DNA: How Lyrics From Old Songs Can Be Seen In The New Album


I’m just going to put this out there…

My brain is a random place. We’ve had DNA for almost a week now and I’m getting to know the lyrics more and more because it’s essentially been my real life soundtrack since it’s release. I go through this for any albums from my favorite singers. (Well okay, especially Backstreet albums.) And while this new album is in many ways nothing like anything they’ve put out yet, in other ways it shows that this really is in their DNA. There’s tastes of other songs within this album. Let me show you what I mean. I’ve got three examples here ready to roll, and that’s without knowing all the lyrics by heart yet!


New Love versus As Long As You Love Me

Now, I know this is not the first comparison anyone would make by any means. In fact this popped in my head when I was joking with a friend on a message board, thus inspiring this entire post. Because again, my mind can go to weird places. New Love is practically sex on legs morphed into a song. But lyrically…it’s like the adult version of As Long As You Love Me. Really.

I want all of you all over me
In any dark room
And I don’t wanna know your name
Just let me do what I do, ooh yeah, baby

Sound familiar? They don’t even want to know your name! Just you, in a dark room where you guys can have some fun times. Now let’s look at what is my favorite Backstreet Boys single (for now), As Long As You Love Me to compare.

I don’t care who you are
Where you’re from
What you did
As long as you love me

Funny how pretty lyrics and an upbeat melody sound romantic. And again, this is to this day one of my favorite songs. New Love is one of my favorites on the new album. Damn, what does this say about me? Either way these songs are over twenty years apart and they really don’t want to know who you are. They just want you. And somehow we really dig it.


Passionate versus I Got To Get It

When I decided to do this post this came to mind next and I started laughing. If you haven’t heard Get It as the Boys have called it, please look it up, That song is so cheesy and funny, not to mention a great way to look at BSB’s roots. So of course I had to throw it in. There’s probably other songs I could’ve compared Passionate to but that’s not nearly as fun.

And I want your love, I want your love
I’ma do whatever it takes
And I want your love, I want your love
I know I come on hard, there’s no need to be alarmed
It’s just I’m…

I can’t help it, I need to get my hands on all of it
Need to get my hands on all of it
I’m passionate
I can’t help it, I need to get my hands on all of it
Need to get my hands on all of it

God I love this song. My top favorite on the entire album. But man, that energy? You can feel it in the lyrics. That need of just, holy hell I want to get with you. I don’t care what it takes to get you to go for it, but I’ll do it. Cause I’m really into you. That passion. But this isn’t the first time they’ve felt this way. So let’s look at Get It.

I got to get it
I got to get it, I really need you love
I got to get it, from you baby
I got to get it
I got to get it, I really need you love
I got to get it, tell me baby

How can it be
Your eyes take control over me
The way you move
Your body is talking to me

See? That god damn feeling you get when you someone who drives you wild. Apparently the Boys have been like that ever since their conception as a group. Or at least they’ve been singing about it since then.


Said I Love You versus The Call

My last one but this one is a worthy comparison. I know Said I Love You is a bonus track but since I own the Japan Import (available at CD Japan in case you’re wondering) I’m counting it. This one is a darker track and I mean, that alone merited a comparison to The Call. In fact I remember young me being a bit scandalized at the idea of Backstreet Boys screwing up like that. But you know, I grew up and realized they’re actual people instead of gods. Which is better cause I like them more as people. Let’s start with Said I Love You

I don’t wanna change, I probably should explain
So, you don’t think it’s just the liquor talking?
Yeah, you give me feels, but you should know the real
I hope you don’t get mad when I say I

Said I love you but I lied
Said I love you but I lied

Major emphasis on lying. What other song does this? Obviously The Call. Hell the entire song is about lying to a girlfriend over the phone as they go off to cheat. It shouldn’t be sexy but yet, here we are.

Just because I made that call and lied

Listen Baby I’m sorry
Just wanna tell you don’t worry
I will be late don’t stay up and wait for me
I’ll say again you’re dropping out my battery is low
So you know we’re goin’ to a place nearby
I gotta go

The song itself is the story of a lie and how it changed their lives. Same could be said for Said I Love You. Is it the same lie? No but it’s a lie and it talks about how it changes things. Similar themes. And those songs are about nineteen years apart. (Whoa. I might need a moment cause that just hit me hard.)

So the end result? Is that while a lot of things have changed since the 90s and early 2000s, some things manage to stay the same. Like the fact Backstreet Boys can manage to dominate the world. Or their killer harmonies. Maybe lyrics too. Do any other DNA songs remind you of songs from the past? Which ones? Comment and let me know (and why) below!


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