Breathe is a Breath of Fresh Air (Review)

If you haven’t heard the latest buzz song to drop from DNA I urge you to STOP whatever it is you’re doing. Stop reading this blog. Stop eating. Stop petting your dog or cat. Stop watching TV. Stop everything right now and GO GET THE SONG. Once you do, press play and then come back here. You’ll hear immediately why I had to have you rush off. Because this song is ear candy. Pure, undiluted ear candy. If there’s a heaven, it’ll feature BSB singing just like this.

Backstreet Boys have said from the beginning of their career that they a vocal harmony group. They hung their hat on the a capella covers they could do at the drop of a dime, we all know this. But sometimes it’s easy to forget their roots. For years, fans have always craved a capella tracks. Now, we’ve finally been blessed with one and it’s more than any of us could’ve imagined.This song was arranged by someone who also does the arrangements for the a capella group Pentatonix. Whoever that was, I’d love to personally thank.

This song may share a title with Breathe from In A World Like This but truthfully I couldn’t imagine titling it anything else. Breathe is simply a breath of fresh air. It’s something so different from other songs they’ve done. This song does nothing but showcase the reason why we all love the Backstreet Boys. Their vocals are sublime and I pray they’ll include this on the set list for the DNA world tour. Can you imagine this track done live? I get chills simply thinking about it.

Howie starts off the track stronger than ever, reminding everyone that he’s not to be underestimated. Brian sounds beautiful, showing just far he’s come. Nick’s forever passionate voice is controlled here, tempered in a way that really suits the emotion of this song. In comes Kevin, forever smooth. AJ of course, reminds people of the powerhouse he’s been blessed to be. This song is back to basics. This song is a reminder that Backstreet NEVER left, and why that’s the case.

No music video for this one and this feels like the right choice. There’s a simple and pretty lyric video to accompany this one and I think that’s all this song needs. Nothing to distract from the serene and otherworldy vocals only these five men can provide. All of them shine yet again on this track. Because when these voices blend, there’s a magic that no one else can touch.


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5 thoughts on “Breathe is a Breath of Fresh Air (Review)

  1. I love this song so much!!!!
    It sounds like it could be a song from the unbreakable era but with Kevin’s voice. Sounds so good!! 🙌 I can’t wait ro hear the full album!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The hype is reminding me of Millennium but the diversity of the tracks is reminding me of Unbreakable. Each song so far has been vastly different from the others.


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