The #BSB25 Throwbacks – Spending 2005 Inside Nick’s Corner

Do you remember back in 2005, when they redid the fan club? They basically wanted to give us a chance to connect more to the Boys now that they were back from their hiatus. Fans got to name the site, which got dubbed “Weird World” (I never quite agreed with the name, but I mean it was unique?) The group would write individual blogs and would pop in the chat room at random times to chat with fans. Sometimes we’d get video chats too. But what ended up being the most memorable…were Nick’s Corners.

If you don’t know about these gems, I’m here to enlighten you dear friends. Cause they’re pretty funny and give us some lasting inside jokes for the fandom. Nick is given a camera (scary right? in a good way) and given the freedom to do what he wants. So we get ice challenges before ice bucket challenges were a thing, we see what happens when the Boys are stuck in traffic too long… there’s absolutely no bad here.

Nick if you EVER read this, bring this back. Please. We’d be SO SO SO amused. Y’all don’t even know. We freaking loved these. We still do.

Missions to McDonalds (and eating behind Kevin’s back…


Why AJ and Nick shouldn’t be stuck in a car together.


The Original Ice Bucket Challenge


A Day in the life of Nick back in 2005 – also known as the tale of Chick-Fil-A


Going backstage, talking about stage diving (which hmm, you should try that someday again Nick), basically behind the scenes.


Nick Versus The Hurricane *not kidding*


Now obviously Nick is a very different Nick than he was back in 2005. But these videos weren’t just about him, they were about the entire group. I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen again. Especially while they’re in Vegas – uploading random videos of them just goofing around, rehearsing, whatever! I’m sure there’d be plenty of epic moments. So I mean Nick…Boys, Wonderful Union, Jenn, whoever…please keep this idea in mind and bring this idea back to life!


Is there a throwback you’d like to see? Comment below!


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