Let’s Help BSB Slay The Charts!


Update – that time is almost here again, let’s make “Chances” as successful as “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”!  We got this fandom family! “Chances” will be out on November 9th!

So the BSB Single is almost here. It’s ridiculously close. So we thought we needed to prepare. We’re an army so think of this as a battle. I want to see our Boys back on top where they deserve to be. I’m going to assume you guys do too! So let’s make it happen. My co-mods at TDS – Emilia and Gemma (with the help of Melly, the moderator for Howie’s official site) made this HUGE master-list of where to request the song! Now remember, times have changed. Streaming sites like Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music, YouTube – those are JUST as important. Streams help place where our Boys land on the charts just as much as radio spins. But I believe in us, we can make it happen!

Before we get to list, I’m going to ask you guys to only call or request the song where you ACTUALLY live. Otherwise the requests will look fake and mess everything up. This is really important guys, we get ONE shot at doing this right. If you can’t request it, stream! It’s just as helpful.

Stream It On YouTube /Spotify Or Buy it Amazon/ITunes/Google Play

In fact streaming is MORE important in some ways. They count a LOT towards the Billboard charts. You can do this easily by adding the song to a Spotify playlist (putting the song on repeat only counts as one play, so it has to play with a few different songs). Sales on iTunes do not matter as much as they used to. Watching the video on YouTube helps loads too!

Find your state and radio stations below! (Warning, this is a LONG list. We also have a spreadsheet here)

I know this covers only North America, if you guys would like to send me major radio stations around the world, we can do a follow up post that’s more global for you guys! There’s just too many countries for us to compile them ALL on our own.

The US


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Mix 96.7 Auburn https://mix967online.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Mix96_7
103.7 The Q Birmingham https://1037theq.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/1037theq
Magic 96.5 Birmingham https://magic96.iheart.com/ AC https://www.twitter.com/magic965
97.3 Play Birmingham http://www.play973.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/973play
106.7 KMX Dothan http://www.wkmx.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/1067kmx
106.5 KISS FM Huntsville https://1065kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1065KISSFM
97.5 WABD Mobile http://www.975wabd.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/975wabd
Mix 99.9 Mobile https://mixgulfcoast.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/MixGulfCoast
Y102 Montgomery http://www.y102montgomery.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Y102_Montgomery
94.1 ZBQ Tuscaloosa https://941zbq.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/941zbq
96.9 MYfm Tuscaloosa https://969myfm.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/969MYfm


101.3 KGOT Anchorage https://kgot.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/1013kgot
Mix 103.1 Anchorage http://www.kmxs.com/ Hot AC https://www.twitter.com/mix1031Alaska
Magic 98.9 FM Anchorage https://magic989fm.iheart.com/ AC https://www.twitter.com/Magic989


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
104.7 KISS FM Phoenix https://1047kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/KISSFMPhoenix
Mix 96.9 Phoenix https://mix969.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://www.twitter.com/mix969
Hot 97.5/103.9 Phoenix http://hot975phoenix.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/hot975phx
LIVE 101.5 Phoenix https://live1015phoenix.radio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/live1015phoenix
93.7 KRQ Tucson https://krq.iheart.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/krqq
My 92.9 Tucson https://my929.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/my929


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Power 105.7 Fayetteville http://www.power1057.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/power1057
Hot Mix 101.9 Fayetteville https://hotmix1019.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hotmix1019
B98 Fort Smith https://kzbb.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/B98KZBB
B98.5 Little Rock http://www.b98.com/ AC https://twitter.com/B985radio
Hot 94.9 Little Rock https://hot949allthehits.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/hot949fm
Alice 107.7 Little Rock http://www.alice1077.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Alice1077radio


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
99.3 Now Fresno http://993now.fm/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/now993
Y101 Fresno http://www.y101hits.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/Y101Fresno
102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles https://kiisfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1027KIISFM
97.1 AMP Los Angeles https://amp.radio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/971ampradio
104.3 My FM Los Angeles https://1043myfm.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/1043myfm
Sunny 102.3 Modesto https://sunny102fm.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/sunny102Modesto
KHOP 95.1 Modesto http://www.khop.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KHOP951
99.1 KGGI Riverside https://991kggi.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/991kggi
Now 100.5 Sacramento http://now100fm.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/now1005fm
106.5 The End Sacramento http://www.endonline.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/end1065
Mix 96 Sacramento http://mix96sac.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mix96sac
102.5 KDON Salinas https://kdon.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1025KDON
Channel 933 San Diego https://channel933.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/channel933
Star 94.1 San Diego https://star941fm.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Star941FM
Wild 94.9 San Francisco https://wild949.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/wild949
99.7 NOW San Francisco http://997now.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/997now
Alice 97.3 San Francisco https://radioalice.radio.com/ AC https://twitter.com/AliceRadio
Star 101.3 San Francisco https://1013.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/star1013
Mix 106 San Jose http://www.mymix106.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/MyMix106


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
98.9 Magic Colorado Springs http://www.989magicfm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/989MagicFM
My 99.9 Colorado Springs https://my999radio.iheart.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/my999radio
Alice 105.9 Denver http://www.alice1059.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/alice1059
97.5 The Party Denver https://957theparty.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/957theparty
Mix 100.3 Denver http://www.mix100.com AC https://twitter.com/MIX100Denver
KOSI 101 Denver https://kosi101.com/ AC https://twitter.com/kosi1011
96.1 KISS FM Fort Collins https://kissfmcolorado.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/961kissfm


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
KISS 95.7 Hartford https://kiss957.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/kiss957
96.5 TIC Hartford https://965tic.radio.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/965tic
Lite 100.5 Hartford https://wrch.radio.com/ AC https://www.facebook.com/lite100.5wrch
KC 101 New Haven https://kc101.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KC1013
Q105 New London www.q105.fm Top 40 https://twitter.com/Q105fm


