The Year Of Backstreet (Everything They’ve Accomplished!)

Okay so I think we need some happy thoughts – just generally speaking. Some pixie dust would also be nice but I don’t know any faeries so, happy thoughts. Because while I know everything isn’t easy, the Boys have been having a freaking fantastic year. They’ve accomplished SO MUCH. Because this is, as I’ve been saying…THE YEAR OF BACKSTREET. I want you guys to bookmark this and then come back to this anytime you feel frustrated, or feel things aren’t going well, whatever. We all need reminders sometimes so I present to you all the greatness that has been 2018. Because I know I’m so proud to be a BSB fan, and I’m sure you guys are too! No one can ever take that away from us if we don’t let them. That’s why I’m here, to make sure we all remember that. There’s artists who WISH they were having the year our Boys are having!

Obviously I’ll be including videos so we can relive this too. So let’s roll!

Warning – This is a video heavy post cause a LOT has happened!


They Were At Wango Tango AGAIN and They Slayed…AGAIN



They won a CMT Award and They Had an Epic Performance!



Performed to the BIGGEST Crowd That GMA Has Ever Had At Their Concert Series




They Released Their New Single With An AMAZING Music Video



Said New HIT Single Is All Over Radio and Has Gotten MAJOR Promo.



They Returned To TRL.



They Returned To The VMAs and SLAYED

Last time they were there was 2001, featured below. 

And their rooftop performance was freaking insane.



They Celebrated 25 Years Together

For this one, I’m posting a performance from 1993 and a performance today to show JUST how far they’ve come!



They Hit The 50th Show Milestone With Their RECORD-BREAKING Residency Here In Las Vegas

“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” is officially their biggest hit since 1997. Including…”I Want It That Way”.

The only thing I can say at this point is holy shit. Excuse my language. But whoa. MIND. BLOWN. It’s charting higher than what is considered to be their BIGGEST HIT. What do you even say about that?


They released their second single “Chances” which is just as good as “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” if not better!


They announced their first arena tour in eighteen years. Their biggest tour since Black and Blue! And it’s selling fast!

I’m starting to run out of words to describe my joy at how well they’re doing. I love it, but holy shit.



“Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” Has Been Nominated For A Grammy. I repeat – The Backstreet Boys Have Been Nominated for a Grammy!!!!!


I squealed so loud when I saw this. This is their first nomination in FIFTEEN YEARS. Our Boys continue to thrive!!


2018 has been INCREDIBLE and there’s more to come in 2019!

Nick, AJ, Brian, Howie, and Kevin – We are SO PROUD of you!

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