Happy Birthday Kevin!

This is a day early, but I work tomorrow and I wanted to make sure I sent Kevin some well deserved love. When I double checked Kevin’s age, I thought Wikipedia had it wrong. He can’t be turning forty-seven. No. This has to be wrong! But it is not my friends. but honesty there’s no one else who’s made that age look so good. I don’t know if Kevin himself will see this (though he is known to read fan blogs) but if you do read this, know I mean every word. Thank you for coming back to the group. Thank you for caring so much about the music. Thank you for caring so much about the FANS. Honestly the years you were gone, nothing felt the same. You’ve made every experience for a fan special, anytime we met you. So just know you are so appreciated, Kevin. We love you.

(PS – Feel free to share what you use to keep your hair so freaking gorgeous.)


Happy Birthday Kevin!

You Are Creative

You Are Passionate In Everything That You Do

You Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

You Are A Gentleman

You Are Wise

You Are SO Sincere

You Are Not Afraid To Show Your Emotions

You Want To Save The Planet

You Are Charming

You Love With All Your Heart – Love The Fans, Love Your Family, Love Everything


Thank You, Kevin. Thank you for being exactly the person you are, and for always caring so much. We love you.

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