Brian! Have a Wonderful Birthday!

Another year has gone by and we’re here to take a moment to celebrate Brian.

Because Backstreet wasn’t Backstreet until that fateful April 20th when he joined the group thanks to that phone call from his cousin Kevin. It’s funny to think about what might’ve happened had he not answered the call that changed his destiny. Would BSB still exist? Would they have lasted these twenty years? I don’t think so. I don’t think any of it would’ve been that right sound that only happens when all five voices blend. I don’t think that magic would’ve been there.

Brian is always full of energy. He does flips and jumps that make us all wonder if he’s even human. He’s the first to welcome you at VIP. He’s the one who tries to make you feel like you’re getting a personal experience during the middle of a massive concert when he makes eye contact. He’s also a person who doesn’t let life beat him down. He’s battled illnesses, he’s battled his voice condition. When something happens, he doesn’t just sit back and take it. That sort of thing is simply inspiring.

He is who he is, without any apologies. He’s inspired others to do as well. He’s a man who stands by his beliefs.

So happy birthday Brian, I hope you’ll have an awesome birthday before your Vegas show. The fans will absolutely show their love, and remind you how much we adore you. Because without you, Backstreet wouldn’t be the same.


Thank you, for being the person that you are.

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