110 Thoughts Watching “Homecoming: Live In Orlando” in 2019


So I’ve been toying with this idea for awhile. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the “rewatching as an adult” posts over at Buzzfeed, but they’re pretty solid. They do them for a lot of 90s movies I loved as a kid. And at multiple points it’s occurred to me that I should do a Backstreet Spin on them so to speak. (So expect this to be a new series where I’ll do this for other specials/DVDs from back in the day too.) I’ve been sitting on this for months. Because my brain is always churning out god knows what and on top of that the Boys have been crazy busy. I know I’ve been quieter this month (real life got in the way), but I’m back! This took longer than I expected to write because I was crazy enough to write this BY HAND first as I watched. I did not expect to have this many thoughts. Oops. The reason why I chose this first is because the VHS is approaching the twentieth anniversary of it’s release. CRAZY. I chose to watch the DVD rather than dig through my BSB storage tub to try and find the tape.

Feel free to watch the DVD if you own it, while reading this. Copyright keeps me from linking to a video here.


1. Man, remember when concert DVDs were a thing?

2. Mandatory showing “all the work” behind the scenes for about sixty seconds

3. Screaming fangirls as the Boys approach. Well that hasn’t changed in twenty years.

4. Curtain haired Nick, oh how I loved you. Teen me had questionable hair taste.

5. It’s cute how talks about fans growing up with him, because we did.

6. How the hell did I not appreciate how hot Kevin was back then?

7. Howie glows up so well from this over the years. He was always cute then, but like…whoa now.

8. AJ looks like an entirely different human now.

9. They still do this “go to work” chant in 2019, how great is that?

10. I remember watching this and thinking I’d never see them live…in person. Twelve year old me was so wrong. Dreams come true guys.



11. Why racing outfits? Who thought this was a good idea?

12. This crowd is freaking massive.

13. Please bring back That’s The Way I Like It for the DNA Tour

14. Oh! And the dance too!

15. America got freaking CHEATED in never getting this song on an album here.

16. Wait, this was back before Napster even really took off. Downloading songs wasn’t really a thing. HOW would fans even KNOW this song?

17. Also the huddle dancing, the things you forget you love.

18. Howie’s really going for those hip thrusts.

19. I need this song back ASAP.

20. Hey Mr. DJ is legit the reason why I had a short lived AJ crush once upon a time. Even with the red hair.



21. Why does AJ get to not overheat by being able to rock just a wife-beater while the others are in RACING GEAR. (I will not let this outfit choice go.)

22. That body roll…I was always a Nick girl but I have vivid memories of rewinding and replaying this as a kid.

23. Of freaking course Brian does some crazy jump at the camera. I don’t think he’s human.

24. Splitting the crowd, they still do this today at the Vegas shows. Still fun too.

25. This song is such a bop.

26. What is Nick doing back by the drums? Seriously! Do his random dancing tendencies date all the way back to their US Debut Era? How have I never noticed this?

27. We spin AJ right round, right round when we go down…when we go down, down…

28. Just To Be Close. It literally took twenty years to get a legit a capella track beyond this.

29. God they sound good.

30. Why does everyone get to sing on this song but Kevin? I never noticed.

31. Remember when they each had solo moments during a concert? I wouldn’t be mad if they brought that back like they did with Unbreakable.

32. Laughing hard at “my name is Howie D” I know they’re in their US Debut era but still! There’s signs with your name Howie in the crowd. We know you!

33. Howie’s literally been giving away roses since 1998 – he’s Sweet D.

34. His voice deserves a better song. He’s always had a great voice but My Heart Stays With You is one of those rare BSB songs I never listen to.

35. Damn. TAKE IT OFF Howie!



36. How did I forget he’d do this?

37. Lay Down Beside Me…I had no idea what these lyrics were about back then. Went right over my head.

38. AJ always wore the weirdest shit.

39. Remember when AJ was the stage humper? Now it’s Nick. Kind of funny.

40. I will forever love and freaking adore Nobody But You. Always did.

41. Kevin NEEDS to give us a solo album someday before I die.

42. His dancing is SO. DAMN. GLORIOUS.

43. I love Kevin in this so much more now than I did then!

44. Ugh, I need more solo songs from you Kevin!

45. I have a desperate need to see him perform this live again.



46. Kevin’s dancing is the best and I love it.

47. I was such a sucker for Brian with a guitar and that has not changed.

48. Aww, he’s talking about his heart surgery. Had I been deeper into the fandom back then I would’ve had a meltdown about that. I was still on the casual end back then…compared to now at least.

49. None of the solo songs actually make it to a US album. Ain’t that nuts? Except for Nick’s but that doesn’t even happen till Millennium so literally no fans in this crowd should know these.

50. This performance is so Brian, sitting with a guitar and playing a song he wrote.

51. I’ve always wondered what Samantha Stonebreaker thought about this songs, since it’s about her.

52. Random but I’ve always thought Brian was cutest when he had dark hair instead of blonde, which is weird cause I always preferred blondes. He’s always cute though.

53. I would swoon so hard at this part, Nick stepping out in that jacket and all.

54. Part of me still does.

55. Nick’s power notes – he’s always been able to belt for literally EONS. Hot damn.

56. Pretty sure most people would die trying to hold a note for this long.

57. Remember when I Need You Tonight was Heaven In Your Eyes?

58. Yup he’s adorable. Sorry not sorry.

59. Let’s have a paaaaarrrrrttttty! This is a really cheesy song but that’s why we love it.

60. What was going on with AJ and Nick? Weird.



61. Nick shaking the booty. Which is never not a good thing.

62. These are such innocent lyrics.

63.  Cause there ain’t no party like a Backstreet Party, cause a Backstreet Party don’t stooooop… the amount of times I’ve said this over the years. Man. Iconic.

