We’re Having Night Visions…

This review is later than I would’ve liked and for that I’m sorry. I wanted to make sure I gave it some proper attention, honestly. I had a lot going on within the past week. So again, sorry about the delay. Especially since I really wanted to make sure I got this out before Chances gets released (out November 9th, FYI).

When it comes to AJ and his solo work, you kind of just don’t know what to expect. It’s not like Nick where you can plan to hear space references in at least one song or two on his album, and pop-rock influences of some sort, somewhere. AJ is a bit like those blind bags collectors of Funko Pops (where’s the BSB ones by the way, cause I’d buy those). You don’t know what you’ll get until you click play. It’s never a bad experience but it’s always a guessing game. Now for me, I’d had an idea of how it’d sound because I’d been lucky enough to attend his country event back in August. (Click here if you’d like to see the videos I recorded and posted.) But the studio version is always different than the live one you’d heard.

I knew I’d like it mainly because I really found myself into the live version. But the studio vision really showcases that ever-so-soulful voice of his. It feels honest even though he’s married with two adorable children. And that honest showcasing is what really makes you feel something in the song. In many ways it’s simplistic but simple can sometimes do more for a song than anything else. One thing you can never take away from AJ is that he can literally sing anything. He was blessed with one of the most powerful and unique male voices I’ve ever heard. Because of that it soars on that guitar melody that perfectly compliments his voice.

I never thought about AJ being a country artists ever, until this year. I always thought he was meant solely for rnb.

But if this is the type of song he plans to deliver?

Well color me wrong.

The imagery in the lyrics are really spot on. I can see in my head all he’s trying to express. I can picture what he’s feeling. That sort of thing is so important, especially in a genre such as country. Country is the music genre of storytelling. And what I’m learning here is that AJ in fact, can tell a damn good story if he wants to.

Now…let’s talk about the video.

This video was AJ’s directorial debut and if this is the kind of video he’ll do every time, he can start directing BSB videos in that case. This is the best kind of music video, for me anyway. The kind that tells a very compelling story. It’s haunting and while no it technically doesn’t have anything to do with the song – most videos don’t anyway. (I mean, “Everybody” isn’t about a haunted house of monsters…) On top of that it’s visually very pretty. I don’t want to spoil you but I highly recommend you watch the video if you haven’t already. It ends with a To Be Continued so it’s hints at a promising series. Also, his daughter Ava makes the most adorable cameo.

Yes, AJ is always full of surprises. But these are some his best ones yet. So do yourself a favor and check it out!

I mean, you have to do something to fill that BSB void till the next single, right?

What are your thoughts on Night Visions? Let us know!

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