Happy 45th Howie!

Forty Five? That can’t be right. Mainly because Howie seems to keep looking younger over the years. Also I went to look for gifs for Howie and you know what came up? Nick or AJ. DO BETTER INTERNET. Because I have a lot of love for Howie. He’s just freaking quirky and cheesy and the life of the party a lot of times. So if Howie sees this, know I really appreciate everything you do. You may slip under the radar because you’re stealthy, but I see you. You’re always the last one to leave events and often the first one there. You make sure fans feel appreciated and noticed so I hope you have the best of birthdays! PS – can you tell me how you stay looking so young? (Like seriously…hit me up.)

I know I’m posting this a day early but it’s because I want to start getting the Sweet D love flowing!


Happy Birthday Howie!

You Are Hilarious

You are Loyal

You Are Quirky

You Are True To Yourself – No Matter What Others Think

You Are SO Sweet

You Party Like No Other

You Are SUCH A Good Dad

You Have The Biggest Heart

You Are Supportive

You Are The Best – Even If Not Everyone Realizes It

We love you and everything you do Howie! Please don’t ever change! 

One thought on “Happy 45th Howie!

  1. Happy Birthday, Howie! You have always been my fave! You are actually the reason I became a BSB fan in 2015 (late I know!) – I was watching a live version of IWITW on YT one day feeling nostalgic and Inthought wow, these boys really can sing, and then you sang your part and I was like WHO is that guy? He’s awesome – is he still sing? And then thank God for YT because I had a lot of catching up to do! It’s been fun watching you’re career from teenager to now -45?! You just get better and better! You’ve been an inspiration to me and I wish you a very happy birthday and many more to come! Happy Birthday, Howie D!

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