Fandom Is A Safe Space

It’s Supposed To Make You Happy.

When there’s too many bad things happening in the world, or you get sick of the news, or if life has had some downs…fandom is where many go to escape. For me, it’s where I know I can go and find what I need to take a break from day to day life. It’s where I find joy and peace. It’s basically what many of us use, to keep light and upbeat. It’s how we cope with all that happens. Or it could be that it just makes us smile, it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that this should be something that brings you light, happiness, and maybe love. If it doesn’t, something is wrong. Take a step back. There’s nothing wrong with a break. You can always come back and rediscover that joy.


You Should Never Be Ashamed.

Never be ashamed of what makes you happy. Don’t let others define what should or should not get you to smile. Garth Brooks recently said that once a musician puts a song out into the world, it’s no longer theirs. When you hear it, it’s yours. I agree. It’s what you make of it. It’s whatever that song means to you. No one else can define it but yourself. It’s whatever memories you have attached to it. Those songs are the feelings YOU know it makes you feel. Only you can decide that. Don’t even for a second let anyone else try to define it for you. Don’t give anyone that power. To hell with anyone who tries.


Don’t Ever Judge Others.

Whether it’s low key and you simply like BSB’s albums, or if it means following BSB on tour. Have you done one VIP? Many? None? There is no right type of fan. There is no perfect fan. I’ve touched on this before. But the perfect fan is the imperfect fan. Fans are varied. There’s so many different kinds. Whether you’ve seen the Boys live many times or haven’t gone to a single show? You are all equally blessed to be apart of this wonderful fandom. We are all the same. No matter what you’ve done, how deep you’re in, or what you plan to do. Don’t judge others for what they’ve done or haven’t done. Be happy for them. Give each other advice. Be there for one another.


Fandom Is A Safe Space.

We are all here for the same reason. All around the world we are bonded by the one commonality among us. We all happen to love the Backstreet Boys. We love their music. We love what that music has done for us. We’re here to support them. We’re here to see what comes next in this journey we’re all one. Spread love. Spread light. It’s the little things – like capturing a moment another fan has with a BSB and then seeking them out to share those videos or photos. Or helping a new fan catch a BSB’s attention. We want the best for our Boys. We should want the best for each other as well.


We are a family. Families fight. Families don’t always agree. But that’s okay. Because in the end, the family comes together when it’s important. That’s how it should always be. Let’s stay united as we’re blessed with the best Year of Backstreet yet.

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