As This Year Ends…A New Era Begins.


I’m sitting here, and it hits me hard that this year is almost over. Three weeks and it’ll be 2019.

Crazy, isn’t it?

It’s been an incredible year to be a Backstreet Boys fan. I mean truly.

This year has brought us the hit single, Grammy nominatedDon’t Go Breaking My Heart. They charted back on the Hot 100 once again. We continued to be blessed Vegas residency that brought attention to the Boys once again. The world has sat up and taken notice. These five men have celebrated their twenty-fifth year as a group. That’s not something most bands can say. This year has gotten them appearances that only a few years prior, never would’ve happened. They won awards this year. Their latest single Chances is already in the Top 20 on the adult contemporary charts. Record breaking attendances at their promotional performances.

It’s all pretty mind-boggling.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact they’re nominated for a Grammy again if you want me to be honest.

Despite there not being an album since 2013, these five years since have been so much fun to watch. Mainly because we’ve been able to watch them rise up. We’ve been able to see them gain back everything we know they deserve. Those of us who have stuck around are now being approached by others who may have once been fans, and want to be again. I know I have coworkers and friends who have asked me about their new music, mainly because of all the attention they’ve gotten this year. It’s a little weird after having been a fandom family sticking together through everything, to see newcomers come in. I know that. But it’s also beautiful. The more fans, the more people to share with what makes us happy. The fact that there’s others who might be discovering the Backstreet Boys for the first time? it’s really cool. We can see it through fresh eyes, as we show them everything they’ve missed out on.

I’ve seen a fan talk about how in the 90s she loved NSYNC and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart helped her see the light.

Madness. Beautiful madness.

Not only is 2018 ending, but it’s the end of another era. While this era didn’t have an album, it’s the end of what I think of as their underground days. People know the Boys are around. They may think they’re back (which no, cause you have to leave to come back), but they know they’re making new music. They know there’s a tour, music videos, a new album. You’re not hearing “The Backstreet Boys are still around?” anymore, rather you’re probably hearing “I love that the Backstreet Boys have new music!” which is pretty damn great. Here in Vegas? I’ve run into multiple fans at my job within the past year who’ve seen my #BSBVegas lanyard and decide to chat with me about it openly – which has never happened previously. (And I’ve never hidden my fandom in my real life, just toned it down a bit.)

With 2019 brings DNA, which likely means another single, another music video. It’s the end of the Vegas run, and the beginning of their massive world tour. Maybe that means more award nominations. More record breaking. Who knows? The sky is the limit at this point and I know any expectations I’ve had have been massacred within this year alone. I’ve only got high hopes at this point. What I do know, is that I’m ready for this ride. I’m ready for DNA, and I can’t wait till we can enjoy it together. I’m ready for everything ahead and I hope you are too.

Because in around six weeks? Things are about to get crazy.

Bet on it.

Bring it on 2019!

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