Song Spotlight – Nick Singing Heaven In Your Eyes / I Need You Tonight

Today we’re going waaaay back. This was originally going to be a Flashback Friday but I changed it to a spotlight because this song changed up at least a little bit. Why? Mainly cause I wanted an excuse to talk about this. This gives me a pretty good excuse to do so. Most hard core fans know what you mean when you name the song “Heaven In Your Eyes” but casual fans won’t, they’d have a shot of knowing “I Need You Tonight” though. Because really they’re the same song, virtually anyway. They changed one line in the chorus. Don’t know why. If anyone DOES know why, hit us up. That includes you Nick!

The first time many fans heard the song, was on the Frankfurt concert that aired on TV. Sadly this excluded American fans like myself, because the solos were cut out of the VHS tape.


The first time I saw it was on the A Night Out VHS tape. Which was gorgeous of course. I wish they’d do another stripped down show like that, honestly. I mean, I know I said this before in my last Song Spotlight but it needs repeating. Boys, we fans would LOVE LOVE LOVE another acoustic show. The last one you did was during the This Is Us era and that was without Kevin! Make it happen!

The Homecoming concert is another great performance of Heaven In Your Eyes. I’m making myself refocus. Just listen to the way Nick holds those notes. It’s one of my favorite things when he sings. That boy can hold a note for eons when he wants to. Like I could listen to that forever. The song absolutely caters to all of Nick’s strengths. It’s a beautiful thing.

But imagine the fans’ confusion when Millennium  comes out, and the song is a bit different. I mean it’s really the chorus. But instead of it being “cause I see heaven in your eyes” it becomes “I really need you tonight”. Both are nice, but admittedly? I prefer hearing cause I see heaven in your eyes. It sits on the ear nicely. Both I guess in retrospect are slightly cheesy. That can be said for a lot of great pop songs though. I just remember hearing the song on Millennium and being really confused cause the song had changed. I was also happy though cause I loved the song and was grateful for a studio copy. Twelve year old me wasn’t too picky.

Mainly because no matter which version he’s performing or when he’s performing it, Nick kills it. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.


Again, why the changes? Who knows? The song is still amazing live.



Personally, I’m just glad he still likes to perform it – even if it’s now I Need You Tonight instead of Heaven In Your Eyes.


Is there a song you’d like to see done in a Song Spotlight post? Comment below!

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