More Reasons Why We Love Nick Carter

A couple years ago, I wrote a mini-series of blogs talking about why we love each of the Backstreet Boys. And you know? I feel like it’s time again to do that.  With things going so amazingly well, it’s easy to be critical or focus on petty negativity that doesn’t deserve our time nor our attention. So here’s some love, and some light, and all around good energy! Not sure what my timeline will be with these but I feel it’s best to do them when I feel inspired or if I think the fandom needs it. But rest assured I will be doing one for each Boy! Because without all five, Backstreet simply isn’t Backstreet.

Last time I did these, I started with Kevin. This time? Well, I can’t help but start with Nick.


5. His Energy

Nick’s energy is everything. Whether it’s in his singing, or his dancing. Especially his dancing. There’s definitely moments where I’m wondering if he’s dancing to the same song I’m hearing. Either way though, you can literally feed of his energy. It’s infectious and is absolutely in EVERYTHING that he does. I’m curious if maybe he’s part Energizer Bunny.



4. His Voice

You know when Nick decides that he doesn’t need to breathe and instead will hold a note…FOR-EV-ER?! Yeah, we love that. He’s been able to do it ever since he was a kid but time and growth have leveled up his game beyond par. He does it a lot on Undone or during his solo in Show Me The Meaning these days. Listen to him in the video I linked. His vocal ability is really insane when you look at it. It’s beautiful.



3. He LOVES to Be a Backstreet Boy

In a world where certain…ex-boybanders put down their days in a group. Or act ashamed of it to be more successful as a solo artist, Nick never did that. Even when it wasn’t cool to be a Backstreet Boy? He still loved being a freaking Backstreet Boy. These are his brothers. They are family to him. This is his life and he loves it. And we love him for it.



2. His Smile

Can we simply take a moment to appreciate what Nick’s smile can do to someone? Like, it’s a weapon. He can make someone’s heart melt the moment he smiles at you. Whether it’s in a Meet and Greet, at a concert, doesn’t matter. Pretty sure this could be the real cause of global warming.



1. Nick as a Dad.

If you don’t melt every time he posts a video about how proud he is of his son? Or spending time with his son? Or Lauren sharing gems of those two together? You may not be human. Nick is such an adorable dad. All he wants is to give his son love and light, and giving him that gives Nick all the joy in the world. It’s beyond precious. Odin is a very lucky child.


 I know we’ve barely scratched the surface, but we can’t be here all day!

We love you for being such a wonderful human Nick Carter.

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