The Backstreet Boys Songs We Wish Were Singles

This post has been on my brain since the Fanboy Expo. I’ve just been busy and then sick, so I’m sorry it took me this long. Because this was absolutely inspired by their Q&A in Knoxville! A fan asked Nick, Howie, and AJ what songs they wish they had released as singles. Let me link the video I took so that way y’all can hear their answer.

I actually agree with Nick’s answer. (Justice for Undone) Though AJ does also reference the infamous Don’t Want You Back versus The One on TRL debate. (And yes that’s me telling Nick yes it happened, I have it on YouTube! So if you read this Nick…yeah that one is still your fault LOL.  Update – had to change the link to vimeo cause YouTube blocked it, but the point still stands LOL)

But I mean, that’s not the ONLY song I wish was a single. I was in that audience thinking holy crap, I could go on for years about songs I wish were singles. And it sort of hit me to do it in a post. Of course I couldn’t immediately cause that con was part of an epic road trip I took with one of my closest friends in the BSB Fandom. But I wrote it down in my little notebook to do later. So here I am…way later but still here doing it!

I’m going to divide these by album…to make it easier for all of us. Or at least me.


The Red Album

What song here? Easy. I Wanna Be With You. I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this song. It’s catchy, it’s fun. I’m kind of amazed they released I’ll Never Break Your Heart multiple times (true story watch this video) trying to get it to break on to radio as a single, yet they never considered this song! I mean obviously, I love INBYH but come on. This song could’ve been massive. At least in my humble 90s loving opinion.


Backstreet’s Back

Okay so…the obvious first answer is 10,000 Promises. But admittedly I’m biased as it’s literally my favorite BSB song they’ve ever done. (But to be fair, Nick has said he thinks that too.) It’s haunting, it’s beautiful and it’s got that timeless quality that many songs don’t have. It could’ve been a classic up there with I Want It That Way. I could listen to this song forever. That said, I’m forcing myself to pick a second song to try and be a little less biased.

That’s The Way I Like It  would be second choice. It’s upbeat, it’s fun, and it stuck around for multiple tours. It’s a classic the Boys have brought back on the cruises so I’m also of the belief they love it too. I know a lot of fans would probably say If You Want It To Be Good Girl Get Yourself A Bad Boy (God that title takes forever to type!) but I’m Team Boys on that one. It’s fun to sing but it would’ve been an awful single. I can’t believe Jive even considered it.



You think I’m going to say Don’t Want You Back but…nope. I’m the girl who voted It’s Gotta Be You on that TRL poll. I mean, okay DWYB would’ve been a bad ass music video. Okay…DWYB would’ve been a single very much unlike any other they’d released at that point. Fine, Don’t Want You Back is a freaking fantastic song. I refuse to back down from this though! I love It’s Gotta Be You and it would’ve been a really fun single! And the video would’ve been a blast I’m sure. I mean it gets in your head so easily.

Baybaaay it’s the way you maaade me…

I’m staying stubborn on this one. I’m still heartbroken that It’s Gotta Be You is only a dance break during the BSB residency show and not actually performed. I’m pleading with the Boys to someday bring it back. I mean, they brought back 10,000 Promises, they brought back Don’t Want You Back…please. Come on.


Black and Blue

This one is obvious – GET ANOTHER BOYFRIEND. Such a missed opportunity. Honestly I think my favorite thing about the residency is that they perform it live, and in such a bad ass way. Like, as a fan who never got to see the Black and Blue tour in person, I about lost my cool when I first saw that they were doing it live again. Could you imagine the video for this? Especially after the vibe they had with The Call. Ugh. Kills me.


Never Gone

So…can you believe I Still was never released in the US? Yeah. I know. So since it was released everywhere else, it doesn’t really count. But I’m throwing in that fact because yeah, I’m still angry about it. But okay, my real choice for that album. This one is actually hard for me because I feel like minus that bad decision the single choices were solid. So I’m cheating. Yup. Sort of – I mean this was a bonus track on some versions of the album. Song For The Unloved – the fact this was never a single is a freaking travesty. I to this day sincerely believe that song was Grammy material. I just, it breaks my heart.

Moving on, before I get annoyed again. I love that song so much.



Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoonthis song is so unique. And with the way the album was bookended by that a capella in the beginning? I feel like somehow in the music video they could’ve found a way to use that. I don’t know. But this song is amazing and I hate that we’ve never heard it live. But I have two choices on this album because honestly, I do have a lot of love for it. (I should probably do a post on that – note to self.) The second choice? Everything But Mine, I don’t know if anything would’ve helped them break radio at that point. Radio was pretty stubborn on the subject of Backstreet back in 2007/2008, but I feel like an upbeat single might’ve helped and it’s a good song. I love the imagery of the lyrics and it’s something fun to sing along to.


This Is Us

Now, seeing as Nick named Undone in the video above? I won’t. My second choice would be Masquerade, which hear me out. I know Brian isn’t a big fan of this song. But could you imagine the video? It could’ve easily been like a sequel to the Everybody video and ended up as like a Halloween go-to song. The song was practically made for it. As much as I love the music video for Bigger I still feel like Masquerade would’ve been a better single choice. My other choice would be Trouble but since that song didn’t even make it ON THE ALBUM…I’ll not talk about it. Because I will get frustrated again.(If you don’t know what song I mean, for the love of all that is Holy and Howie google it. And then try not to rage hulk at the fact this wonderful song never made the album.)


In A World Like This

Alright so, I will say the title track was a perfect opening single. You can fight me on that. But what I would choose for a second single? Easy. Make Believe. That song had this sort of vibe to it that was magic. It could really take you away and didn’t sound like what was on radio in the best of ways. I feel like it could’ve done fantastic on AC radio at least. And again, the way the lyrics seemed to really give a vision, it had loads of music video potential. But I’m also really guilty of having an overactive imagination. I’m sure many people will debate me on this one, which please do!

Honestly I’d love to know Kevin’s answer to this. (And he’s been known to read blogs) So if you see this Kevin, what song do you wish could’ve been a single? Please let us know. You’d seriously make my day by doing so.


What songs do you think should’ve been singles over the years? Tweet me at @thedarksidebsb! Comment below! I want to hear your thoughts and opinions!

6 thoughts on “The Backstreet Boys Songs We Wish Were Singles

  1. Like A Child for me is one that I would have loved to be a single. I remember listening to that with headphones for the first time and being amazed at the arrangement and vocal harmonies. I love it so much. ❤️

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  2. To many songs….and some are not on an Album.

    First is Breath, Take care, Make believe, Helpless, Everyone, Set it off, Safest place to hide, Hologram, Sick is my secret, Color my world. and more and more and more……


  3. I would have liked to seen Madeleine as a single from In A World Like This, it was inspirational and different from all the love songs they sing. I also agree about Song For the Unloved, but that was a regional bonus track so it doesn’t count.


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