The #BSB25 Throwbacks – Men Strike Back in 2000


The year? 2000.

The place? Madison Square Garden.

The channel? VH1.

I asked on Twitter what era you guys wanted me to choose from and many of you said Millennium. I didn’t want to be obvious by using “Backstreet TV” and poked through the archive a bit. In the end, I opted for this and really enjoyed the rewatch I did for this post. Back when VH1 and MTV had actual MUSIC on their channels, they had specials like this. It was inspired by a show called VH1 Divas which obviously showcased the best women in current music. This was in essence a spin-off. The idea of men having their own “Divas” show. It was a pretty interesting lineup and a sign of the time. You had our Boys, Sting, Tom Jones, Enrique Iglesias and D’Angelo. That’s a pretty decent concert. And I wish I actually had a copy of the full show. But I have all the parts with the Boys, so there’s that. Christina Aguilera is the only female singer who joined in with the men on this. Because obviously you can’t have a divas show without at least ONE woman. It opens up with “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” with Sting, and it’s just again, a great chance to enjoy our favorite group performing with legends.

Seeing Sting sing “I Want It That Way”? Loved it. Especially so many years later, knowing now in retrospect that the song generations from now will be considered just as much a classic as “Every Breath You Take”. Looking back is a bit funny sometimes. But it’s really cool that BSB have come so far in their careers and have kept going for so long, that we get a chance to.

What’s even better? Is this all went towards the Save The Music Foundation – which encourages the arts in schools.

Simply put, we just don’t get shows like this anymore.

(I had some technical difficulties on this one, but I’m stubborn. So here it is on YT, Vimeo, and Facebook, in hopes one won’t get taken down.)




Is there a throwback you want to see? Comment below!

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