BSB on GMA Proves Some Things Never Change


Well, if you hate getting up early like I do, you might’ve missed the Backstreet Boys’ appearance on GMA. Which is a bit tragic because unsurprisingly, they slayed. I mean just look at those freaking dance moves when they sing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”. Good lord. They’re dangerous.


But let’s talk about the crowd. So they kept talking about it on GMA. Why? Because the crowd was freaking massive. I’ve never been to Central Park but I learned today that it can only hold up to 5,000 people. You know how many showed up? EIGHT THOUSAND. Yeah, you read that correctly. People showed up for the Boys!


And honestly, it makes me super proud. We’re the fandom that doesn’t quit. We are ride or die and it shows just the kind of staying power they have, It’s been twenty five years since they’ve formed. It’s been nineteen years since Millennium was released. They’re not teen idols anymore. We’ve all grown past those days. But are they legends? Pretty damn sure the answer is yes. You don’t last this long without being legendary. And the crowd is one of my favorite parts – cause listen to them during Everybody. You expect the whole crowd to sing along to I Want It That Way but man, I was getting chills from Everybody!



And while yes, despite Trump interrupting the broadcast and our rage actually making celebrity news. (No I’m not kidding. I’m really amused by this.) Not going to lie, I raged myself because I am by far not a morning person – in fact I blog by night. I stayed up super late though – 5:30am. Mainly so I could live tweet for you guys before catching some sleep so I could work later that night. So staying up late for that to happen had me wanting to stab things. It’s good to be reminded that the 90s kids – turned adults will always love them.

It may be 2018…but Backstreet Boys still know how to kill a performance. Fans still know how to support their favorites. And…we’ve reminded the media to never underestimate boyband girls. Good to see while a lot of things change, more things manage to stay the same!

If these videos are making you want to see them.. their Vegas dates are on sale now!
Also if you’d to download these videos or catch up on other appearances, they’re all in our Media Archive!

2 thoughts on “BSB on GMA Proves Some Things Never Change

  1. whos in charge of this website they are a great bsb fan and have great written articles. Way to go for you. Thank you !


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