories. Has being a BSB fan given you friends you can’t live without? Did they influence your career choices? Did you meet your special someone because of the fandom? Did your special someone propose at a VIP/Concert/Cruise? Did the fandom rally or support you when you needed them most? These are the types of stories I’m looking for! If so, I’d love to share them. I plan to share mine. This is too long for a tweet so I’m asking here. Email me at or  fill out the form!

I want to share and spread love throughout this fandom family!

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