Ten Forever Classic BSB Moments

I’ve had to do a lot of sifting through BSB videos lately for various reasons. And while yes I’m also doing a mini-series of posts about major throwbacks from the last 25 years, there’s stuff that will slip by. Cause they’re smaller moments. Things fans love to refer back to in our cheesy jokes that only other die-hards will get. Nothing big enough for full on posts, but great to look back on. I compiled what I feel will are the best ones to talk about. (Not going to lie – I struggled to make sure too many of these weren’t Nick. I blame the Nick fangirl part of my brain.) But if you have your own ideas, comment below! I could easily do multiple posts on these. Now remember these were small things, nothing huge like say, the Disney Concert and things like that.

These are in no particular order…

“I Resign In Florida”

Now, to be fair, Nick was only 16 here I think. But this is where the term “Nickism” comes from. He means to say “reside” but that’s not what comes out, and the others quickly correct him. It’s funny and cute. And fans have joked about this for decades so it had to make the list.


We need more interviews like this in the US. This one is lovely cause this was fresh off the break, during Never Gone promotional interviews and we got a more…adult version of the Boys. Everything was so scaled back before. This was one of the major tastes we got of them realizing we’re adults too. Kevin says in this interview he saw signs saying “we have boobs now” but my favorite is Brian talking about the smacking in his old waterbeds.

“My Hand Dumbass”

The fact Nick has to explain to Howie why he’s talking into his hand never fails to crack us up over…holy shit next year it’ll have been 20 years. Well shit. Now I feel old.

“South Africa! You Dildo!”

The quote really does speak for itself. Diary was a treasure trove of moments but this is so damn quotable it needs to be recognized all on its own.


Between Nick not being able to say documentaries correctly, to Kevin randomly busting out in song for Peter Cottontail… there’s just so much humor in such a small moment. A prime Nickism.

Heaven Means Backstreet Boys

I mean as fans, we already knew this. But knowing that Seth Rogen believes this too? Well, all of Heaven jamming to “Backstreet’s Back” is just a given at this point. Obviously. It was just so unexpected and just another reason why our Boys are epic.

“Stealth D”

As I’ve said before, Diary provides classic bits. This is from the 2005 one on the UK’s version of MTV. This is funnier to me, because of Howie. Nick claims the Sweet D idea is just that and that he’s stealthy in his revenge. But Howie describing how Nick thrives on torturing Howie..maybe shows us that Nick just might be right.


One of the best moments of the “All Access” VHS Tape(Or DVD as we all later re-bought it as VCRs went on their way out.). It’s a short bit, but basically, it’s Brian at his lovable best.

“That Means Will You Give Me A…”

Probably, in my opinion, my favorite “recent” moment. This is from the BSB Documentary where i could do many posts about. Probably a good thing I didn’t have this blog back then. Howie talks about how they had to learn the “language of love” fast in Germany cause they were there so much and had German girlfriends. Then Kevin gives us this little phrase. It’s just classic and a bit unexpected by Kevin.

Nick Calling In and Voting “The One” on TRL

This is funny in retrospect. At the time, fans were NOT happy with Nick. You see, fans were “given” the power to vote for the next single. “The One” was losing. LAST PLACE. So Nick called in saying his vote would be for that song. And in typical fashion, fan votes flowed in to follow what Nick wanted. Cause he had a lot of power back then y’all. (He still does, honestly.) This began the “blame Nick” mantra that’s never quite left the fandom. Something wrong in BSB land? Blame Nick. Fans have STILL not let this moment go. To be fair, Carson did ask?

That western video idea never happened.

Sigh. We could’ve had it all… (I voted for “It’s Gotta Be You“, but let’s be honest, “Don’t Want You Back” would’ve won without Nick calling LOL.)


This isn’t so much a BSB moment as a BSB fan moment – that’s why it’s a bonus. No one’s forgotten it but it doesn’t really count. I’m sure you guys all remember Tiffany? The one who was mad she lost on TRL so she threatened Carson Daly? I wonder if she’s still fan. If anyone knows, hit us up.

What moments during the past twenty-five years would you include? Comment below and let us know!

3 thoughts on “Ten Forever Classic BSB Moments

  1. There’s another interview blooper where AJ says debut as de-butt. Also a quiet moment with the Backstreet Boys, pure gold in my opinion.


  2. The one where Nick fangirls Kevin. It was sort-of a behind the scenes filming and Kevin is one stage and the rest of the boys are pretending to be fans, then Nick jumps on-stage and tackles Kevin😂😂😂 One of many funny and light hearted moments from these boys


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