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Eagle 97.7 Milford http://www.eagle977.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/Eagle977DE
Mix 99.5 Wilmington http://mix995wjbr.com/ AC https://twitter.com/WJBRfm
93.7 WSTW Wilmington http://www.wstw.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/937wstw


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Y100 Fort Myers https://y100florida.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://www.twitter.com/Y100Florida
97.9 KISS Jacksonville https://979kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/979kissfm
92.7 Weow Key West http://www.weow927.com/ Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/WEOWFM
Wa1a 107.1 Melbourne http://www.wa1a.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1071a1a
Kiss 95.1 Melbourne https://mykiss951.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/mykiss951
Hits 97.3 Miami https://www.hits973.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/HITS973
Y100 Miami https://y100.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/Y100MIAMI
Power 96 Miami https://power96.radio.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/power965
Q92 Ocala http://radio92q.com/ Top 40 http://www.twitter.com/allthehitsq92
XL 106.7 Orlando http://www.xl1067.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/xl1067
Magic 107.7 Orlando https://magic107.iheart.com/ AC https://www.twitter.com/magic107
Mix 105.1 Orlando https://mix1051.radio.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix1051
Sunny 98.5 Panama City https://sunny985.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/sunny985
98.9 MY FM Port Charlotte http://989myfm.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/989myfmradio
103.9 KISS FM Sarasota https://kiss1039.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/kiss1039
Hot 104.9 Tallahassee http://hot1049.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hot1049
107.1 KISS FM Tallahassee https://kissfm1071.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/kissfm1071
93.3 FLZ Tampa http://www.933flz.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/933flz
Mix 100.7 Tampa https://tampabaysmix.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://www.twitter.com/tampabaysmix
Wild 95.5 West Palm Beach http://www.wild955.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/wild955
KOOL 105.5 West Palm Beach https://1055online.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/1055online


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Power 97.3 Albany https://power973.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/Power973FM
B98.5 Atlanta https://www.b985.com/ AC https://twitter.com/B985FM
Star 94 Atlanta www.star94.com Hot AC https://twitter.com/star941atlanta
Q100 Atlanta http://www.q100atlanta.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Q100Atlanta
Power 96.1 Atlanta https://power961.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/POWERATL
104.3 WBBQ Augusta http://wbbq.iheart.com AC https://www.twitter.com/WBBQaugusta
HD 98.3 Augusta http://hd983.com AC https://twitter.com/HD983
103 Q Brunswick https://my103q.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/my103q
Q 107.3 Columbus http://www.q1073.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Q1073
Q101.3 Dublin http://todayshitsq1013.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/todayshitsq1013
97.3 KISSFM Savannah https://973kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/973kissfm
95.7 The Mix Valdosta http://mymixvaldosta.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mymixvaldosta
Hot 102.7 Valdosta http://myhot1027.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hot1027


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
KSSK 92.3 Honolulu https://ksskradio.iheart.com/ AC https://www.twitter.com/ksskhawaii
Krater 96 Honolulu http://www.krater96.com/ AC https://twitter.com/krater963
99.9 KISS Kahului, Maui http://www.kissfmmaui.com/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/kissfmmaui/
Kauai FM 97 Kauai http://kauaifm97.com/ AC https://www.facebook.com/KauaisFM97/
Kong FM 93.5 Kauai http://kongradio.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/KongRadio935


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
KORR 104 American Falls http://korr104.com/ Adult Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/korr104/
Star 98 Blackfoot http://star98radio.com/ AC http://www.twitter.com/star98radio
103.5 KISS FM Boise http://1035kissfmboise.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kissboise
100.7 My FM Idaho Falls http://www.100myfm.com/ Adult Top 40 http://twitter.com/100myfm
Now 107.9 Shelley http://www.1079.fm/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/now1079


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
101.5 WBNQ Bloomington http://www.wbnq.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/wbnq
104.3 The Party Casey http://www.1043theparty.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1043theparty
B96 Chicago https://b96.radio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/B96Chicago
103.5 KISS FM Chicago https://1035kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1035KISSFM
101.9 The Mix Chicago http://wtmx.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/1019MIXChicago
Star 105.5 Chicago http://www.star105.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Star1055
98.5 KISS FM Peoria https://kisspeoria.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kisspeoria
Mix 106.9 Peoria http://www.mix1069.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mix1069peoria


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
106.1 KISS FM Evansville http://1061evansville.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1061evansville
Hot 96 Evansville http://hot96.com Top 40 https://twitter.com/HOT96TWEETS
Hot 107.9 Fort Wayne http://hot1079online.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hot1079
Energy 93.9 Indianapolis http://www.energyindy.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/ENeRGY939Indy
107.9 The Mix Indianapolis http://www.indysmix.com/ AC https://twitter.com/indysmix
U93 South Bend http://u93.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/u93


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Mix 107.3 Burlington http://www.thenewmix.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/TheNewMix1073
Hot 95.7 Cedar Rapids http://hot957cr.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Hot957CR
Z102.9 Cedar Rapids http://www.kzia.com Top 40 http://twitter.com/z1029
101.3 KISS FM Davenport https://1013kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/1013KISSFM
107.5 KISS FM Des Moines https://1075kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KISS1075
Now 105.1 Des Moines https://now1051.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Now1051
104.5 KDAT Des Moines http://kdat.com/ AC https://twitter.com/1045KDAT
107.1 KISS FM Sioux City https://1071kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1071KISSFM
Q92.3 Waterloo http://q923.net/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Q923waterloo


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
105.9 KISS FM Lawrence, Topeka http://1059kissfm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1059kissfm
Magic 107.7 Topeka http://www.kmaj.com/ AC https://twitter.com/majic1077
B98 Wichita https://b98fm.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/b98wichita
Channel 96.3 Wichita https://channel963.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Channel963


