Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – Things You Should Know


So it’s been almost two months since “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was released and basically slayed, well, all of us. But there’s been some epic things that’ve happened since then and I felt they deserved a nice round up post involving the single! I figure if you’ve been busy, life happens and such, here’s a great place for you to get caught up. Quick and easy, so let’s get to it y’all!


1. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” has been SLAYING the charts.

It’s been doing so well! It’s basically been on the American Top 40 charts weekly. And it’s been said to have been their best performing single in thirteen years. In case you don’t want to do the math – that means it’s their best performing single since “Incomplete”. HOLY SHIT. Right now it’s entered the Top 20 on Mediabase’s pop charts, and it already is on the Top 10 on AC and Hot AC charts. And it’s back on the Billboard Hot 100!



So how do we keep up the hype? STREAMING. I cannot stress this enough. STREAM. STREAM. STREAM. Feel free to look at our post about requesting on radio as well.



2. Their performance of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (along with one of “I Want It That Way”) on Fallon went viral.

Not sure how anyone could miss this one. But, in case you have…PLEASE watch these. They’re amazing.




3. You can see them perform the single in Vegas!

So, they’ve announced the final dates for their Vegas residency. Trust me, it’s heartbreaking yet it signals that we’re entering a new era of BSB. But don’t despair! Cause the setlist will be sure to have the new song. And really, I cannot wait to see them performing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” on the…ahem, larger than life stage at Planet Hollywood.

Here’s a sneak peak:


4. They just released a “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” Remix EP!

Pretty much came out of nowhere but that’s how we like our surprises! (It’s nice when we fans don’t know everything, am I right? Surprises can be actual surprises lol.) I’m really digging the Arkadi Remix, myself. But check them out! (Pretty sure remixes count towards BSB’s performance on the charts with the single as well. In either case it can’t hurt!) You can stream or buy them here!



Alright, you are officially caught up!

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