All The Questions BSB Have Asked Over The Years – That We’ll Probably Never Answer

So this post, was inspired by a tweet from a friend on mine on twitter. It came out of nowhere and struck me as pretty funny. Not to mention she had a point. I was like, I need to talk about this. Wasn’t sure when and I’m on this faster than I expected in this wild month we’ve been calling November.


And it had me wondering how many questions have Nick, AJ, Brian, Kevin and Howie asked us over the years? Did we answer any? I doubt it. But it’s been twenty five years we’ve had them, so it’s maybe time we start. I made a list because, well, it’s a long one. I’m organizing this by album, just because I started this without doing that and it’s bugging me. I’m weird like that. You can also see my fun little random thoughts in the red as I do this. Mainly because I can’t help myself.

Update – now that I’m done, I’ve learned I really underestimated how big a list this would be!

Update 2/25 – I think I’m overdue to update this with the rest of the songs from DNA!


Red Album and Backstreet’s Back/US Debut

  1.  When you close your eyes, do you think about me? – Every Time I Close My Eyes
  2. If you really cared about me, tell me why can’t I find love in your heart? – Darlin
  3. Am I original? – Everybody (technically they answer themselves but it still counts)
  4. Am I the only one? – Everybody (see above)
  5. Am I sexual? – Everybody (How I forgot this originally, I’ll NEVER know. Speaking as a Nick girl)
  6. Am I everything you need?  – Everybody
  7. Does his gifts come from the heart? – All I Have To Give
  8. When you talk does it seem like he’s not even listening to a word you say? – All I Have To Give
  9. Does he leave when you need him the most? – All I Have To Give
  10. Does his friends get all your time? – All I Have To Give
  11. So have I lost my mind? – That’s The Way I Like It
  12. Could you do me right? – That’s The Way I Like It (Why haven’t we answered THIS question yet?)
  13. Will you come out to play? – That’s The Way I Like It
  14. What about your 10,000 promises? – 10,000 Promises
  15. If I could right the wrongs that made you cry, girl, would you promise not to say goodbye? – Like A Child
  16. And it seems like time’s moving fast, how can we make it last? – Hey Mr. DJ
  17. Baby will you be there when I open my eyes? – Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
  18. When you really really love someone, am I right when I say that you want them near? – That’s What She Said (back when this wasn’t a meme haha.)
  19. Tell me why, or do you know, how stars can fall from above? – That’s What She Said
  20. Why would you say things that you really didn’t mean? – That’s What She Said
  21. Oh how can I make you see just what you did to me? – That’s What She Said
  22. Girl, how could you dare? – That’s What She Said

Jesus, not even to Millennium yet and we’re already twenty-two questions in! That’s alright though. Let’s keep going!



  1. All you people can’t you see, can’t you see, how your love’s affecting our reality? – Larger Than Life
  2. Tell Me, Why? – I Want It That Way (also known as the song that haunts fans for almost two decades cause it makes no sense!)
  3. Am I your fire, your one desire? – I Want It That Way (This song man…)
  4. Is this the feeling I need to walk with? – Show Me The Meaning
  5. Tell me why I can’t be there where you are? – Show Me The Meaning (They always want us to tell them why…)
  6. Are you with me now? – Show Me The Meaning
  7. What can I do, to get to you and find a way back to your heart? – Back To Your Heart

I have to admit, I expected a lot more questions from the album that gifted us with I Want It That Way. But then again, that song alone has had us questioning things till the end of time. So that’s probably why.


Black and Blue

  1. Do you really want to be the last to know, what it’s all about? – Get Another Boyfriend
  2. Was it all the promises of diamonds, pearls and party dresses that turned you on?  – Get Another Boyfriend
  3. Does anybody ever stay in love, anymore? – I Promise You
  4. How do you prove the sky is blue, the ocean’s wide? – I Promise You
  5. Is it today or is it tonight, we’ll find, the answer to our life? – The Answer To Our Life
  6. Can we try to erase all the pain? – The Answer To Our Life
  7. Tell me why we have to cry and not try? – The Answer To Our Life
  8. What’s the use in you denying, that what you have is wrong? – More Than That
  9. What’s the use in holding on? – More Than That
  10. Don’t you see it’s now or never? – More Than That (Insert a funny Nick pun here! Or I would, if it wasn’t Two AM. I’m insane.)
  11. Remember those days, when we would sing at the drop of a dime? – Time (they still do, honestly.)
  12. Just tell me did you rehearse on me? – Not For Me
  13. Baby, whose to win? Me or him? – Not For Me (okay this is technically multiple but sort of not, so we’re counting this as one so I don’t get a headache.)
  14. Can you forgive me and open your heart once again? – It’s True
  15. Can you believe me? – It’s True
  16. How Did I Fall In Love With You? – (Okay the title itself is a question)

This album had a song that was a question in and of itself. But it also sort of answered questions no one was asking. Like Yes I Will.