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Q104 Campbellsville http://www.myq104.com/ Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/myq104
94.7 The Mix Clinton https://www.947themix.com/ AC http://twitter.com/947themix
Star 103.7 Frankfort http://star1037.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/star1037
Mix 94.5 Lexington https://mymix945.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/MyMixLexington
104.5 The Cat Lexington https://1045thecat.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1045thecat
99.7 DJX Louisville http://www.wdjx.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/997djx
100.5 KISS FM Louisville https://kisslouisville.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/1005KISSFM
98.9 Radio Now Louisville https://989radionow.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/989RadioNow
Lake 102.3 Somerset https://lake1023.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/lake1023


102.5 WMFM Baton Rouge https://wfmf.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1025wfmf
96.1 The River Baton Rouge https://961theriver.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/961theriver
94.5 KSMB Lafayette http://www.ksmb.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/945KSMB
B97 New Orleans http://www.b97.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/b97
104.1 The Spot New Orleans https://1041thespot.iheart.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/1041TheSpot


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
92 Moose Augusta http://92moose.fm/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/92moose
Z107.3 Bangor http://z1073.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/z1073
Q97.9 Portland http://wjbq.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Q979
Coast 93.1 Portland http://coast931.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/coast931
94.9 HOM Portland http://949whom.com/ AC https://twitter.com/949WHOM


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
WLIF 101.9 Baltimore https://todays1019.radio.com/ AC http://twitter.com/Todays1019
Z104.3 Baltimore https://z1043.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/z1043
Mix 106.5 Baltimore https://mix1065fm.radio.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/Mix1065FM
Magic 100.5 Cumberland http://cumberlandsmagic.com/ AC https://twitter.com/cumberlandmagic
Key 103 Frederick http://www.key103radio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/key103radio
Q105 Salisbury https://q105fm.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/q105radio
KISS 95.9 Salisbury https://kiss959fm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kiss959


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
KISS 108 Boston https://kiss108.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Kiss108
Magic 106.7 Boston www.magic1067.com AC https://twitter.com/MAGIC1067
WXLO 104.5 Boston http://www.wxlo.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/1045xlo
103.3 AMP Boston https://1033ampradio.radio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1033ampradio
Mix 104.1 Boston https://mix1041.radio.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix1041
99.9 The Q Cape Cod http://www.wqrc.com/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/999theQ/
106 COD Cape Cod https://106wcod.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/106WCOD
Y101 FM Cape Cod y101.cc Top 40 https://twitter.com/Y101CapeCod
96.1 SRS Paxton https://961srs.iheart.com/ AC https://www.twitter.com/961srs
Mix 93.1 Springfield https://mix931.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Mix_931
94.7 WMAS Springfield http://www.947wmas.com/ AC http://twitter.com/947WMASFM


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Channel 955 Detroit https://channel955.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/channel955
96.3 WDVD Detroit http://www.963wdvd.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/963WDVD
100.3 WNIC Detroit http://wnic.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/1003wnic
CK 101.5 Flint http://www.wwck.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/ck1055
Cars 108 Flint http://wcrz.com/ AC https://twitter.com/WCRZFM
104.5 SNX Grand Rapids https://1045snx.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1045snx
Star 105.7 Grand Rapids https://westmichiganstar.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/star1057
Mix 95.7 Grand Rapids http://mix957gr.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Mix957GR
105.3 Hot FM Grand Rapids http://www.1053hotfm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1053hotfm
106.5 WVFM Kalamazoo http://myfm1065.com/ AC http://twitter.com/fm1065
97.5 NOW Lansing http://975now.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/975now
99.1 WFMK Lansing http://99wfmk.com/ AC https://twitter.com/991wfmk
88.1 The Park Plymouth http://www.881thepark.com/ AC https://twitter.com/881ThePark
96.9 WBTI Port Huron http://www.wbti.com Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/96point9wbti
106 KHQ Traverse City http://www.106khq.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/106_KHQ


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Z99 Alexandria http://www.voiceofalexandria.com/z99/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/VoiceofAlexMN
B92.7 Breckenridge http://www.b927.net/ AC https://twitter.com/FMB927
Mix 108 Duluth http://mix108.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/mix108duluth
My 95.7 Duluth http://my957.com/ AC http://twitter.com/My95_7
Z99 Mankato http://www.myz99.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/z99fm
101.3 KDWB Minneapolis https://kdwb.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1013KDWB
Cities 97 Minneapolis https://cities97.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/cities97radio
106.9 KROC Rochester http://kroc.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/krocfm
Mix 94.9 St. Cloud http://mix949.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix949
KS95 St. Paul http://www.ks95.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/ks95


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Magic 93.7 Biloxi https://magic937.iheart.com/ AC https://www.twitter.com/magic937
95.3 Gorilla Biloxi http://www.953gorilla.com Top 40 https://twitter.com/953gorilla
Q103.1 Columbus http://www.q1031fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/q1031gtr
Q102 Greenville http://www.q102.net Top 40 https://twitter.com/q102delta
107.1 The Monkey Gulfport http://www.1071themonkey.net Top 40 https://twitter.com/1071themonkey
Y101.7 Jackson http://www.y101.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Y101Jackson
SL 100 Laurel https://sl100.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/sl100
Q101 Meridan http://www.q101radio.net/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/q101meridian
Kiss 97.3 Natchez http://listenupyall.com/index.php/music/kiss-97/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/973Kiss/
KZ103 Tupelo https://kz103.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kz103
Sunny 93.3 Tupelo http://www.sunny933fm.com/ AC https://twitter.com/sunny933radio


