Dear Backstreet – Please, Please, PRETTY Please… Make a Christmas Album

I know, I know, this is early.

I blame being a retail manager for having Christmas on the brain. Occupational hazard thanks to Black Friday planning.

I’m big on the idea of no Christmas till Halloween has passed but I’m writing this early in the hopes that by some miracle we might get an album filled with Christmas songs someday. This is something I, as a fan have wanted for DECADES. DECADES GUYS. And yes, we’ve gotten two songs over the years – Christmas Time and my personal favorite of the two, the Pandaskunk song (also known as It’s Christmas Time Again). But I mean, they’re teases. Pure teases. Because I picture those beautiful harmonies that we know and love on some of the best Christmas classics out there and I think of what could’ve been. What could be. It hurts my fangirling soul.

I know, the new album is more important. I know this. I do want that to take priority. Holy Howie do not put a Christmas album before the new one here in 2018 or I will be roasted alive by the entire fandom. (And I don’t want to die.) But I mean…Nick put together All American in the span of a few weeks. So it’s possible, right? Maybe? I can dream. And if I write this out I can post in every year in the not-so-silent fandom prayer that maybe one day it’ll be answered. I mean, the Boys have been known to see things on twitter. They’ve been known to read fan-pages. I can keep my little flame of hope alive. Besides this would be a great project in between albums. Seriously! Think about it.

Do you know…Backstreet Boys, that a Christmas album is the one thing NSYNC fans have that we don’t? I mean, I’m just saying. Obviously that shouldn’t be the reason to give us one. Because I know we’re far luckier a fandom than NSYNC’s in that you guys are brothers, you guys are still together, still successful, and still making music. We know. But we want what we don’t have, am I right? (Even B2K has a Christmas album. Yeah, that knowledge hurts Boys. It hurts.)

I suppose you could just give us a random new Christmas song the way you guys did back in 2012. It did tide us over for a couple of years and I know I’d be pretty happy, especially if the video for the song is as epic and random as the Pandaskunk video. But it’ll leave us wanting more, and more, and more. Mainly because we fans are annoyingly greedy. I’m pretty self-aware and I know I am at least in this aspect. Still, if you ever have the urge to just pop into a recording studio and start recording yourselves singing Christmas songs, you’d make a lot of fans happy. We love you either way… I promise.

To quote Mariah Carey…all we want for Christmas is you

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