The New Single is Breaking Records Rather Than Hearts

I don’t have mixed emotions right now.

So I don’t know about you guys but here in Las Vegas, radio has been playing Don’t Go Breaking My Heart consistently. In fact I’ve been practically fangirling every time they do. I mean, I’m sure you guys can relate. The last time I’ve actively heard a song of theirs get played on the radio here was back in 2005 with Incomplete off of Never Gone. That’s almost thirteen years, you know? And I remember during the Kevin-less albums, the Boys (especially Nick) talking about just how much they want to be back on radio. They weren’t but we stuck with them anyway. Mainly because, we still loved our Boys. The music was still good even if others didn’t realize it. And they freaked out just as much as we did once they discovered themselves back on radio!

And as adorable as seeing them freak out as much as I (and surely the rest of this fandom) did hearing them back on the radio was, part of me couldn’t help but be a little worried. What if this only lasted a couple days before the DJs stopped playing them. What if this didn’t stick. Which I mean, would suck but we’d still stand by them. But I wanted the best for them. They’ve worked SO HARD to climb back up and damn it, they deserved this. But that’s the thing, it’s not. They’re being played more. They’re getting more and more adds to radio. They entered TOP 40.

And I’m not going to lie, next time someone gets smart with me and is like “where are the Backstreet Boys now” my immediate reply is going to be “on the radio with their new single”. Hell my sister said to me this weekend she was amazed they’re still together. I told her if she was a fan she wouldn’t be, because they love what they do. And it shows. Funnily enough she likes this song (she’s more of a U2 fan). But how can you not? This song is magic, it gets in your ear and it never leaves. The first time I heard it? I was humming the chorus for hours afterwards because I didn’t know the rest of the lyrics yet. As Kevin so succinctly said once about another song…”it’s got balls”.

I guess that’s why according to Billboard, they’re breaking yet another record.

BSB’s new hit is its 19th overall on Pop Songs, dating to its first, the No. 35-peaking “We’ve Got It Goin’ On,” in November 1995. The group extends its span of appearing on Pop Songs to a record 22 years and six months, narrowly passing Madonna’s stretch of 22 years and four months, from 1992 to 2015.

That is insanity to me. They’ve been in the game for Twenty-Five years. A fourth of a century! Yet they’re still breaking records. They’re suddenly current again! It’s so exciting! But it also gets me emotional. Because I just know the song’s going to break the Billboard Top 100 soon enough. And when was the last time we could say that for them? It’s beautiful. It has me majorly excited for the future, for the album. The Boys are proving to the world not to count them out, because they’ll keep coming back. I’m emotional because we’ve been waiting for this moment, seeing them back on top. I feel like I woke up back in 1999. If that’s the case? I don’t want to go back.

“As long as there be music we’ll be coming back again…”

Who knew one song lyric would end up so prophetic?


Don’t forget you can stream the song, buy the song, or watch it on YouTube at this handy link!

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