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Q106.1 Columbia http://www.q1061.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Q1061
Y107 Columbia https://y107.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Y107
92.5 Kissin’ Joplin https://ksyn925.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kissin925
KC 102.1 Kansas City http://www.kc1021.com/ AC https://twitter.com/KC102Radio
Mix 93 Kansas City http://www.mix93.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Mix933
99.7 The Point Kansas City http://www.997thepoint.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/997ThePoint
95.7 The Vibe Kansas City http://www.957thevibe.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/957thevibe
Power 96.5 Springfield https://www.power965.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/power965fm
Alice 95.5 Springfield https://alice955.iheart.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/alice955
Z107.1 St. Louis https://z1077.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/z1077
102.5 KEZK St. Louis https://kezk.radio.com/ AC http://www.twitter.com/1025kezk
Y98 St. Louis https://y98.radio.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/y98


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
97.1 KISS FM Billings http://971kissfm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/971kissfm
96.7 KISS FM Bozeman http://bozemanskissfm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/bozemanskissfm
My 103.5 Bozeman http://my1035.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/my1035
Magic 97.7 Butte http://magic97.net/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Magic97FM
K99 Hits Great Falls http://k99hits.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/K99GF
Star101.7 Great Falls http://www.1017thestar.com/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/1017TheStar
Mix 102.3 Helena Valley http://www.mix1023helena.com/ Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/Mix1023Helena/
107.5 Zoo FM Missoula http://1075zoofm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1075zoofm
Star 92.3 Kalispell-Polson http://star92hits.com/ Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/star92hits/
Mountain FM 102.5 Missoula http://www.mountain1025.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/1025mountainfm
Now 106.7 Missoula http://now1067.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/now1067


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Hits 106 Kearney http://www.kqky.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Hits106KQKY
B107.3 Lincoln http://www.b1073.com/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/B107.3/
106.3 KFRX Lincoln http://www.kfrxfm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1063kfrx
The Zone 93.9 McCook http://www.thezone939.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/TheZone939
96.1 KISS FM Omaha https://961kissonline.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/961KISSOnline
Channel 94.1 Omaha https://www.channel941.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/channel941omaha
Sweet 98.5 Omaha http://www.sweet985.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Sweet985


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Mix 94.1 Las Vegas https://mix941fm.radio.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Mix941
98.5 KLUC Las Vegas https://kluc.radio.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/985KLUC
104.3 Now Las Vegas http://www.1043now.com/ Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/1043NOWFM/
106.9 The Q Las Vegas http://www.1069theq.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/q1069vegas
Star 107.9 Las Vegas http://starradiovegas.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/starradiovegas
Wild 102.9 Reno http://www.wild1029.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/WILD1029

New Hampshire

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
105.5 JYY Concord http://nh1.com/wjyy Top 40 https://twitter.com/1055jyy
98.3 LNH Concord http://nh1.com/wlnh/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/983LNH
Mix 94.1 Franklin http://www.mix941fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Mix941fm
92.3 GXL Lebanon http://www.wgxl.com/ Top 40 https://facebook.com/923wgxl
95.7 WZID Manchester http://wzid.com/ AC https://twitter.com/WZID
103.7 KNE Monadnock http://wkne.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/KNEfm
Sunny 97.7 Monadnock http://sunnykeene.com/ AC http://facebook.com/sunny977fm
Magic 104.1 North Conway http://conwaymagic.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/Magic1045
98.7 The Bay Portsmouth http://nh1.com/wbyy-the-bay/ AC https://facebook.com/987TheBay/
Z107 Portsmouth https://z107fm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Z107FM

New Jersey

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
95.1 WAYV Atlantic City http://www.951wayv.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/951wayv
AC 102.7 Atlantic City http://ac1027.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/AC102_7
98.7 The Coast Cape May County http://987thecoast.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/987thecoast
94.5 WPST Central New Jersey http://www.wpst.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/945pst
Magic 98.3 Central New Jersey http://magic983.com/ AC https://twitter.com/magic983
SoJo 104.9 Northfield http://sojo1049.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/sojo1049fm
94.3 The Point Ocean County http://943thepoint.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/943thepoint
B98.5 Ocean County http://www.b985radio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/theb985
Max 106.3 Sussex https://max1063.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/MAX1063WHCY
102.3 WSUS Sussex https://wsus1023.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/1023WSUS

New Mexico

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
94 Key Alamogordo https://www.94key.net/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/94KEY
103.3 Ed FM Albuqerque http://www.ed.fm/ Adult Top 40 http://twitter.com/1033edfm
93.3 KOB FM Albuqerque http://www.kobfm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kobfm
Magic 99.5 Albuqerque http://www.magic995abq.com/ AC https://www.facebook.com/995magicfm
100.3 The Peak Albuqerque https://1003thepeak.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/1003ThePeakABQ
Z106.3 Albuqerque http://z1063.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Z1063
CD 104 Carlsbad http://carlsbadradio.com/kcdy-fm/ AC https://www.facebook.com/carlsbadradio/
Mix 107.5 Clovis http://heymix.com/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/Mix107.5/
KTQM 99.9 Clovis https://www.999ktqm.net/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/999ktqm
Star 102.9 Farmington https://star1029.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/StarHitMusic
99.9 XTC Gallup https://999xtc.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/thereal999xtc
Mix 105 Las Cruces http://www.magic1049fm.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mymagic105
Mix 105.1 Santa Fe http://www.mymix1051.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/MyMix1051

