DNA Media Mania (All The Album Promo In One Place!)

Okay, there’s a LOT happening this month. We have the album coming, we have all sorts of promo happening both here and in other countries. So, how do we keep up? Because January is getting WILD as you can see in the 2019 post. I’m creating this post and will update it with videos of all the appearances they’re doing as we get them. If I see it online? I’ll post it here! This can be your all in one post so you don’t miss a single thing! Do yourself a favor and bookmark this now so you can check back later!

Also remember this will always be available in the 2019 Folder of our Media Archive as well!

DNAuary Videos

They’ve been posted each Wednesday so far as we prepare for DNA!

Promotional Appearances In Japan

The Boys are currently there promoting the new album. As the TV spots appear online, I’ll do my best to get them and upload them somewhere we can watch. (Sometimes on YouTube, sometimes on Vimeo)


Music Station Japan


Tokyo Hot 100


Japan Fan Event


BSB on Sukkiri

Music Fair


TV Groove



Superbowl/Doritos Commercial

So far we have two teasers!


Full Commercial!

Superbowl Promo In Atlanta

USA Today







Promotional Appearances in North America

The Boys are back home here in the States! And we’ll make sure to link every appearance we can so fans around the world can watch with us!

Jimmy Fallon

I never knew I needed to see Backstreet Chickens until it actually happened.



Howie and Nick did a live chat!


IHeart – Release Party/Other

So far the live stream hasn’t been posted in full but here’s what we have so far.


Various iHeart Promo

If or when the full release party gets posted, I’ll update.


Kelly and Ryan


ET Canada


The Daily Dish On Bravo






Radio Interviews







Keep checking back for more updates!

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