Six Sweet Performances For Now Or Never’s Sweet Sixteen

Can you believe Nick Carter’s debut solo album, Now Or Never is turning sixteen?

Funnily enough, I’d just turned sixteen when this album came out. I think that’s why I’m doing a post about it. This anniversary is just really nostalgic for me and I’m all up in my feelings about it. Now mind you, Nick has absolute grown as a person and an artist since these days. It’s been amazingly beautiful to see. That said, there was absolutely a charm in what I often think of as his “rebellious” period. It was his first time out on his own as an artist, without the Boys. I loved every second of it. I chose the videos specially wanting a different song for each video. Each of them showcase a facet of him as an artist – two of the videos feature a song that was a b-side to the album itself, and a cover that never got released.

This was Nick being raw, this was him being real. Did he become Justin Timberlake? No and I’m damn glad he didn’t. Because Nick didn’t want to be. He wanted to be on his own for a bit before going back to the group that he’s said repeatedly were like brothers to him. This was very much a coming of age album – not just for myself and other fans, but for Nick himself. It took another nine years before he released another one, but that doesn’t lessen the lessons he learned from this project. I love it for all it’s perfections and imperfections.

Kind of like a certain Backstreet Boy.

So let’s go back and remember how it was then, go down that sweet road of nostalgia with me! In case you’re curious, the reason why there isn’t one of “I Got You” is because it’s everyone’s go-to. (For some great reasons, as I love the song.) I wanted to be different. But trust me when I say, you’ll enjoy them.







What is your favorite song off of Now Or Never? Let me know in the comments!

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