“Mixed Emotions” As The End Of #BSBVegas Nears


I’ve got mixed emotions.

I did not, however find me a river that could lead me out to the ocean.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself there but I really do have mixed emotions. If this comes off as more of a ramble, I apologize as I’m trying not to. It’s been two years since the BSB Residency here in Las Vegas launched. When I think about how much has changed since 2017, it really does blow my mind. Mainly because two years isn’t all that long if you think about it. Next month, is the end of an era. Because this residency was in and of itself, an era for the Boys. I remember when it first got announced, fans weren’t sure if they’d like it. Many weren’t sure how it would do. It was something different and that scared the fandom a bit.

It exceeded any expectations any of us had.

It broke records. It won awards. What was supposed to be a nine show run? Blew up into them staying for just over two years. Fans have come from all over the world, flocking to the city I call home to see and support the Boys. Nick made a home here with his family. It became a second home to AJ, Brian, Kevin, and Howie. It became a second home to the fandom. I’ve seen countless fans call Vegas their “happy place”. This fandom has never felt more like a family – dysfunctional as we may be at times, many having met each other because of this series of shows.

It also reminded the world that the Boys have never left.

Vegas changed the game. The residency got the attention of not only the media but celebrities abound. Countless singers, actors, and more have come out – revealing they’ve always been fans of the Backstreet Boys themselves. During the era of #BSBVegas, it suddenly became cool to be a fan yet again. Their staying power was once again recognized and celebrated. The Boys themselves said producers would see the show and then decide to reach out to them about songs. This was literally how Don’t Go Breaking My Heart was born – a song that got them back on the Hot 100. A song that got them back on Top 40 radio. Their best performing single since I Want It That Way.

But all good things have to come to an end. You can’t move forward without moving on. And we have so many things to come. And as someone who lives here and has had Backstreet Boys performing exactly twenty minutes from her apartment, I’m looking forward to traveling to see them again. I’m looking forward to seeing the worldwide fandom be treated to the Boys again, for those fans who couldn’t make it here to live their best lives during the DNA World Tour as those of us who’d seen them in Vegas have been.

Nothing’s perfect but this damn near came close as it did SO much for them, and so much for the fans.

I’m very thankful for the residency. I truly believe it elevated the Boys. I believe it changed everything for the better.

I’m also very proud of the Boys. They didn’t rely on the fact they had this residency. They could’ve stayed here for years and years, as many artists do. They could’ve used this as an excuse to stop making music, and to stop touring. But that’s not what they did. Instead it helped them hone their craft even more. They used it to keep striving to be better and better each and every night they performed. That’s why I’ve stayed a fan after all these years. It’s why I love these five singers. Their passion, their drive, it truly is everything.

Thank you Nick, Brian, AJ, Kevin and Howie.

Thank you to every wonderful fan out there, supporting them, supporting this fandom family.

Let’s keep celebrating all the good that’s happening for them, and keep looking forward!


It’s bittersweet to know that #BSBVegas will soon be over. But at the same time, I’m hyped to see what’s next. I hope you are too!


2 thoughts on ““Mixed Emotions” As The End Of #BSBVegas Nears

  1. Beautifully put. Vegas did change everything. I’m so glad I traveled to see them (twice). Seeing Kevin overcome with emotion three weeks ago because they had the #1 album in the country and were the #1 artist of the week, along with the Grammy nomination. It is overwhelming for them and the fans. I couldn’t be happier, but I am shedding tears over the end of the residency. Special times…

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    1. I was there that weekend too. I almost started crying in the Pit because of that. I’m sad to see it end but I’m really proud of how much it’s done for them.


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