Never Gone

  1. Begging for a second chance, are you gonna let me in? – Crawling Back To You
  2. It’s a weird world don’t you know it? – Weird World (Hey, hey hey…)
  3. What good is tomorrow without a guarantee? – Poster Girl
  4. It’s an illusion, how can I feel this way? – Climbing The Walls
  5. How can I begin to tell you what you do to me every time I hear ya? – My Beautiful Woman (if you didn’t sing out loud or in your head this as you read it, you can’t be a BSB fan.)
  6. Can you see me, here I am? – Safest Place To Hide
  7. Did someone else steal my part? – Siberia

I did not expect many questions from this album and I’m glad I was right with this one.



  1. Why, tell me why, you’re everything but mine? – Everything But Mine (Is it just me or do they ALWAYS ask us to tell them why?)
  2. I’ve memorized the number so why can’t I make the call? – Inconsolable (They answer themselves in this song too, but worth including)
  3. You’re gone and I’ll always wonder why it can’t be any other way? – Any Other Way
  4. Since you drained all the color out of the sky, how am I supposed to feel? – Any Other Way
  5. Why don’t you know how beautiful you are? – One In A Million
  6. Don’t you know, you’re not immune to the panic? – Panic
  7. How many times do I have to say it before you believe me? – Panic
  8. Don’t you know that I’m your place to run? – You Can Let Go
  9. How come you never know what you got until it’s gone? – Trouble Is
  10. How fooled was I, thinking I was gonna be alright…okay…fine? – Trouble Is
  11. Who’s gonna save me? – Trouble Is (I’d totally save a Backstreet Boy)
  12. How come she said you never wear your heart where I can see? – Trouble Is
  13. Tell me why you say that you want me? – Treat Me Right (There’s tell me why again…)
  14. How would you feel if you were in my shoes, feelin’ used with your heart bruised? – Treat Me Right
  15. What’s it gonna be? – Treat Me Right
  16. Can you tell me was it worth it? – Love Will Keep You Up All Night (Fun fact, after this song I took a food break.)
  17. Will you be the one I had in mind? – Unmistakable (Another Fun Fact – I took a long time to come back to this. Oops.)
  18. Baby how can I be sure, that you’re the one I’m waiting for? – Unmistakable
  19. Will you be unmistakable? – Unmistakable
  20. How are we to know the time is right? – Unmistakable
  21. What if you’re here and I’m just blind? – Unmistakable
  22. How can I know a song I never heard? – Unmistakable
  23. How will I know your voice when you haven’t said a word? – Unmistakable
  24. How do I know how this will end, before we begin? – Unmistakable
  25. How come I was the last to know? – Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
  26. Will my imagination take it slow? – Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon

I suddenly feel like I just went through twenty questions with Unbreakable. Good god. Who knew that album asked so many questions?


This Is Us

  1. Can we spend this life together, be the shield from rain and weather? – All Of Your Life
  2. Tell me can I, baby tell me can I be your man? – All Of Your Life
  3. Can I be the one you trust? – All Of Your Life
  4. A higher self esteem if you’re on me? – PDA
  5. Ain’t that the way it’s supposed to be? – PDA (A-A-A…)
  6. So won’t you stay and dance with me all through the night and day? – Masquerade
  7. Burning, I’m burning, can’t you see it in my eyes? – Masquerade (I bet you’re burning…)
  8. Wanna play in this game of disguise? – Masquerade
  9. What kinda girl should I take her for?- She’s A Dream (Yet another they answer immediately after. Supposedly a perfect kind, just what they like…)
  10. What am I still here for, could it be that I’m just waiting? – Shattered

The questions on this one seem to be on the most random of songs. Anyone else notice that?


