What We Learn From BSB Songs: Give Me Your Heart

It’s fun to go way back. And that’s what I’m doing today. Sometimes I fall off this series because I often wonder if I’m being funny or if I’m just entertaining myself. I’m pretty convinced most of the time only I’m laughing. But a few of you guys were kind enough to ask for more of this series so here you go! If there’s a song you want to see that I haven’t done, request in the comments or tweet me! Let’s roll!

Sorry about the lack of a lyric video. The only one I found pitched the vocals weirdly and I’d rather you guys listen to their trademark beautiful harmonies than some warped ones.


Can I have a talk with you?
Let me walk you home from school
I’ve got something that’s on my mind
And I don’t know just what to do
See girl I’ve been watching you
And I think I’m a little sprung
Can’t seem to get my mind off you
Keep thinking about you
I think that you’re the one


1. This is what I wanted as a teenager. I wanted a boy singing an offer to walk me home from school. I blame BSB for this insanely high standard I had.

2. So this “sprung” line went over my head when I first heard this, I was like twelve I think. Somewhere around there. Sue me.

3. But at least we know what’s on their minds.

4. Wow, you think I’m the one? If you’re offering to walk her home from school that is moving FAST.


So won’t you just listen to me?
There’s so much I wanna say
Girl I’ve got this love for you
You can have it your way everyday
I will treat you right
I will never lie
Girl I promise to you that I won’t make you cry
Do the same for me
And tell me you’re feeling the way that I do


5. So now we’ve gone romancing to a Burger King commercial. I’m cracking up at this because just a few years later, they do put those out. Have it your way! Courtesy of the Backstreet Boys.

6. They do promise a lot not to make us cry, don’t they?

7. I wonder what would’ve happened if the girl said no? Unlikely but I’m curious.


Girl, give me your love
I’ll give you my heart
Let’s put them together
See what we can start
I wanna be with you
You wanna be with me
I wanna be with you


8. This sounds reasonable

9. Love + Heart = ??? Now I feel like I’m in a 2Ge+her Song. If you don’t know who they are, please google. You’ll thank me later.

10. Okay, I won’t even argue any girl would want to be with you Boys.


All those people they talk about
It’s only a puppy love
They say our feelings cannot be real
But we know the deal yeah
I just don’t know what to do
Cause girl I’m so crazy bout you
And I know it’s not wrong
Because I wanna be everything that you need


11. Those people are right. She’s still in SCHOOL! This is like Ariel saying she’s not a child on Little Mermaid. She was! This girl of theirs is!

12. The feelings might be real but it’s still puppy love y’all.

13. Typical. Young me would’ve been like “wow this is real love”. Adult me is like NOPE.

14. No, you are wrong children. You are. You’re sweet, but wrong. I feel like the old man yelling at a cloud right now…


I’m gonna walk you home from school
I wanna help with your homework, homework
And when you need a kiss or two
I’ll be the one
Girl if you say yes to me
I promise that I will not
I’ll never leave
I’ll be right by your side
Girl my love for you I cannot hide


15. See, you want to walk them from school? Okay that right there says too young for it to be so serious.

16. I was the type of girl to help the boys with their homework honestly. Sweet though.


Girl, give me your love
I’ll give you my heart
Let’s put them together
See what we can start
I wanna be with you
You wanna be with me
I wanna be with you


17. This is such a sweet chorus, admittedly.

18. Cheesy songs still make me smile.

Girl I wanna be everything that you need
Cause I aim to please
And it’s like that and that’s the way it is

17. It took me four lyrics sites to find one including Kevin’s sexy talking and that breaks my heart.

18. Kevin sexy talking is everything. Why did young me not realize this.


My heart’s on the line
Just don’t say goodbye
You’ll still be

19. I’ll still be…what? Don’t leave me hanging here.


Girl, give me your love
I’ll give you my heart
Let’s put them together
See what we can start
I wanna be with you
You wanna be with me
I wanna be with you


20. Nick is ridiculously young in this chorus and my tween self was so here for it. Part of me still is and it feels wrong.

21. It hit me how many songs include the word heart, I should make a list!

Overall Lesson: This song is a prime example of teenagers not realizing they’re moving way way way too fast. That said, songs like this make us expect all guys to be like this and sadly they are not. But hey, at least the Boys continually promise not to make us cry…

Additional lesson is that we should all appreciate when Kevin talks in that deep voice of his during a song. Because it’s great and I never realized it back then.

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