What Are The Chances That We’d End Up Dancing? – Thoughts on the “Chances” Music Video


Everything about this song is perfection. I’ve talked a lot about the song already in one of my previous posts the day it came out. I was that passionate about it, that I couldn’t even wait a single night. Now, I loved Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and I loved the video. Everything about it. But with Chances, it just hits me in the heart and I can’t look away. The video itself tells a story, something that I’ve now noticed is something of a theme when AJ directs music videos. I’d said in my thoughts about Night Visions that if that’s the case I’d love to see him direct a BSB video. Damn, I didn’t realize how right I was. AJ can direct every single music video BSB ever does going forward because this is just so poignant.

This video really suits the song in ways many videos they’ve done in the past don’t. You have this couple and it showcases ways they could’ve met. Just random moments you can’t predict and could’ve been gone in the blink of an eye. The Boys are bystanders, watching as this beautiful love story goes down in it’s various forms. Flashing forward we’re treated this is gorgeous and uninterrupted dance scene. Where you can see every bit of emotion being shared between the two. The ending? The ending is showing the tragedy of those moments being missed, having never happened. Ending the potential love story before it could even happen.


This video was simple, they only needed one day to film it. (Which happened to be on my birthday actually, fun fact lol.) But as in many things, simplicity brings it’s own beauty. There’s no going overboard. There’s nothing flashy about this.They let the song and the story speak for itself. And that’s why it works so unbelievably well. In fact my only complaint is that the song and the music video are just so short. I wish it was longer. I enjoy both that much.

I know a lot of fans weren’t thrilled with the last thirty seconds of the video basically being all about the wonderfully talented dancers. But I’m okay with it. This video dedicates itself to the story. This video will end up becoming a classic of the Boys’, I’m calling it now. It’s one of the great things about the song, is that it’s a BSB classic for the modern times. Chances’ music video has the same gift. What I love about the Backstreet Boys is that they don’t hesitate to have emotions run through their music and let romance be what it’s about. Some people sneer down on that sort of thing but I never got why. Love is something we can all relate to. Love is something that can drive all of us and our choices. People philosophize about it all the time. Love stories are beautiful when they’re done right.

And in this video…one thing the Boys do is tell a damn good love story we’ll want to watch again and again.



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