Time, Look Where We Are… (Happy Anniversary Backstreet!)

Twenty five years.


Let that sink in for a second.

Most marriages don’t last that long! It’s insanity but something to be proud of. How many groups can say they’ve stuck together that long? It’s been a long road. There’s definitely been some ups and downs. The Boys didn’t have the perfect career, we didn’t have the perfect fandom. And you know what? That’s okay. We’ve been with you when you were all over the media, magazines, and billboards. We were with you when the media wanted to pretend you didn’t exist. When you took a break, we waited and had faith you’d return again. Kevin left and we stuck by you, adjusting to a “new” BSB while secretly hoping the four would become five once again. Once that day came, we celebrated, as happy as you were that BSB was no longer Incomplete. The fandom watched when you got your star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. We were overjoyed when you broke records with your Vegas residency.

When pop culture decided it was cool to like BSB again? We were here saying it was cool the whole time.

You’ve brought us friends, memories, the soundtracks to our lives. You were the constant we held on to when life changed around us.

I’ve said it before but Thank YOU AJ, Brian, Kevin, Nick and Howie. To us you’re more than just five men who make music. You’ve changed lives. You’ve created friendships. You’ve inspired journeys around the country or even the world. Thank you for being people who appreciate the fans who continue to support. Thank you for every tweet you’ve sent, every event, every concert, every song, every album, and every cruise. Thank you for being just as passionate about what you do now as you were twenty-five years ago. Trust me, we are thankful.

So Happy Anniversary Backstreet! Here we are, on the verge of a new single, and a new album. We’re just as hyped as we were back in 1999. Because we know it’ll be amazing. Because we know you put your all into everything you do. So how could we expect anything less? It’s why we love you. It’s why we’re still here.

Here’s to another Twenty-Five Years, and that they’ll be just as crazy a ride as these have been.

Time, look where we are and what we’ve been through
Time, sharing our dreams
Time, goes on and on everyday,
Time is what it is,Come What May…

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