What Are The Chances – A Fangirl’s Thank You

In light of the new single, the BSB camp have been asking for beautiful stories from fans, using the tag line What Are The Chances, which as we heard in this very recent clip, a lyric from their new single. And I was going to fill it out and add my story. Except, I couldn’t choose. I have multiple stories, too many stories, really. (Please check out the stories fans have shared, and presave the single on Spotify.)

I have met so many wonderful people in this fandom. People who have become life-long friends.

Too many to name. I could name some, and I did name one on twitter. Probably the first one I think of when it comes to any questions such as this. She knows this too. And because sometimes I can be a bit mushy, I tend to ramble a lot. So I’ll include the tweet.


What are the chances that I’d meet another two of my favorite people who would indulge the crazy of two of us? Who’d dress up in random Pandaskunk shirts all because we got a wild idea into our heads that we should. (Thank you for always indulging us Laureen and Lynsey, if you ever see this. The patience you guys have with Julie and I when we start feeding each other’s crazy is outright astounding sometimes. I love you both for it LOL.)

But this isn’t all. Living in Vegas this past year and a half? It’s not only spoiled me in the sense I can see my favorite group whenever I’d like… (which, okay it has) but it’s enabled me to meet so many people. People who I’ve talked to online and have had these long conversations with but never got to meet in person. It just never worked out. But now I could. I met fans in line because I decided to brave a crowd alone. Great people who started chatting with me just because we were in line and what else did we have to do while we waited? Then we’d bond over the music, our favorite group, the experience. I exchange numbers, or add them on Facebook. And we talk. They make sure I know when they’re coming back to Vegas, so we can do it all again. It’s wonderful. It’s heartwarming.

What are the chances I would be so lucky to have those moments with what were once strangers?

These are lifelong friendships I’ve made. Friendships that are slowly going deeper than just a shared common interest of the best selling boyband in history. But I know I never would’ve had any of these friendships without BSB. So thank you Boys. Thank you for making music that brings people together. Thank you for making my city of Las Vegas proud. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet so many fans around the world. Because there have been so many and it always does me proud when I learn how far people have traveled! I met one on Halloween that traveled from the Netherlands!

What are the chances being a BSB fan would help me find myself?

Speaking as someone who used to be very introverted, I used to hide my “crazy”. Less than a decade ago I never would’ve had the nerve to dress up as a zombie and go down to a BSB concert. At least, not without my friend Julie done up as a zombie with me. Which, by the way I just did last week. (And even then, I had nerves. Thanks Andie for reminding me I was being silly.) I barely had the nerve to wear a BSB sweatshirt in public once upon a time. Someone in my family heard what I did for Halloween and flat out said, it took a long time but you finally got comfortable in your own skin. And you know what? It’s true. Because I knew I was going to a safe space, to the fandom that wouldn’t judge me for my “crazy”. And they didn’t. I am who I am. I embrace all that is me without a single regret.

What are the chances this fandom would be a family? (Even if it can be dysfunctional)

This fandom is a community and really reminds me of how small a world it really can be. It’s beautiful and crazy. It’s diverse yet similar. We have our differences but we’re so strong when we band together. We’re family and we’re strangers. It’s a beautiful contradiction. Everything about it can be so wonderful. And what are the chances we’ll keep being so blessed?

What Are The Chances…we’ll ALL continue to make such beautiful connections thanks to these five men?

Thank you Howie, Nick, Kevin, AJ, and Brian for that you do, and for all you do without realizing it.

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