Setlist Daydreams For The DNA World Tour

Okay so now that we’re on a pause for the Vegas residency until February, what we have next is the full launch of the DNA era in January. Exciting right? Before the residency returns we’ll have that album in our hot little hands on January 25th. But I’m thinking further ahead. Because after the residency comes the long awaited DNA World Tour. I’m excited. Because I’ve never had the chance to see the Boys do an arena tour (my parents tried to get me Black and Blue tickets but the short version is it didn’t work out). While I’ve been a fan since somewhere around 96/97, I’ve never been able to go see a tour where they were at their peak. And now, they’re reaching that peak a second time.

The Boys have been deserving and incredibly blessed. I feel blessed as a fan.

Obviously, because I love to write and think things in the middle of the night, I was playing around with setlist ideas. I know Billboard did some a list of songs but I mean, come on. Who would know better than authentic fans what songs we’d appreciate the most? So this is what I feel, to be a more knowledgeable version. At least I hope so. I feel personally, that their ideas for a tour setlist were relatively uninspired. But then again, I’m a hard core, and proud…fangirl. They are not. Consider this my way of responding to their less than stellar setlist.

The Boys have been asked about it already, as well.

Speaking on behalf of myself and other die hard fans, I love the idea of giving some medleys for the Chapter One songs, as we tend to think of them. Mainly because we’d love to hear songs they don’t sing very often. I’d like to see them tackle some Unbreakable songs since for whatever reason they’ve gone ignored (unlike This Is Us oddly) ever since Kevin’s returned. I’d like to see them sing songs they haven’t done in years. In putting together this list, I’m keeping in mind that at least five or six songs should be reserved for DNA tracks. Since most of their tours are around twenty-five songs? (The In A World Like This Tour was twenty-two) I’ll make a list of twenty-two, since the only two DNA songs we’ve got in our hands right now are Don’t Go Breaking My Heart and Chances. I will be updating this list once I’ve heard the album with three more songs from it.

My one rule for myself was that every studio album must be represented – The Red Album, Backstreet’s Back, Millennium, Black and Blue, Never Gone, Unbreakable, This Is Us and In A World Like This (and obviously DNA). Because this album is about their “DNA”, right? All these albums are part of who they are as a group. They are what have defined that ever elusive “Backstreet sound”. So here we go!

Rose’s DNA Tour Setlist

  1. Everyone – they brought this back during the Unbreakable tour and it was a great way to open the show. They play it during a montage at the #BSBVegas show and I think they should add it into the next tour. Because really, it’s a love song for the fans who stuck it out through the lows and are still here to enjoy the highs. It’s also a testament to how long they’ve been surviving and continue to do so.
  2. Everybody I know they typically use this as a closer but honestly? I always felt it fit better at the beginning of a show.
  3. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – This is obvious, you have to have the first single they’ve had since Show ‘Em.
  4. I StillI’m going to be hit for this one by many fans. I’m sorry in advance! As this was originally Incomplete but I swapped it for this one, same album but amazing song. I think it’s time we start switching Incomplete out for other Never Gone songs though.
  5. As Long As You Love Me/Quit Playing Games medley – I stole this from AJ because honestly it’s brilliant.
  6. Shape Of My Heart/More Than That medley – It’s like they said in that live stream chat, to make enough room, medleys are necessary and I think this fits. They’re from the same album.
  7. I Wanna Be With You SInce this album is called DNA I think that they need to showcase bits from their entire career, lesser sung songs like this one.
  8. ChancesI can’t wait to hear this live myself.
  9. That’s The Way I Like It – Could you imagine? Especially if they brought the dance back.
  10. The Call – I mean, you can’t not have this song.
  11. Get Another Boyfriend – This song being back in full force has been amazing and I’m not ready to let it go.
  12. If You Stay – I agreed with Kevin fully in that video. They had it back for NKOTBSB but that was without Kevin, I need it with all five.
  13. Show Me The MeaningI think I’d be heartbroken if this song wasn’t on the setlist. This list is growing fast and I’m a bit scared, but they’re right in that you have to include certain songs.
  14. Downpour – I know this was a bonus track on Unbreakable but I don’t care. I was able to say If You Stay, so I’m including this. Picture it! (If I can’t include this, fine. We’ll replace this with Helpless When She Smiles which I always preferred to Inconsolable.)
  15. It’s Gotta Be You – I’m still mad this isn’t on the Vegas setlist so I’m making sure it’s here.
  16. In A World Like This – This song is so fun and upbeat live, it needs to come back.
  17. All I Have To Give – As long as they include the hat dance. Non-negotiable.
  18. This Is Us – I know Kevin hates Straight Through My Heart which is okay, let’s do this one instead. Plus Nick’s belting is everything.
  19. Undone – I never want them to stop performing this song ever again.
  20. Feels Like Home – First off, Kevin sounds awesome on this track. Second of all, it fits since this is their first world tour in a LONG time.
  21. I Want It That Way – If I tried to leave this off, I’d be burned at the stake.
  22. Larger Than LifeJust as we opened with a love note to the fans and Boys alike, I think we should end with one.

