When AJ Decided To Have It All

So this is my last, as of now, solo post in the series I’ve done for Brian, Howie, Nick, and now AJ. And ironically it’s kind of timely seeing as AJ just announced today that his solo single will be out on June 5th. Funny how that happens sometimes. Because basically I was waiting for things to calm down a little from the new single before going back to this. Billboard already has AJ’s new single off his next solo album here if you want to take a listen. But for now let’s travel back…it was 2010. Which was a pretty good time for BSB fans as far as solo music cause 2010 and 2011 saw new music from Nick, AJ, and Howie. It was pretty anticipated cause in all honesty everyone thought if there was someone to go solo (besides Nick) it would be AJ. The fact he hadn’t yet was a bit mind boggling though he’d dabbled during his Johnny No Name run. (Maybe I should talk about that too sometime, what do you think?)

What kills me is that this song only has one official single – Teenage Wildlife. It’s not a bad song, and it was given to AJ by another initialed boybander – JC Chasez. But I wouldn’t say it’s the best on the album, not by a long shot. The video though, I’m glad to have. It’s random, it’s furry, it’s extremely AJ.


But he does go deep on this album. Let me tell you about Sincerely Yours. Everyone knows the basics about AJ and his biological father who wasn’t there for him growing up. No need to go much deeper than that. This song is about that relationship and lack thereof. It’s an emotional song, it’s haunting. AJ’s voice, which always carries so much soul and passion, really soars here. It’s a song that could bring you to tears. Because of this, I have to be in the right mood to listen to it, but it’s touching and beautiful. I don’t think any Backstreet Boy has ever revealed so much in a solo song. That’s what makes it so lovely in a tragic kind of way.



My personal favorite song on the album? London. He performed it often enough when he promoted this album. Yet it never officially became a single. Then again this album was being promoted as far back as 2008. So a lot changed. Frustratingly the album was only ever released in Japan. Being the hard core fan that I am, I bought an import CD online to get it in my hands. But not every fan does that and it’s a bit tragic. Because this IS a very good album.


Honestly I think this was AJ being as exposed as we’ve ever seen him musically. I’m not sure what we’ll see on his next album. But he stripped himself bare here on Sincerely Yours and Have It All the song. I hope he does the same on the new one. Because we you combine that sort of depth with a voice like AJ’s, there’s simply no stopping him. AJ has an unlimited amount of potential. My “favorite” may have always been Nick, but I’ve known that in all my years as a fan. Talent like his isn’t found every day.

So knowing this, I look forward to what’s to come.


What is your favorite song off “Have It All”? Comment below!

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