Is it love? Is it fate? Where it leads, who can say? – A Review of “Chances”

It’s finally here, the second single. I’m not sure what I expected. All expectations were absolutely blown away after the Don’t Go Breaking My Heart release. When it came to the success it had, the type of song it was, the video, everything about it blew up any preconceived thoughts I had. This round, well, I wasn’t sure what was coming. Part of me I suppose, expected a ballad. Mainly because in the past they usually would have one be the second single. That’s just the Backstreet Way and I know some fans are disappointed that it wasn’t the case. Me? I was excited.

I can’t predict this album cycle. I don’t know what’s ahead. As a die hard fan, that’s exciting.

I used to pride myself on the fact I know how things go down with the Boys. But now I don’t. Now I can’t. It makes everything feel new again and I suppose that’s why everything this era feels like so damn revitalizing. The guys are renewed and it shows in everything about this album cycle. They’re just as excited as we are. There’s an energy in all that they’ve been doing and as I’ve said before, it’s truly been the Year of Backstreet, and continues to be so.

The song starts off in an eerie sort of echo, set perfectly in Brian’s comfort zone. As Gemma pointed out in her review of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart you can see and absolutely hear the adjustment for Brian’s vocal condition. In Chances however, it’s less obvious to the core fanbase like myself. It showcases him well and kudos to the producers and writers for catering to his current range. This is also a song that showcases all five Backstreet Boys. In a group that’s so unbelievably talented, there’s simply not enough ways to let all their voices shine in one song alone. Sometimes on the In A World Like This album there were moments where it could feel crowded trying to fit all five on a song. Kevin even admitted it in an interview this album cycle. Yet one of the many beauties of Chances is that it doesn’t feel crowded or forced whatsoever.

Lyrically speaking, the song is lovely. This is absolutely a song they can sing and have it be just as true for them as it could’ve been when any of them first met their wives. This is a song about soulmates, about that one moment that changed everything. My parents have a story like that and when I first listened to Chances, truly listened to it? I actually got emotional. Because my dad talks about the fact he met my mom being just a pure chance that changed his life. That’s what this song is about. We can all relate, and it can touch many hearts. I can’t wait to see them perform this in all honesty, because I can sense that that conviction they have in this song will drive it to new levels live.

Musically, it’s a contrast thanks to the fact it’s climbs up into an uptempo song. Which is even better. It starts off so slow, as if the melody is trying to express that moment when eyes meet across the room for the first time. It builds up more and more before picking up on the second chorus. I could be looking at this too deeply as I can be guilty of that, but it’s almost as if the melody itself represents the relationship. All I know is that the Boys need to work with Ryan Tedder more and more. He’s given us the gem that was Undone and now Chances is just as golden a song. Now that we’ve had two tastes of DNA from their two singles? The one thing we do know is that whatever is next, will be in-fucking-credible.

I was going to talk about the video in this same post but, I think it deserves it’s own now. So stay tuned for that.


I just…I got sucker punched in the feelings. To put it plainly. Watch for yourself and see what I mean!



Buckle in y’all, because this upcoming album is going to keep being a crazy ride, and totally worth the wait.


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