Update: Now that DNA is out, I’m adding my picks from that album.

23. Passionate – I might just lose my mind if this isn’t added to the set list.
24. The Way It Was – Think about it, it’d be amazing.
25. No PlaceThis one is a given as they’re already performing it live and I have no issues with that.

I’m sure many of you disagree with me. Or are looking at me in pure horror that I opted to leave Get Down, Drowning, We’ve Got It Going On, The One, and I’ll Never Break Your Heart off the list. But here’s my reasoning – I’ve replaced them with other songs from those same albums that we never get to hear. Think about the treat we’d get, hearing songs we don’t hear often? Look how hyped we were about Undone, Anywhere For You, Darlin’ and Get Another Boyfriend being on the Vegas setlist last year when we first found out? That’s my thought process, and I have hopes that while you may not agree? You get my logic. Cause you guys have no idea how many times I deleted and retyped this. This was NOT easy by any means. Which is yet another blessing that I love their music catalogue so much.

But what do you think? Tell me the setlist you’d create in the comments below! Or tweet your thoughts to @thedarksidebsb as always! I would love to know!

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8 thoughts on “Setlist Daydreams For The DNA World Tour

  1. In as close to perfect order, here is my version of the ideal setlist.

    That’s the Way I Like It
    Boys Will Be Boys
    Hey Mr DJ

    Everytime I Close My Eyes
    All I Have to Give
    Show Me the Meaning/More than That

    Quit Playin Games/I’ll Never Break Your Heart
    Shape of My Heart
    Straight Through my Heart
    Dont Go Breaking My Heart

    The Call
    Get Another Boyfriend/We’ve Got it Goin On
    I wanna be with You

    Some new songs



  2. in no particular order:
    Larger than Life
    I Promise You (with Everything I Am)
    The Answer to Our Life
    More than That
    What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)
    Safest Place to Hide
    Helpless When She Smiles
    One in a Million
    You Can Let Go
    In a World like This
    Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of)
    Love Somebody
    Trust Me
    In Your Arms
    Take Care
    Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
    Straight Through My Heart *, All of Your Life (You Need Love) *, This Is Us *
    1. i don’t understand enough about music to know if they can just add Kevin to any song, or if it depends on the type of the song, so i put the last 3 with * in case they can’t add him
    2. again, for the same reason, not sure what songs can combine well in a medley, so i just made a list
    3. i know some of these were on previous tours, but i’ve never seen them on tour, unfortunately

    also, an unrelated Q: i’m relatively new to the fandom (not to the boys though), so was just wondering why you chose The Dark Side Of Backstreet as the name


  3. Well this took entirely too long… 🙂

    Missing You (Backstreet’s Back)
    Who Do You Love (Night Out W BSB)
    The *sexy* version of Let’s Have A Party (Audio only CD of Night Out W BSB)
    If You Knew What I Knew (Millennium)
    What Makes You Different (Millennium)
    How Did I Fall In Love With You (Millennium)
    Last Night You Saved My Life (Never Gone)
    Lift Me Up (Unbreakeable)
    Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon (Unbreakeable)
    Rebel (This Is Us)
    All In My Head (This Is Us)
    Light On (IAWLT)

    If they want to stay longer 😊
    By My Side
    If I Don’t Have You (Backstreet’s Back)
    That’s The Way I Like It (Backstreet’s Back)
    Don’t Wanna Lose You Now (Millennium)
    Back To Your Heart (Millennium)
    No One Else Comes Close (Millennium)
    Just Want You To Know (Never Gone)
    Climbing The Walls (Never Gone)
    I Still… (Never Gone)
    Something That I Already Know (Unbreakable)
    Close My Eyes (Unbreakable)
    Downpour (Unbreakable)
    Shattered (This Is Us)
    Undone (This Is Us)
    Madeleine (IAWLT)
    Soldier (IAWLT)


  4. Does anyone know what the setlist is for the DNA world tour???? I’m going and I’d love to know what songs they’re singing. I can find stuff form earlier this year but it’s still the larger than life tour until sometime in April I believe. Then they start the DNA.


  5. My ideal setlist

    1. Everyone (loving Everyone as the opener)
    2. Everybody
    3. That’s the way I like it
    4. Don’t go breaking my heart
    5. I’ll never break your heart/Quit Playin games (Acapella medley version)
    6. Breathe/Bigger/Madeleine (acapella medley version)
    7. Chances
    8. Siberia
    9. Any other way
    10. The call
    11. No place
    12. Passionate
    13. In a world like this
    14. As long as you love me
    15. I wanna be with you
    16. Chateau
    17. This is us
    18. Get another boyfriend
    19. New love
    20. Just like you like it
    21. Shape of my heart
    22. Larger than life

    Encore : 23. I want it that way


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