Everything I Know, I Learned From Backstreet


You’re never late, you’re simply running on “Backstreet Time”.

Songs don’t have to make sense, to make you feel.

The time you “waste” spending in line, creates lifelong friendships that you end up treasuring forever.

Music brings people together in ways you can’t imagine.

Reside and Resign are not the same thing.

That’s What She Said is more than just a meme.

Just because someone leaves, doesn’t mean they won’t come back. When they do, you appreciate just how much you missed him.

Ohana means family, but so can fandom.

It’s a weird world.

Online friendships are just as strong and lasting as friends you make in “real life”.

People may think you’re crazy for traveling to see your favorite singers, but it’s really a beautiful series of adventures. Those memories last forever.

Taking a break doesn’t mean you broke up.

You’ve got to roll with it.

Music really can heal your soul, and lift you up.

I don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you love me.

Don’t let anyone decide how long your “shelf life” is.

Backstreet will always be back.

What makes you different? Makes you beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Everything I Know, I Learned From Backstreet

  1. This is so true. I feel like only a BSB fan can truly appreciate this. The only thing I would add is every Mary Sue fan fiction always has to have 4 best friends. Tour buses both breakdown all the time and drive at hyper speed to make it across the country over night.


  2. How the heck did they take that picture? I count ten hands, but they are all coming from really weird places.

    Another thing learned from BSB: there are men who know it’s alright to hug, have emotions, and care about your friends.


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