80 Thoughts Watching “Backstreet Boys Live” in 2019

Here I am, back with another “Thoughts Watching…” post. You guys seemed to respond pretty well to my first one. Not to mention, I had fun! So I figured, why not go forward with my idea to do this when there’s downtime. Which there is at the moment. The Boys are rehearsing for the DNA World Tour (get tickets here!) and we don’t have the end of their residency until next month. It seems like a perfect time to me, anyway, to fill that void with some fun posts.

I had you guys vote on what you’d want the next one to be and I have to admit I was hoping it’d be this. Because I’ve compared DNA to Millennium before in that the Boys seemed to be everywhere and they were at the top of their game. I’d say the same now. Especially since they’re going to have their own exhibit in the Grammy Museum!

So let’s look back, this time I do have a link for you guys to watch along or after, if you’d like.



1. I miss when TRL was the thing to watch. Before YouTube.

2. Specials for album releases just aren’t really done anymore, at least not on TV. Sometimes you get live streams.

3. Did any current day fans attend this? Let me know if you were there.

4. Wait, HOLD UP. Did I just see a toddler wandering across as the Boys approached? The hell?

5. A moment of silence for AJ’s iconic leopard skin cowboy hat.

6. Remember when fans gave the Boys plushes instead of bras?

7. My heart is so warm at Kevin filming this with his own personal video camera. I’d love for him to release a DVD of his BSB Home Movies. Seriously. Make it happen.

8. Look at that Time Square crowd! Good god.

9. Kevin controlling the screaming. (Or trying.) Bless.

10. It’s weird cause you can tell BSB had no idea this era would be so massive. This was just the beginning.

11. Fans asking real music questions, about their influences. And this was in the days of “boxers or briefs” being the norm. Are you still a fan Layla?

12. Aww, Brian is gushing on and on about Boyz II Men.

13. This special, Nick’s answer, is why I discovered Nirvana. I was too young when they first came out. I literally went out and bought In Utero because of this. (1st album I could find at the store.) Thanks for that Nick. (All Apologies is still my jam.)

14. Howie talking about the five them at a dude ranch in 1994 or 1995 makes me laugh at the mental pictures. Please release Kevin’s home videos of this. I KNOW they have to exist.

15. Take a moment, and just really enjoy this performance of I Want It That Way.

16. Who knew this song would change everything?

17. Also, this was back when Nick would still go for the infamous “don’t wanna hear you saaaaay…” note. Slay it Nick. Slaaaaaay.

18. As a tween, I thought it was so cool they reached out to fans in Europe. The world wasn’t so connected back then.

19. It hits me as I write that Millennium turns twenty this year. Wow. Shit.

20. Caron’s a bit of an asshole, adult me realizes. I would’ve been so upset if I was that girl and he was mocking how I talked.



21. Fatima. She was so great, creator of the infamous chair dance. Does she still choreograph?

22. I bet it took a LOT to win a spot in that crowd. Oh good there’s a montage!

23. I don’t think it’s too much to ask, wanting to be a Backstreet Boy.

24. This montage of fangirls…I relate to this on a deep level. This was absolutely what I was like at twelve years old. I would’ve done all of this. My walls full on had BSB magazines as wallpaper. It’s likely a blessing I didn’t meet BSB till I was an adult.

25. Okay this fan scares me a bit, talking about the smell of Nick’s feet. Ew.

26. I used to think I’d kill at this, watching this from home. I was so proud of my BSB Trivia skills.

27. Dude, Carson, we can talk about Nick’s butt. It’s fine.

28. Taking a moment to point out how good AJ looks here. This fed into my short lived crush on him back then.

29. “Strongest album ever.” It’s really prophetic when you look back at this in 2019.

30. I get warm fuzzies hearing them talk about growing as artists. They did. They still are.

31. Ohhhh the Millennium commercials! “THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!”

32. Glad to find out that the Boys also don’t know where the hell Nick was supposed to be.

33. These are why I never forgot what day Millennium was released on. It’s seared into my brain.

34. You know I never realized this but Brian’s right. This WAS the first time they did a worldwide release for an album, singles, etc. all at the same time.

35. That’s so strange to think about. Thanks Brian.

36. Guys, fan culture was on a different planet back then. Again, that crowd is wild.

37. Brian making faces while Howie talks is so on brand for him.

38. We’ve Got It Going On – Backstreet Babies!

39. They’ve complained about the heat for this video shoot for twenty years now. I forgot they did here.

40. “I was a good boy back then.” Oh AJ. You were never really a bad boy.



41. Beefcake video! Kevin still isn’t okay with that to this day.

42. Personally, I loved it. We can do a Part Two even.

43. Kevin, speaking of, was really hot in Quit Playing Games. Ten year old me was blinded by Nick.

44. Look at the size of Howie’s phone in As Long As You Love Me guys.

45. “Howie is on the phone! It’s reality!” Hahahaha. That’s great.

46. I’m commenting on BSB commenting on themselves. This is dream within a dream realness right now.

47. Maybe they can see this and comment on me…commenting on them…commenting on themselves? Then I comment on them commenting on me…(Okay I’ll stop.)

48. Howie your fro in As Long As You Love Me was great, okay.

49. On to Everybody which I’ll still say was the 90s Thriller.

50. Nick shushing the crowd cracks me up.

51. Carson, I always understood what Kevin was supposed to be. Don’t hate, okay?

52. Nick pointing out how he looks scary. I haven’t missed the irony that he’s pointing it out for a video where he’s literally asking if he’s sexual throughout it.

53. AJ’s commentary on I’ll Never Break Your Heart is the best. “I hate my hair.”

54. All I Have To Give…okay Carson here I agree with you. This video is all about style.

55. I met a fan a year or so ago who was at the I Want It That Way video shoot. She showed me pictures. Yes, I’m still jealous.

56. Aww, Nick talking about college. And aww, Brian making fun of his basketball skills.

57. I could easily see the media mocking them if they’d named the Millennium album Larger Than Life. Good call.

58. “No place like home…” Thanks Howie, now I have No Place in my head twenty years later. This is your fault somehow.

59. Of course Nick is gushing about the ocean as to why he likes certain countries.

60. They were so big, many people parodied them. In a way, it was always a compliment.



61. Taking a moment to simply bask in how good they sound singing All I Have To Give.

62. And look.

63. Pure perfection.

64. Carson stop sounding so damn bored.

65. “Control yourself”?! Dude, they were paired up with a Backstreet Boy. Even as an adult…screw control.

66. If Carson was trying to talk to me, I’d be like GO AWAY. They’re with Backstreet Boys! Now okay, current me is more mature than that. But tween me would’ve absolutely had no patience for him.

67. That’s a damn good prize they played for.

68. This is a lot of explaining for a trivia game.

69. “Nick told her!” That went south fast.

70. AJ is losing his mind.

71. Nick is spacing hard…LOL.

72. Wow. Nick getting a Nirvana question wrong. Holy crap it’s killing him too.

73. The Boys are so competitive.

74. “Our buzzers are rigged!” No AJ…



75. Ooh Brian being (almost) naughty! “Rok we’re on national television…”

76. How many times has Nick hit the button and then blanked hard? Dying. Poor Nick.

77. Brian’s happy dance is something. His energy isn’t human.

78. If I was Nick’s partner, I’d be telling him he didn’t need to be sorry we didn’t win. I’d be okay with it, because, well, Nick.

79. Nick’s in his world, playing with this buzzer while everyone else is getting up. Stand up Nick!

80. And of course my final thought is about Nick being an adorably lovable goofball. Fun times.

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