New York

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
B95.5 Albany http://www.b95.com/ AC https://twitter.com/B955
KISS 102.3 Albany https://kiss1023.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KISS1023ALBANY
FLY 92.3 Albany http://www.fly92.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/fly923
99.5 The River Albany https://995theriver.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/995theriver
V 98.3 Bath http://wvinbath.com/ AC https://twitter.com/WVINradio
Magic 101.7 Binghamton http://www.magic1017fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/magic1017fm
Now 105.7 Binghamton https://radionow1057.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/radionow1057
Mix 103.3 Binghamton https://mix1033fm.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mix1033fm
Wild 104 Binghamton http://wild104fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Wild1041
94. KXZ Binghamton http://wkxzfm.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/wkxz94
92.9 Jack FM Buffalo http://929jackfm.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/929jackfm
Mix 96 Buffalo http://mix96buffalo.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mix96buffalo
KISS 98.5 Buffalo http://www.kiss985.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kiss985buffalo
Star 102.5 Buffalo http://www.mystar1025.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mystar1025
97.5 WTBD Dehli http://wtbdfm.com/ Adult Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/WTBD
Now 97.7 Hudson Valley http://now977.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/now977
100.7 WHUD Hudson Valley http://www.whud.com/ AC https://twitter.com/1007WHUD
96.1 KISSFM Hudson Valley https://kissfmhv.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KissFMHV
98.5 The Cat Hudson Valley https://985thecat.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/985thecat
Q92 Hudson Valley https://q92hv.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Q92hv
K104.7 Hudson Valley http://www.k104online.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/k1047
Z95.5 Ithaca http://z955.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Z955
97.3 Lite Rock Ithaca http://literock973.com/ AC http://twitter.com/literock973
Hot 106.9 Jamestown http://www.1069kissfm.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/1069kissfm1
SE 93 Jamestown http://radiojamestown.com/wwse-fm AC http://twitter.com/radiojamestown
106.1 BLI Long Island https://www.wbli.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1061BLI
102.5 BAZ Long Island http://wbaz.com/ AC http://twitter.com/wbazradio
Walk 97.5 Long Island http://www.walk975.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/walk975
K-98.3 Long Island http://www.k983.com/ AC https://twitter.com/K983LongIsland
Z100 New York https://z100.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Z100NewYork
103.5 KTU New York https://ktu.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1035KTU
Fresh 102.7 New York https://new1027.radio.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/New1027
95.5 PLJ New York http://www.955plj.nyc/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/955plj
106.1 Lite FM New York https://litefm.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/1067LiteFM
Mix 101.5 Olean http://mixwmxo.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/MIX_1015_ONAIR
Mix 100.5 Rochester https://rochestersmix.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/rochestersmix
KISS 106.7 Rochester https://kiss1067.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KissRochester
98 PXY Rochester http://www.98pxy.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/98PXYRochester
Mix 102.5 Rome http://mix1025.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/MixUticaRome
Hits 95.9 Saratoga http://www.wcql.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/hits959wcql
93Q Syracuse http://www.93q.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/93qsyracuse
Hot 107.9 Syracuse https://hot1079.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hot1079syracuse
Y94 Syracuse https://y94fm.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Y94syracuse
Lite 98.7 Utica http://lite987.com/ AC https://twitter.com/lite987
97.9 & 105.5 Kiss FM Utica-Rome http://cnykiss.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/cnykiss
The Border 106.7 Watertown http://www.theborder.fm/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/theborder1067

North Carolina

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Star 104.3 Asheville https://star1043.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/star1043
Mix 96.5 Asheville http://mymix965.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/Mix965Asheville
K104.7 Charlotte http://k1047.com/ AC https://twitter.com/k1047fm
Kiss 95.1 Charlotte http://kiss951.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kiss951wnks
Channel 96.1 Charlotte https://channel961.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/channel961
102.9 The Lake Charlotte https://1029thelake.iheart.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/1029thelake
Q98 Fayetteville http://www.q98fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Q98Fayetteville
100.3 Kiss FM Greensboro http://1003kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1003kissfm
107.5 KZL Greensboro https://1075kzl.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1075KZL
Beach 104 Outer Banks http://www.beach104.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Beach104
99.5 WMAG Piedmont Triad https://995wmag.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/995wmag
Mix 101.5 Raleigh https://www.wralfm.com/ AC https://twitter.com/MIX1015WRALFM
G105 Raleigh https://g105.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/g105radio
Star 102.5 Southern Pines http://www.star1025fm.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Sandhills411
Z107.5 Wilmington http://z1075.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Z1075
102.7 GNI Wilmington http://www.wgni.com/ AC https://twitter.com/1027GNI
Sunny 103.7 Wilmington https://www.sunny1037.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Sunny1037fm

North Dakota

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Hot 97.5 Bismarck http://hot975fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/HOT975BISMARCK
Y93 Bismarck https://y93.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Y93FM
Y94 Fargo http://y94.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/y94official
Big 98.7 Fargo http://www.big987.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/BIG987FM
XL 93 Grand Forks https://xl93.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/xl93
Z94.7 Grand Forks http://www.z947.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Z947
Mix 93.3 Jamestown https://mixjamestown.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mixjamestown
Q101 Jamestown Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/Q101KQDJ/
Z94 Minot https://z94radio.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/z94radio
Mix 99.9 Minot https://mix999fm.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Mix999FM


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
98.1 KDD Akron https://wkdd.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/981wkdd
Power 105.1 Athens http://www.wxtq.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/wxtqpower105
Mix 94.1 Canton http://www.mix941.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix941canton
Q92 Canton http://www.q92radio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/q92
Kiss 107.1 Cincinnati https://kisscincinnati.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KISS107
Q102 Cincinnati http://www.wkrq.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/WKRQ
Mix 94.9 Cincinnati http://www.949cincinnati.com/ AC https://twitter.com/949cincinnati
Star 102 Cleveland https://star102cleveland.radio.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Star102CLE
Q104 Cleveland https://q104.radio.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Q104Cleveland
96.5 KISS FM Cleveland https://kisscleveland.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/965kissfm
WNCI 97.9 Columbus https://wnci.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/979WNCI
Mix 107.5 Columbus http://mymix1079.com/ Adult Top 40 http://twitter.com/mymix1079
Channel 99.9 Dayton https://channeldayton.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Channel999
Mix 107.7 Dayton https://mix1077.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix1077
Mix 98.1 Defiance https://mix981fm.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Mix981Defiance
Mix 96.7 Findlay http://wbvi.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix967wbvi
93.9 KISS FM Lima https://kisslima.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/939kisslima
Mix 103.3 Lima https://mix1033.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mix1033
Y105 Mansfeild https://wyht.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Y105mansfield
102 The River Marietta https://102theriver.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/theriver102
Majic 95.9 Marion https://majic959.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Majic959
Mix 102.7 Sandusky http://www.mix1027.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix1027
92.5 KISS FM Toledo https://925kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kissfmtoledo
Q 105.5 Toledo http://www.q1055.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Q1055Toledo
Hot 101 Youngstown http://www.hot101.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hot101fm
Mix 98.9 Youngstown https://mix989.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mixyoungstown
95.9 KISS FM Youngstown https://959kiss.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kissyoungstown
Z92 Zanesville https://www.whiznews.com/z92 Top 40
94.5 The Mix Zanesville http://www.wwjm.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/1059themix