In A World Like This

  1. What’s up with those tears in your eyes? – Madeleine (It took four songs to reach a question. I think that’s a record!)
  2. What happened when you shut down, and all the amber lights turned into red? – Madeleine
  3. Remember when we used to sit and watch from the bridge, and wonder where the ships would go? – Madeleine (making up for it taking so long though…)
  4. Falling down I’m still alive, Am I? Am I? – Show ‘Em
  5. Like a lion I will survive, Will I? Will I? – Show ‘Em
  6. Is it too much to ask for, one minute to breathe? – Love Somebody

Hmm, interesting that their most recent album as of now has the least amount of questions. Maybe the older they get, the more they know?



I realize this is only two songs as of now. But maybe I’ll add more after the new album comes out. (Update 2/25: And I’m back to add the rest!)

  1. Did I finally find me a river that could lead me out to the ocean? – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
  2. Am I being too open? – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
  3. Does it make you wanna pack up all your things and drive away like you stole it? – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
  4. What if I’d never run into you? – Chances (Okay with only two songs we’re already overloading on questions so I take back what I said above!)
  5. What if you’d never smiled at me?- Chances
  6. What if I hadn’t noticed you too? – Chances
  7. What’s a girl like you doing in a place like this? – Chances (Shit I did NOT realize how many questions this song actually has.)
  8. On a quiet night, what are the odds? – Chances
  9. What’s a guy like me doing in a place like this? – Chances (I might be at this one for awhile)
  10. I could have just walked by, who would have thought?- Chances
  11. What are the chances that we’d end up dancing? – Chances
  12. That I could have found you, put my arms around you? – Chances (Starting to have regrets here.)
  13. What are the chances? – Chances
  14. What if I hadn’t asked for your name? – Chances
  15. And time hadn’t stopped when you said it to me? – Chances (I should’ve just said the song itself was 20 questions and moved on)
  16. Of all of the plans that I could have made? – Chances
  17. Of all of the nights that I couldn’t sleep? – Chances
  18. In a crowded room, what are the odds? – Chances
  19. Getting close to you, but here we are? – Chances
  20. Is it love? – Chances
  21. Is it fate? – Chances
  22. Who am I?- Chances
  23. Who’s to say? – Chances
  24. Where it leads, who can say? – Chances (Oh thank god, I got them all!)
  25. But could you stay the same, if nothing else? – Nobody Else (Here I go again…updating this at the end of February.)
  26. Can somebody take me back? – Breathe
  27. If this is for the best then tell me why it hurts so bad? – Breathe
  28. Who are you, the sex police? – New Love (Well this song doesn’t take long, I feel like the last few songs had less to make up for Chances)
  29. Is It Just Me? – Is It Just Me (Okay we’re back to title questions…)
  30. Are you fallin’ out of love? – Is It Just Me
  31. Is it just me or did our talks get a little bit shorter? – Is It Just Me
  32. Is it just me or did the nights get a little bit colder? – Is It Just Me
  33. Your hair’s a little longer, am I crazy, is it blonder than it was than when you walked out my house? – Chateau (Shit will this album hit 40 questions?)
  34. What if I said it? – Chateau
  35. Would you come back around? – Chateau
  36. Would you meet me at the chateau? – Chateau
  37. Do you remember? – Do You Remember (this album either has songs with nothing BUT questions or none at all! Bizarre.)
  38. Do you remember how I showed up at your door? – Do You Remember
  39. Or are you some kind of sinner? – Do You Remember
  40. So, do you remember how we were or how it used to be? – Do You Remember
  41. Do you remember when I could never find the words to explain? – Do You Remember
  42. How could I let you go? – Best Days (Wow, DNA wins for most questions on an album by FAR.)

Realizing I should’ve just dedicated an entire post to the questions of Chances. Holy hell.



Basically any songs that haven’t been released. I decided to include those too cause…why not?

