#BSBVegasMemories & All The Warm Fuzzies That Follow

So the group twitter asked a simple question…what are YOUR favorite memories from the Vegas residency thus far? Honestly it’s a hard question because there’s a lot of good things to share! Moments fans will never forget. That said, I thought I’d compile some of the most heartwarming tweets I could find into one post so that way you too, can get that massive grin on your face. Because the pure joy in these moments, how can you not? These five men make so many people happy and it’s sweet to see the reminders of that.

If you’re curious – mine has been meeting all the fans. A lot know I live here so I’ve met tons of people I’ve never gotten to see in person but knew online. Plus when I went alone, I’ve made some awesome friendships in line! Because really, we’re all there for the same reason. We have that main thing in common that unites us all, and makes us that fandom family we all love to be a member of. (No matter how dysfunctional we get.)

If you haven’t gone, these are also great reasons for you to live your best live and come to Vegas before the residency ends!
















So, what are your favorite #BSBVegas memories? Tweet or comment below!
Don’t have any to share yet cause you haven’t been to Vegas? You still have your chance! Tickets are on sale now!

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