Song Spotlight – Undone

Another day, another song to spotlight. Things are rather quiet for the moment and before things get going again as I know they will, I’m enjoying doing these series of posts I ignore when all hell breaks loose. Because while I love talking about fandom, or the goofy things are favorite Boys do, or what’s going on? I think my favorite thing to talk about is the music. And while my album series definitely talks about the good and the bad of said albums, I like to highlight certain songs. Talk specifically about them and analyze them as best I can. (It’s also been suggested I do a solo version of this, highlighting solo songs in this same way.Tweet me or let me know in the comments if you’d like to see me do this. As I’m a bit unsure on this idea.) I have so many ideas for posts but these types I just enjoy so much, that I can’t help but write them.

Right now, it feels very timely for me to talk about a “recent” favorite of mine. And it’s not even that recent cause holy hell This Is Us is almost a decade old now, but as you know from the very obvious title? I want to talk about Undone. It’s actually not my favorite song of that album (that honor belongs to the song of the same title as said album) but it’s a very near second place. Why is that? Simple…



Because this song is dark, it’s haunting, it’s sexy. It relies on the melody and the harmonies alone. No tricks. No autotune. Talent is what matters in this song. And honestly? I’m a sucker for it. The song was given to the Boys by Josh Hoge and Ryan Tedder – with Tedder also being the producer on the song. Pretty relevant in this case as Tedder is currently giving the Boys music for the new upcoming album. This song is why that thought is exciting for me. I’m not a music expert by any means, but this song has always had something special about it. Don’t you think so? It plays to the strengths of the Boys.


Take this video from the acoustic fan events they did in 2010. Can we talk about how easily this song lends itself to such a setting? I’d love for them to do another series of shows like this to be honest. Since this was during their “indie” days as I like to call them, I don’t think it will anytime soon, but a fan can dream.

This performance right here was the first time they performed the song live (on a MTV Europe special, thank God for the internet). I was thrilled mainly because at that point I’d been dying to see if it was just as good as it was on the album. You can see they were very fresh at performing it. But honestly? I was in love. Live was better.

What’s really interesting is that despite this song having been recorded during Kevin’s absence, he loves the song as much as the others do. In fact he’s told fans during the cruises that when he heard it, he got jealous that they recorded it during his break from the group. He’s said that “it’s one of the best songs they’ve ever done” and I have to agree. I guess it’s why it’s the only song from the Kevin-less era to have made it onto the Vegas residency set list. Now mind you, they’ve performed Straight Through My Heart since Kevin’s return but he’s been honest in that it’s not a song he’s fond of. But Undone? That song he’s pretty damn proud of, despite having not been there to record it himself.

It’s literally my favorite part of the residency. I’m flat out incapable of recording it live because I’m so swept up in it every time I see it.

Why this song was never a single, I haven’t a clue. They’ve expressed their regrets in not making it one and GOOD GOD do I agree. I love the music video for Bigger but this would’ve been a far better single. There’s not even a debate on that one. It’s a damn shame that this song was nothing more than a track of the album. Though in a way having so many fans around the world see it get performed in Las Vegas has redeemed it quite a bit. You can always spot the hard core fans in the crowd cause they’re the ones who know the song. I’ve had more casual ones (who saw me singing, obviously) ask me about it. And I’m always glad to educate them.

Now, I’d be remiss in this post if I didn’t take the time to mention a certain demo that leaked before the album came out.

Yes, I’m talking about the Nick Demo of Undone. Where Nick has the only leads, rather than swapping out with AJ.

Do I like it better than the “official” version? I mean, I’m incredibly biased here guys. Nick never sounded better by the time the This Is Us album rolled around. Not to mention I’m a very much admitted “Nick girl”. I don’t hide it. The guy has held my fangirl heart since I was ten years old. So obviously I’m going to say yes. I love how he sounds in this, his voice just exudes emotion and passion the way this kind of song needs. But this is again, very clouded by my fandom so y’all will likely disagree with me. And that’s okay. The demo is out there for those of us to enjoy that may prefer it. Though I do wonder now, what Kevin would’ve sounded like leading this song. Food for thought, am I right?

In the end, Undone is one of those songs that might just stand the test of time.

And if this kind of gold comes with BSB collaborating with Ryan Tedder? This needs to keep happening.

3 thoughts on “Song Spotlight – Undone

  1. So they’ve performed it during the #DNAWorldTour and, my goodness, they killed it. The visuals playing behind them on stage lends perfectly to the melody. I really wish they make a music video of this but, oh well. Right now, it’s playing on repeat on my Spotify


  2. That is why I understand why they don’t really perform much from the Kevin-less albums. It would be hard to work him in as I do not think he likes most of those songs. However, the remaining four could perform those songs.


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