Nick Carter, Never Change.


So today was the fifth day of the Las Vegas KLUC Toy Drive. They do it every year.

Except this year, they decided to have a guest we all love and adore.


Now obviously no one knew what to expect. 20$ kissing booth? Sign me up! I mean I live in Las Vegas as you guys know and it went to a good cause so I decided to wake my night shift working self up early and go for it. Worst case some poor kids would benefit even if it wasn’t as great as I’d hoped. Now it was pretty cold by Vegas standards – which for those who don’t know, is anything under sixty degrees. It was in the forties, in case you were curious. But like I said, I wasn’t sure how this would go down, how much time we’d get, anything. All I knew was that Nick would be there and we’d get…something.

I woke up really early, running on two hours of sleep more or less.

Bundled up and headed down. I made some new friends in line, actually!

(I’m the tall one in the back wearing glasses LOL.)

But I have to say, not only was this event well organized? Nick was incredible. Something I was worried might be rushed? Was not. Nick was taking his time to make sure every fan got their moment. Multiple photos, asking what they wanted. He chatted with us and seemed so touched that fans kept donating because of the good cause. He was making sure that we were enjoying ourselves. Something amazing seeing as this was only 20$ a fan and going solely to charity. He was doing this for the cause, and not for any selfish reasons. Speaking as a fan, I’ve never once had a bad experience with Nick. He’s always appreciative of any person who shows up at whatever he’s doing, whether it’s one or one hundred.

Also you can tell he was having fun!


And watching him talk about why he wanted to do this will just give you warm fuzzy feelings. At least it did for me.

So thank you Nick. You’ve been giving back to Vegas so much in the past year and a half. (I haven’t forgotten how you visited UMC Medical Center last year.), You helped feed the homeless, you participated in the Candlelighters events, you’ve taken part in Spin For Cures, you just keep giving back to Vegas. Now as a fan this is amazing to see. As a fan who happens to live in Las Vegas? This means everything. I’m proud to be a fan. I’m proud that you live here too. Thank you for always giving so much. Giving to others who need it, giving to your fans, giving to everyone really. Thank you. I hope you read this and know that your fans love you, specifically for reasons like this.


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