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
KQ106 Altus http://kq106.fm/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/kq106
Mix 96.1 Durant http://mix961.net/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/MIX961durant
Magic 95.3 Lawton http://www.magic953.com/ AC https://www.facebook.com/Magic953/
107.3 PopCrush Lawton http://1073popcrush.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1073PopCrush
KJ103 Oklahoma City https://kj103fm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1027kj103
Wild 104.9 Oklahoma City http://www.wild1049hd.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/wild1049
Magic 104.1 Oklahoma City http://magic104.com/ AC https://twitter.com/SteveStacyJeff
98.9 Kiss Oklahoma City http://www.kyis.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/989kissfm
B99.7 Tishomingo http://997thebuzz.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/997thebuzz
106.9 KHITS Tulsa https://www.khits.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/khitstulsa
Mix 96.5 Tulsa https://www.mix965tulsa.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Mix965Tulsa
92.1 The Beat Tulsa https://921thebeat.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/921thebeat


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Hits 94.3 Astoria http://943krkz.com/ Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/hits943krkz/
107.7 The Beat Bend http://1077thebeat.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1077Beat
Power 94 Bend http://power94.fm/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/Power94/
Mix 100.7 Bend http://themix1007.com/ AC https://twitter.com/NewMix1007
Bend 95.7 Bend http://www.bend957fm.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/957FMBend
104.1 The Peak Bend http://www.thepeak1041.com/ AC https://twitter.com/thepeak1041
Star 92.7 Burns https://hchits.com/ Hot AC
106.9 Coast Central Oregon Coast https://kcfmradio.com/kcst/ AC https://twitter.com/coastradioKCST
Mix 94.5 Eugene http://www.945mixfm.com/ AC https://twitter.com/LizNReilly
104.7 KDUK Eugene http://www.kduk.com/ Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/1047KDUKFM/
105.5 & 96.9 KCGB Hood River & The Dalles http://www.kcgbfm.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/gorgeradio
107.5 Kiss Medford http://www.107kiss.com/ Top 40 http://www.twitter.com/107kiss
Hot 98.9 Medford http://opusradio.com/989fm/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Hot989fm
105.1 The Buzz Portland http://www.1051thebuzz.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1051thebuzz
Z100 Portland https://z100portland.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/z100portland
K103 Portland https://k103.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/k103portland
Live 95.5 Portland http://www.live955.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/live955
i101 FM Roseburg http://i101radio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/i101FM


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
B104 Allentown https://b104.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/B104
1007. WLEV Allentown http://www.wlevradio.com/ AC https://twitter.com/1007WLEV
Mix 94.7 Altoona http://mymix947.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mymix947
Hot 100 Altoona http://www.foreveraltoona.com/hot100pa/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Hot100PA
Waly 103.9 Altoona http://www.foreveraltoona.com/waly1039/ AC
Pop 93.1 DuBois http://popradiopa.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/popradiopa
Star 104 Erie http://www.star104.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Star104Erie
Happi 92.7 Erie http://www.happi927.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/happi927
Classy 100 Erie http://www.classy100.com/ AC https://twitter.com/classy100fm
98.5 KRZ Freeland http://www.985krz.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/985wkrz
Wink 104 Harrisburg http://www.wink104.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Wink1041
Hot 106.7 Harrisburg http://www.hot1067fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/HOT1067FM
98.9 WQLV Harrisburg http://www.wqlvfm.com/ Hot AC http://www.facebook.com/wqlvfm
U 92.5 Indiana http://u92radio.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/wqmu925fm
Hot 92 Johnstown http://www.foreverjohnstown.com/hot92hits/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hot92hits
FM 97 Lancaster https://fm97.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/fm97
Q102 Philadelphia https://q102.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Q102Philly
96.5 TDY Philadelphia https://965tdy.radio.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/965TDY
96.1 KISS Pittsburgh http://961kiss.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/961kiss
100.7 Star Pittsburgh http://starpittsburgh.cbslocal.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/StarPittsburgh
Q92.9 Pittsburgh http://www.q929fm.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/Q929FM
Wish 99.7 Pittsburgh http://wshh.com/ AC https://twitter.com/WISH997
104.1 WPXZ Punxsutawney http://wpxz1041fm.com/ AC https://twitter.com/WPXZ1041
B94.5 State College http://b945live.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/B945Live
97.1 BHT Wilkes-Barre http://www.97bht.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/971957BHT
Magic 93 Wilkes-Barre http://www.magic93fm.com/ AC https://twitter.com/wmgsfm
Kiss 102.7 Willamsport https://kiss1027fm.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/1027kissfm
V97 Willamsport https://v97fm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/v97fm

Rhode Island

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Mixx 99.3 Newport http://mixx993.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Mixx993
92 Pro FM Providence http://www.92profm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/92profm
Coast 93.3 Providence https://coast933.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/coast933