  1. What were you thinking? – There’s Us
  2. What was the song inside your head? – There’s Us
  3. Does he know that it’s me you’ve been talking to? – Sick As My Secrets
  4. Do you hear it, for you? – Helpless
  5. Feels like I fall apart every time, where do I start? – Helpless
  6. Oh why do all the rivers flow into the ocean? – By My Side (I’m pretty curious about how many questions there are all together)
  7. Why does all the love in the world, comes straight from the heart? – By My Side (I’m also scared)
  8. And why does all the pain I feel come from deep inside? – By My Side
  9. Can We Get Back To Love Again? – (Another question in the title itself…)
  10. Tell me can we try baby? – Can We Get Back To Love Again
  11. Can you rescue me from the rain? – Can We Get Back To Love Again
  12. Can I make it up to you? – Can We Get Back To Love Again
  13. Who is this man that I’ve become? – Close My Eyes
  14. How do you learn how to forgive, when deep down inside you can’t forget? – Close My Eyes
  15. How do you know where to go when you go away? – Close My Eyes
  16. How do you know that you know when it’s over? – Close My Eyes
  17. Won’t you color my world? – Color My World
  18. God, if you’re listening, won’t you help us? – Divine Intervention
  19. How did we end up like this? – Fallen Angel
  20. How does it feel to be a fallen angel? – Fallen Angel
  21. So how does it feel? How does it feel to be a fallen angel of love? – Fallen Angel
  22. Was I the last to tell? – Fallen Angel
  23. And how do you destroy the life we built for us? – Fallen Angel (I did not realize how big a project this post would be.)
  24. I know I was going South where would I be without you? – I Did It For You (As Nick says right after, probably lost?)
  25. I love you with everything that’s in me, did you know that? – Let’s Do It For Love
  26. And if I lose my faith, and kindness, and generosity, would you hold my hand? – Lift Me Up
  27. Say you understand my pain? – Lift Me Up
  28. How did we get here? – Lost In Space (Hell if I know…)
  29. Can we stay up all night, cause we can sleep all day? – Lost In Space (My life motto.)
  30. What is a man to do to prove his love for you? – Love Knows I Love You
  31. What can I do to prove, that you’re a dream come true? – Love Knows I Love You
  32. Baby I’m lookin for cupid, can I tie him in a ball and chain? – Love Knows I Love You
  33. Does it really matter if you got it right? – Memories
  34. Does it really matter who was wrong or right? – Memories
  35. All I know, yes I know that I can make it through, what about you? – Memories
  36. Tell me where did we go wrong – Missing You (I could sing this song forever.)
  37. What exactly do you think you’ll find on the other side? – Mr. A
  38. Am I over her? – Over Her (I’m almost done and I can see the light!)
  39. Am I really over my love? – Over Her (All signs point to no.)
  40. Is she sad or is she mad? – Over Her
  41. Does she have a new man, does she have it like that? – Over Her
  42. How many times am I gonna let you walk right past? – Rebel
  43. Whatcha gonna do? – Set It Off
  44. Don’t you wanna get funky? – Set It Off (I’d get funky with Backstreet.)
  45. So just tell me how you wanna be done? – Tell Me (Oh I’ll tell you…I say half delirious.)
  46. What if we lose all the money, baby? – Tell Me
  47. What if there’s nothing but you and me? – Tell me
  48. Tell me what would you do pretty lady? – Tell Me
  49. Would you at least take care of me? – Tell Me
  50. Will you stay strong and fight it off? – Tell Me
  51. Or will you pack your shh and take off? – Tell Me
  52. Don’t you wanna be with me? – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming… (Throwback to baby Nick.)
  53. Isn’t it true that my love for you is here to stay? – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming
  54. Oh how can I know that summer days are gettin’ lonely? – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming
  55. And how can I know that my love is gettin’ stronger? – Tell Me That I’m Dreaming
  56. I thought I heard you call or was it just a dream? – Welcome To My Heart
  57. Why did you have to go? – Welcome To My Heart
  58. What were you looking for? – Welcome To My Heart
  59. Where Can We Go From Here? – (My job is usually harder when the song title is a question I’ve noticed.)
  60. Why, why do I cry inside when love has gone away? – Where Can We Go From Here?
  61. How can I carry on, when I know all the love is gone? – Where Can We Go From Here?
  62. Where can I go to get away from the pain of loving you? – Where Can We Go From Here?
  63. Who Do You Love? – (I’d complain but I really like Brian on this song…)
  64. So what do you know? – Who Do You Love?
  65. How does it go? – Who Do You Love?
  66. So how can he buy a love that’s not for sale? – Who Do You Love?
  67. Do you really care? – Who Do You Love?


HALLELUJAH I have all the questions! If I missed any, comment. I’ll be sad but I also want to be accurate. So how many was it altogether? Let me go add them up. I’m tired now and my brain hurts from all these questions. I’ll use a calculator instead of adding them in my head.  And the number is…..

*insert a drum-roll here*


Updated Number: 203!



Okay, that explains why I’m tired! Hope you enjoyed all these happy and random questions!



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