AJ’s New Single Has Arrived!

It’s a day many of us thought might never come but it’s here. AJ’s first single off his still yet untitled second solo album has arrived. And? It’s got a country flavor to it. It’s a pretty big departure from the majority of Backstreet’s repertoire and his own for that matter. It’s funny cause I didn’t expect him to spring a lyric video on us already but I guess I should’ve known better. He caught me unprepared! Best kind of surprise though, am I right? And speaking of expectations, I know we’ve heard murmurings of him going country but seeing it in reality is definitely different. But what is AJ if not unafraid to do something different? The single is called “Back Porch Bottle service” and you can check out the new lyric video now!


And if you’re in love with the song, be sure to buy it, stream, it, blast it in your car radio! Share it with your siblings, your mom, your dad, your coworkers, your dogs, your cats. Basically everything. Where can you get it? Just clicky clicky here.


What do you think about AJ’s latest single? Let us know! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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