South Carolina

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Y102.5 Charleston https://y1025.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Y1025
95 SX Charleston http://www.95sx.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/95sxHitMusicNow
Mix 95.9 Charleston http://mix959.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/mix96live
Q93.5 Columbia http://www.q935.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/MYQ935
104.7 WNOK Columbia https://wnok.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1047wnok
B106.7 Columbia http://www.b106fm.com/ AC https://twitter.com/b1067
103 X Florence https://103xonline.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/103X
Q100.5 Florence http://www.q1005.com/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/Q1005FM/
B93.7 Greenville http://www.b937.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/B937AlltheHits
My 102.5 Greenville https://my1025.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/MY_1025
Magic 98.9 Greenville http://www.magic989.com/ AC https://twitter.com/magic989online
Mix 97.7 Myrtle Beach https://mix977.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Mix977
Energy 92.1 Myrtle Beach https://energy921.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/ENERGY921Radio

South Dakota

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
106.7 Point FM Aberdeen http://www.hubcityradio.com/1067pointfm/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/PointFM1067
B93.7 Brookings http://www.myb937.com/ Hot AC https://www.twitter.com/b93_7
93.9 Mix Rapid City http://939themix.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/939TheMix_KKMK
Hits 102.7 Rapid City http://www.hits1027.com/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/rapidcityhits/
Star 106.3 Rapid City http://www.star1063.com/ Hot AC https://facebook.com/STAR1063RAPIDCITY/
Hot 93.1 Rapid City http://www.hot931.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hot931rc
Hot 104.7 Sioux Falls http://hot1047.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hot1047sf
Mix 97.3 Sioux Falls http://mix97-3.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Mix973SF
101.9 KELO FM Sioux Falls http://kelofm.com/ AC http://twitter.com/KeloFm


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Mix 104.1 Cleveland http://mix104.info/ AC http://twitter.com/mymix1041
Sunny 92.3 Chattanooga http://www.sunny923.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/sunny923
103.7 KISS FM Chattanooga http://www.kisschattanooga.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Kisschattanooga
Hits 96 Chattanooga http://www.hits96.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/Hits96Radio
98.5 Kiss FM Cookeville http://www.kissfm985.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/985KISSFM
Electric 94.9 Johnson City http://www.electric949.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/electric949
B97.5 Knoxville http://b975.com/ AC http://twitter.com/b975knoxville
Star 102.1 Knoxville https://www.star1021fm.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/star1021
106.1 The River Knoxville http://www.river106.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/river106
Q107.5 Memphis http://www.q1075.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Q1075
101.9 KISS FM Memphis https://1019kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1019kissfm
FM 100 Memphis http://www.fm100memphis.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/fm100memphis
Q100.7 Morristown http://www.wbgqfm.com/ Hot AC https://facebook.com/Q100.7radio/
107.5 The River Nashville https://1075theriver.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1075theRiver
Mix 92.9 Nashville http://mix929.com/ AC http://twitter.com/mix929official
i106.7 Nashville http://i1067.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/i1067fm


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Mix 92.5 Abilene http://mix925abilene.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Mix925Abilene
Mix 94.1 Amarillo http://mix941kmxj.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mixamarillo
Majic 95.5 Austin http://www.majic.com/ AC http://twitter.com/majic955
96.7 KISS FM Austin https://967kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/967kissfm
Q94 Beaumont http://www.kqxy.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/q94music
Mix 104.7 Bryan https://mix1047.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Themix1047
103.1 KISS FM Bryan https://kissfm1031.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kissfm1031
Candy 95 College Station http://candy95.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/candy95
The Beach 96.5 Corpus Christi https://thebeach965fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/TheBeach965FM
Planet 102.3 Corpus Christi http://www.planet1023.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/planet1023
102.9 NOW Dallas-Fort Worth https://1029now.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/1029NOW
106.1 KISS FM Dallas-Fort Worth https://1061kissfm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1061kissfmdfw
Hot 93.9 Dallas-Fort Worth http://www.hot933hits.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hot933hits
93.1 KISS FM El Paso http://kisselpaso.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/KSIIElPaso
104.3 Hit FM El Paso http://hitfmradio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1043HitFm
104.1 KRBE Houston http://www.krbe.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/krbe
Radio Now 92.1 Houston https://radionowhouston.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/RadioNowHouston
Mix 96.5 Houston https://mix965houston.radio.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/mix965houston
Mix 100.3 Lubbock http://www.mix100lubbock.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/mix100
102.5 Kiss FM Lubbock http://1025kiss.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1025kissfm
Kiss FM 106.3 McAllen https://kissfmrgv.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/KISS1063
Mix 97.9 Midland http://mix979fm.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mix979
96.1 Now San Antonio https://961now.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/961nowsa
Q101.9 San Antonio https://q1019.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/q1019
Energy 94.1 San Antonio http://www.energy941.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Energy941SA
Mix 93.1 Tyler http://mix931fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/mix931fm
Q92 Victoria http://kqvt.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/kqvt923
97.5 FM Waco https://975online.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/ilove975fm
92.9 NIN Wichita http://929nin.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/929nin


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
97.1 ZHT Salt Lake City https://971zht.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/971zht
My 99.5 Salt Lake City https://my995fm.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/my995
VFX 94.5 Salt Lake City https://www.utahsvfx.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/utahsvfx
Q92 Salt Lake City http://www.q929online.com/ AC https://www.facebook.com/kblqfm
Mix 105.1 Salt Lake City https://mix1051utah.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/mix1051utah
Now 97.9 Salt Lake City http://www.kbzn.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/NOW979
Power 94.9 Salt Lake City http://www.powerslc.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/power949slc
Planet 94.1 St. George https://planet941.com/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/planet941


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Star 92.9 Burlington http://www.star929.com/ Hot AC http://www.twitter.com/star929radio
Mix 102.3 Burlington https://www.themix1023.com/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/TheMix102.3
96 Triple X Burlington http://www.95triplex.com/ Top 40 https://www.twitter.com/95TripleX
Z97.1 Rutland http://www.z971.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/z971


