20 BSB Photos That Will Forever Give Us Questions

I’m not sure if I ever noticed it as a teenager, in fact I know I didn’t. I was too caught up in how cute they were. But I look back and man, the photoshoots the Boys did? Some of them are just outright insane. And as an adult, I have questions. A lot of questions. And honestly because they crack me up, I thought I’d share. Because I just know that I’m not alone here! I’ll start with the most obvious one…



I mean really now. Dressed up as golfers by urinals? WHY? WHYYYYY.


2. Was This Photo Part of a Way To Hypnotize/Brainwash Us Into Loving BSB?

Because this one is pretty damn weird, and trippy. Maybe my BSB addiction isn’t my fault! (Okay, no, it is…)


3. Is There A Backstreet Boys “Hokey Pokey” That I Don’t Know About?

I’m convinced that’s what they’re doing here.


4. WHY is AJ Wearing Boxing Gloves Despite All of Them Being Dressed Like They’re Going to Some Fancy Dinner?

I just don’t get it, did he just win a match or something? Is he bringing them in case Nick drives him insane? The world may never know.


5. How Did Nick Not Break His Neck (or a leg, arm, hand…) Doing This?

All of the Boys look worried. Even Brian is watching like…”you’re in danger girl”.


6. I Have Too Many Questions For This One…Just, What The Hell?

Why does Nick look possessed? What is Brian doing? Why does Howie look like a serial killer? Why does AJ look scared? Kevin…well Kevin looks heavenly so he’s fine. But why is he the only one looking NORMAL?!? 


7. WHAT Are Those Things In Nick’s Hair, and AGAIN, Whyyyy is Kevin the Only One Looking Normal?

What are they wearing? Yikes. And Nick…your hair, man.


8. What Was With The Racing Outfits?

This was such a thing back then, on tours, even. Why? It had to be super hot and bulky.


9. Is This Photo Why Fans Always Threw Stuffed Animals On Stage?

I never got that, honestly. Also, if there’s slumber parties like this, why weren’t we invited?


10. What is Going On?

Why is Howie trying to fly? Is AJ rapping? Why does Kevin look confused? Did Nick just throw a football? And…Brian, WHAT are you doing?


11. What Were They Saying in This Game of Telephone?

Nick’s reaction has me curious.


12. Why is Everyone Asleep Except For Nick?

Only Nick stayed awake for this photoshoot. Poor Backstreet babies.


13. Why is Brian on the Floor?

He looks just as puzzled as I am, to be honest.


14. Howie, What Are You Doing to Nick?

Because I’m worried. Also why aren’t they all shirtless like Kevin?


15. Is Nick Performing The Loudest Burp Ever?

Cause it looks like it. Howie looks impressed, AJ is trying not to smell it, Kevin is not amused, and Brian is more worried about the camera.


16. Why is Brian Trying to Tear Off AJ’s Pants?

And why does he look like he’s being caught in the act? Howie just looks confused, as does Kevin. AJ seems okay with it.


17. What Are They Doing To Howie? And WHY Are None of Them Wearing Shoes?!

I’m more worried about why they don’t have shoes than Howie. Sorry Howie!


18. Why Are They Just Hanging Out in an Empty Bathtub?

With all their clothes on, no less?


19. Why is AJ Wearing Goggles?

I just don’t get it. Sunglasses make the whole “bad boy” thing. I got that. But goggles?


20. Is Kevin a Puppet Master?

Cause it looks like he’s just playing around with Howie and AJ like they’re toys. Just look at him, all “I HAVE THE POWER!” with Howie smiling like nothing is wrong. Brian is just like, whatever. Nick seems okay with it but WHY IS HE NOT WEARING SHOES!?!?


If a Backstreet Boy reads this…feel free to answer any of my fun little questions!

5 thoughts on “20 BSB Photos That Will Forever Give Us Questions

  1. Loved this entry! They’ve taken some wild ones, haven’t they? #7: have ALWAYs wondered what was up with Nick’s hair in this photo! It’s not just the Pebbles Flintstone ‘do; it’s the ribbons, and the barrette, and, and, …what the heck? On the plus side, you can see his whole face and gorgeous smile, so there’s that! #18: There’s an even funnier pic (I think) from that shoot where Nick is chewing on Kevin’s arm, and Kev is looking at him with this little smile like “oh, that’s ok, I don’t need that one… “! One of my favorite silly BSB photos is the one from a shoot at Universal Studios (early 1995?) where the guys are “feeding” Nick to the T-Rex from Jurassic Park. Pure gold!

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  2. I feel like #8 is a case of southern boys doing lots of shows in cold places. But, yeah… not necessary for an indoor photo shoot. I actually kind of love #20 and really don’t care about the answers to the questions because Kevin is giving me life with that photo. That said, I often watch videos and ask “What the HELL is he wearing?” about at least one of the guys. Usually AJ LOL


  3. I think I can help with number 18… They did an interview in that bathtub… I think for the BBC….. That they were in there didn’t made sense then…. And still doesn’t now…. If I get a little time and a working VHS that I can hook up to my computer I will digitalis that interview and others that are not in the archive from Dutch, German and British tv back in the day….


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