Nick, Have The Happiest of Birthdays

DNA has taken over the world, and the fandom.

But I’d never forget Nick’s birthday. I’m taking the opportunity in a slight calm during this weekend to write this on the off chance Nick actually sees it. I’m posting this a day early in hopes his day isn’t lost in all the beautifully wonderful crazy that’s been this epic album release.

First off (and I do say this about his age every year) I can’t believe he’s thirty-nine. Seems like yesterday he was nineteen and I was watching him sing I Want It That Way on MTV or something, wishing I’d someday get to meet him. (If only thirteen year old me knew…) And I know Nick, that life hasn’t always been easy for you. Your struggles have been heavily public and mocked, and jeered at. But you rose above it all. You came out on the other side as such a better person for all of it. You’ve used what you went through to grow and even help other fans in their darker times. Something you didn’t have to do.

Nick is someone who is truly appreciative of everything he’s been blessed with. Someone who takes the time he can with every fan to let them know that yes, you are thankful. I’ve heard so many great stories of how he is with fans. I’ve seen him first hand be this way. He never hesitates to make sure the fans know you love them.  The best (recent) example I can use is right here, in his thank yous on DNA.

Nick, you don’t take anything for granted. Speaking as someone who lives in Vegas as well, I’ve seen first hand just how much you give back to the community. Visiting shooting victims, feeding the homeless, cancer marches, and making sure little kids get toys on Christmas. Are you perfect? No. But no one is. No one ever will be. What’s important is who you are now, and who you’ve become. Fans grew up with you, we’ve seen your journey. It’s inspired many to want to be better themselves. As a fan, seeing how happy you are with your wife and beautiful son is heartwarming beyond words. You give so many fans around the world happiness that we’re happy to see you so happy. Live your best life.

So happy birthday Nick. I’m sorry this got so sappy but I mean every word.

You deserve every moment of joy you get today and every other day.

Thank you for being you.

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