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Hot 101.9 Charlottesville http://www.1019hot.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/hot1019cville
B101.5 Fredericksburg http://www.b1015.com/ AC https://twitter.com/b1015fm
Hot 100 Hampton Roads http://www.hot1005.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/HOThits1005
Z104 Hampton Roads http://www.z104.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Z104fans
93.7 Now Harrisonburg https://937now.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/937hitmusicnow
Mix 93.1 Harrisonburg https://mix931online.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mix931online
More 96.1 Harrisonburg http://more961.com/ Hot AC http://facebook.com/wmqr961
Q101 Harrisonburg http://q101online.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/q101hitmusic
MOViN 107.7 Norfolk https://movin1077.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://www.twitter.com/Movin1077
Q94 Richmond http://www.q94radio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Q94radio
103.7 Play Richmond http://www.1037play.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/1037play
K92 Roanoke http://www.k92radio.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/K92radio
Mix 93.5 Roanoke https://mix935roanoke.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix935roanoke
95.3 HLF South Boston http://www.953hlf.com/ AC https://www.facebook.com/953HLF/
2WD 101.3 Virgina Beach http://www.2wd.com/ AC https://twitter.com/thenew1013
94.9 The Point Virgina Beach http://www.pointradio.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/949thepoint
KISS 98.3 Winchester https://kiss983.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KISS983FM
Mix 95.7 Winchester https://mix957.iheart.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix957


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Power 99.1 Kennewick http://www.power991fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/power991fm
97.5 More Kennewick http://www.957morefm.com/ AC https://www.facebook.com/957morefm/
98.3 The Key Pasco http://keyw.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/983thekey
Mix 105.3 Pasco http://www.mix1053.com/ AC https://twitter.com/Mix1053
MOViN 92.5 Seattle http://www.movin925.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/MOViN925
106.1 KISS FM Seattle https://kissfmseattle.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kissfmseattle
Star 101.5 Seattle http://star1015.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/star1015fm
KISS 98.1 Spokane https://kiss981.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/KISCFM
105.7 Now Spokane http://www.1057nowfm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/1057NowFM
92.9 ZZU Spokane http://929zzu.com/ Adult Top 40 https://twitter.com/929zzu
Mixx 96.1 Tacoma http://www.mixx96.com/ AC http://twitter.com/mixx96

Washington D.C

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Hot 99.5 Washington D.C. https://hot995.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/hot995
Mix 107.3 Washington D.C. http://www.mix1073.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix1073DC
97.1 WASH Washington D.C. https://washfm.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/washfm

West Virginia

Station Name City Website Format Social Media
103 CIR Beckley https://www.103cir.com/ Top 40
J104.5 Bluefield http://www.j1045.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/j1045
92.7 Kiss FM Bluefield http://www.kissplaysthehits.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KissFMnow
Electric 102.7 Charleston http://electric102.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/electric102
V100 Charleston http://v100.fm/ AC https://twitter.com/V100
Hot 105.7 Clarksburg http://www.hot1057.com/ Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/HOT-1057
KEE 100 Huntington https://kee100.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KEE100FM
97.5 WKMZ Martinsburg http://975wkmz.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/975wkmz
102 WVAQ Morgantown http://wvaq.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/WVAQ
102 The River Parkersburg https://102theriver.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/theriver102
Star 95 Princeton https://star95.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/Star95FM
KISS 95.7 Wheeling http://kisswheeling.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kiss957wheeling
Mix 97.3 Wheeling https://mix973wheeling.iheart.com/ AC https://twitter.com/mix973wheeling


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
Z100 Eua Clair https://z100radio.iheart.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/z100radio
95.9 KISS FM Green Bay http://www.959kissfm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/KISSFMGreenBay
101 WIXX Green Bay http://wixx.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/101wixx
Star 98 Green Bay http://www.star98.net/ Hot AC https://www.facebook.com/98.5Star98/
Z93 La Crosse http://www.z933.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Z93
Magic 105 La Crosse http://www.wlxr.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/magic105radio
Lake 96.1 Lake Geneva http://www.lake961.com/ Hot AC http://www.facebook.com/lake961
Z104 Madison https://z104fm.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/z104
Mix 105.1 Madison http://www.mix1051fm.com/ Hot AC https://twitter.com/mix1051madison
Magic 98 Madison http://www.magic98.com/ AC http://www.facebook.com/MadisonsMagic98
97.3 NOW Milwaukee https://973now.iheart.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/973NOW
103.7 KISS FM Milwaukee http://www.1037kissfm.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/1037KISSFM
104.5 – 96.1 The Point Sheboygan http://wxerfm.com/ Hot AC http://twitter.com/1045and961wxer
95.5 WIFC Wausau http://wifc.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/wifc
Hot 96.7 Wausau http://www.hot967fm.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/Hot967FM/


Station Name City Website Format Social Media
104.7 KISS FM Casper http://kisscasper.com/ Top 40 https://twitter.com/kisscasper
MAX 92.5 Casper http://max925casper.com/ Top 40 http://twitter.com/max925casper
iMIX 104.5 Laramie Top 40 https://www.facebook.com/iMix104.5/

We got you Boys!

PS – For Canadian Stations, click here!

15 thoughts on “Let’s Help BSB Slay The Charts!

  1. Radio forth 97.3 this serves alot of Scotland . We also have Kingdom fm 95.2 it’d be good to hear you xx


  2. Will calling smaller radio stations help?
    I know my local small station that plays “lite rock/pop”. But it’s not listed here. Or is it only the biggest stations like Los Angeles?
    I’m 2 hours from LA and 2 hours from Bakersfield (opposite directions obviously) but there’s nothing for Bakersfield either.
    Still, I could call my local station that serves the surrounding 50 miles or so.


    1. The way I look at it, it can’t hurt. I think smaller towns got overlooked a little cause there’s so many states and cities 😊, so yes, call!


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