The Backstreet Boys Are BACK At The VMAs and It Was Glorious

So in case you’ve been busy and somehow missed it…the Boys were back at the VMAs.There was an insane amount of buzz. If you look at the photo I used, you can see the joy in their faces. I love guessing what’s going on in this photo. Howie’s like heeeey. Nick is probably giggling at whatever Kevin is singing at him – because I’m convinced Kevin is singing. AJ is playing peek-a-boo with Brian, and Brian is possibly describing how big their career is. They’re hyped, probably more hyped than we are – and I find that pretty damn impressive. Mainly because I haven’t been this excited about an awards show performance since I was thirteen years old. I was going out of my mind and wondering if I’d lost it. But clearly, I’m not alone. People were literally stopping to make sure they caught a glimpse of their REHEARSAL, okay? Their rehearsal!

YES it was only the pre-show but you know what? It still stole the show, and outshone the VMAs performances in my opinion.There were also a lot of people like myself feeling that they absolutely should’ve been one of the main show acts. Next year, it needs to happen. Do y’all hear me MTV?

The performance was freaking amazing. Don’t believe me? Look at the tweets! They were trending worldwide of course and the internet was literally raving about their performance at the end of the preshow. Which to me, technically means they were opening the VMAs. (At least, that’s how it should’ve been MTV. I’ll forgive y’all this time as long as you give BSB the Vanguard Award next year.)


I could literally link tweets forever. But I won’t. Just watch the video and tell me it doesn’t give you ALL the feelings in the world. (Rather than say…mixed emotions.) Especially since it’s been exactly 20 years since their very first VMAs performance. How crazy is that? 20 years later and…Oh My God, they’re back again. Sorry, I couldn’t resist that pun in the slightest. And while I’m riding a serious fandom high because of this, I did notice one…tiny…issue in the video I linked. Go look.


When you look at the description…do you notice something?

Backstreet Boys Reunite to Perform at the 2018 MTV VMAs.

Which…wait, what? You guys had a lot of feelings about this.

I feel like I need to have a giant banner flown through the air every time our Boys perform. They never broke up! Not once! Do you hear me MTV? Do you hear me world? Cause I’ll say it again. Nice and loud.



But…that said, everything they did was amazing. They even sang the nominees when they presented Song Of The Year!

As someone who’s followed the Boys for the majority of my life, I’ve seen their ups and their downs. The amount of love and respect flooding through twitter for them blew me away. It’s just great knowing most of the world sees what we’ve seen. They’re not being made fun of, people are hyped they’re back. People aren’t saying they’re has-beens, they’re going “OMG Don’t Go Breaking My Heart is them! I love that song!”, or they’re asking why they’re not on the main show. It gives me an insane amount of joy seeing them get the recognition they deserve. They’ve earned it.

Keep living your best lives Boys! You’re killing it!

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