64. Nick would jump off the damn stage.

65. Annnnnd fall over when it’s done.

66. The Quit Playing Games bit here is so over the top but I remember squeeing cause they had instruments. You can never go wrong with getting Nick on the drums and Kevin on the keys.

67. “Base me! I’ve been based!”

68. Why doesn’t Brian get the guitar instead of Howie? He actually knows it LOL.

69. I wonder if the people in this crowd are still fans today. If any of you are and are reading this, let me know.

70. Howie is doing what we call decades later, his shake shakey dance during Quit Playing Games.

71. Kevin meanwhile is getting his groove on.

72. All I Have To Give’s iconic hat dance is one I’ll love forever. Was this tour the first time they had it?

73. I mean this dance just makes this song feel so smooth.

74. Hahaha Kevin moving Brian aside. Why did we all think he was too serious back then?

75. This breakdown is love.



76. I honestly forgot they do Anywhere For You on this DVD.

77. This used to be one of my favorite parts because it was Nick and Brian leading the song, and they were tied as my Top Two back then.

78. This almost feels like a sing off and I’m here for it.

79. I’d Go Anywhere For You should be this fandom’s motto.

80. Kevin always was so thankful, then and now.

81. Man I wish he still did the I’ll Never Break Your Heart intro. I suddenly miss it.

82. Shit, I didn’t think I’d hit 100 Thoughts when I started this but I’m sure I will now. My hand is tired.

83. AJ and Brian fucking soar in this performance. Their voices are a blessing.

84. They still haven’t broken our hearts in the past twenty years. Thanks Boys.

85. If I had a lighter I’d be waving it right now. Man, this was back before smart phones so no camera phone lights in the crowd.

86. Hearing the crowd sing it just gives me all the happy feelings.

87. I’m looking forward to a live band again next tour. This DVD is making me realize that.

88. As Long As You Love Me is to this day my favorite BSB single.

89. Brian is a lovable goofball.

90. Frick and Frack for life.



91. Their introductions crack me up. Trust us Boys, even then we knew your names!

92. At the time I thought the chair dance was the coolest shit I’d ever seen.

93. Today I still love it to death.

94. OMG the bucket hat on Nick’s head. The sunglasses on the hat. Ohhhh 90s.

95. The parachute pants too, oh lord.

96. Why does Brian always wear the most clothes? Is he cold?

97. The knee dancing during Get Down does not look comfortable.

98. To this day I sing “Ba da da da…”  after that first line in We’ve Got It Going On because of this damn DVD. It brainwashed me!

99. AJ rapping always entertains my life.

100. Why does Howie have googles?



101. Kevin is the only one in normal clothes right now.

102. Everybody…yeaaaaaah…This video really was the Thriller of the 90s. Shoutout to Joseph Kahn.

103. Oh-My-God I forgot about the reaper with the coffins! The horror loving girl inside me is filled with morbid joy!

104. Undead Backstreet!!!!

105. At 12 I absolutely thought Nick was sexual. At 32 I still believe this.

106. Did BSB just play patty cake? What was that move?

107. Kick those random gates open Nick! Bust your ass in!

108. Backstreet will always be back. I just didn’t know it then. I know it now.

109. It feels really weird to watch a BSB concert that doesn’t include I Want It That Way. But it didn’t exist yet!

110. Man, what a time capsule. Who would’ve thought back then that so much more was still to come?


9 thoughts on “110 Thoughts Watching “Homecoming: Live In Orlando” in 2019

  1. Oh I loved this! You should do it for their first concert video, the live in Frankfurt one! Me and my girls watched that one and the green video ( had the same cover as the red album, had all their music videos on it)like everyday after school!!


  2. Just watched this last New Year’s Eve. Because, 20 years-right? I had always assumed that the audience knew the lyrics to the solo songs from watching the Frankfort “Live in Concert” or “A Night Out with the BSB” videos. But, I may have the answer! Last week I found a copy of the ’97 issue of the “Backstreet Boys” US cd (not the ’98 re-issue that I originally had) in a thrift shop. Inside was an order form for BSB merch: posters, T-shirts, videos, and…the ‘Red Album’! $15.98, “import, contains 10 tracks”. So (although I missed it until years later, damn!) it was available to US fans in 1997, in some form- which 10 tracks are not listed. But, there is an offer for 50 free hours of America Online! (“We’re increasing the size of our network by 75%!) There’s instructions for using either Windows 95 or a CD-ROM. Hahaha! Memories!


    1. LMAO that would absolutely explain it! I was only 12 when the Homecoming DVD (well, then VHS) came out and I remember knowing those songs, but solely because I had copies of the imports due to a cousin of mine who mailed them to me. Most people in the US wouldn’t have them so I was super curious how that’d work LOL.

      OMG the AOL CD-ROMs, memories!


  3. I’m kinda hoping they do a DVD off the Vegas tour…. I can’t afford to fly there so I haven’t seen it and I really want to….

    This VHS and later DVD…. I’ve watched it so many times…. It basically is the 1998 European Backstreet’s Back tour, but with different outfits…. And that was the first show I saw live (Arnhem, the Netherlands, 2nd of april 1998 and no I didn’t had to look up that date). I still know even though my DVD doen’t have it, the places where my VHS skips a bit….

    What I really like is the medley of Get Down and We’ve got it going on…. I hope they do medleys on the DNA tour… I like them…. (Oh and I always do the That’s the way I like it dance when I watch the DVD…. my little girls know it too now…)


  4. I’d pay big money to see Howie go topless again. And you’re right, AJ DOES look like a totally different person now


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